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Non-Coordinate Clues


This page will (eventually) document Anagram, Cryptic, and Map clues for /v/scape specifically, as some are changed from Realscape due to earlier mapping and such. Each clue will indicate the treasure trail level it's available from. Click each picture for a larger version.

A puzzle icon next to a clue indicates that you will always receive a puzzle that must be completed puzzle.png, a spade icon indicates that you need to dig in a certain spot spade.png, and a key icon indicates that you need to kill a certain NPC to get a key for that clue key.png.

All level 1 and 3 clues are currently listed, however level 2 clues still need to be completed.

Formatting tips for other contributors to this page are to upload the proper location + minimap of each clue that are missing pictures. For map clues, please include a picture of the open clue scroll itself as well. Do NOT use pictures from the OSRS wiki as they tend to be mostly inaccurate. List the clue's ID for bug reporting purposes as well - have Game text set to On and click on a clue scroll to get the ID.

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