Tears of Guthix (Quest)

Note: This article refers to the Tears of Guthix quest. For the minigame, see Tears of Guthix (Minigame)

Tears of Guthix



Item Requirements

  • Chisel
  • Any Pickaxe
  • Tinderbox
  • Sapphire Lantern (use a cut sapphire on a bullseye lantern)


Getting to Juna

Make and light your sapphire lantern. Take it (and all the other required items) with you into the Lumbridge swamp dungeon. Head south-west through the caverns until you find a stepping stone allowing you to jump across a river. Head through the cave entrance beyond and into the area in which the quest takes place.

Follow the narrow path until you encounter the snek, Juna. Speak to her and agree to tell her a story. She will instruct you to make a stone bowl so as to collect the Tears of Guthix.

Making the Bowl

Head back toward the entrance and use your sapphire lantern on one of the many light creatures. It will transport you across the chasm to a small mining area. Mine one of the rocks with your pickaxe to acquire a magic stone and use your chisel on that to make the stone bowl. Head east, climbing down the rocks, to return to Juna and give her the bowl.

Quest complete!


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