Wilderness Survivorman

Wilderness Survivorman - Work in Progress


Wilderness Survivorman is a minigame challenge event that players may host from time to time, and this guide establishes the rules and how-to for it. The goal is to skill and survive while never leaving the Wilderness. When you die, your Total Level is your score and the game is over for you.. Your only available bank is Mage Bank.

To start:

You need to make a new character.
Mine and smelt/smith bronze until your smithing level is 15.
Do not train any other skills before leaving wilderness.
Before you leave, your bank must be empty and you should only have the items below in your inventory.
You may need to ask other players for the required items.
If you want access to Herblore, you must now complete Druidic Ritual before you leave. You must get the raw meat from another player and avoid all combat on the way to dipping the meat in the cauldron.
Optional: Post a screenshot of your inventory and levels into the thread right before you head out.
Note: If you get pked before you have total level of 100, it doesn't count. Just go back to the wilderness. This doesn't apply if you die to the environment, however.

What to Bring

Bronze Axe
Small Fishing Net
Lobster Pot
Iron Pickaxe
Any Bronze Weapon
Anti-Fire Shield
25 Bronze Arrows
3 Bowstrings
Pestle and Mortar
25 Air Runes
15 Mind Runes
6 Water Runes
4 Earth Runes
2 Body runes

What you can trade to other players for

While you are in the Wilderness, you may trade certain items for otherwise unobtainable items, if another player is willing to come to you:

Your Item Trading For
Gold Ore Silver Ore
Sapphire Uncut Opal, Jade, or Topaz
Dragonhide Tanned Dragonhide or Dragonhide Armor of same color
Crossbow Limbs Crossbow of same metal
20 Coins 1 Feather
Metal Bar Pickaxe of same metal
2 Harralander Herbs One (3)-dose Energy Potion
2 Avantoe Herbs One (3)-dose Super Energy Potion

Where do I find X in the Wilderness?

Here is a map with most notable areas labeled:


There is a furnace and a water source in the ruins north of the Graveyard of Shadows
There is a man to pickpocket in the Forgotten Cemetery
There is an anvil in the ruins south of the Forgotten Cemetery and just west of the Mage Bank
You can fish for and cook shrimps at the Bandit Camp
There are a few fishing spots for lobsters, tuna, and swordfish on the east coast of the Wilderness
You can find all 4 elemental staves either as a monster drop or from an item spawn within the Wilderness
You can buy runes at the Magic Shop at Mage Bank

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