Witch's Potion



Items Needed

  • Burnt meat
  • Eye of newt
  • Onion
  • Rat's tail (obtained during quest)


Talk to Hetty to learn about the black arts. You will need to gather 4 ingredients for her:

  • Burnt meat - Get some raw beef, rat, or bear meat and cook it. If you successfully cook it, use it with a range again to get burnt meat
  • Eye of newt - This can be bought from the magic shop in Port Sarim for 3 coins (labelled with a small fire rune).
  • An onion - Onions can be found in a field northwest of Rimmington or in Farmer Fred's backyard in Lumbridge
  • Rat's tail - After starting the quest, any of the small level 1 rats will drop a Rat's tail when killed. Go west of Hetty's house to the range shop to find a rat (only level 1 rats drop Rat's tails).

Once you have all the items, talk to Hetty again. After talking to her, drink from the cauldron to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 731.3 Magic exp
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