As a general note, quest guides that are available on the /v/scape wikidot are more accurate than the ones on the Oldschool Runescape wiki. Always check here first for a guide before you look on the OSRS wiki.

All the quests listed here/in the ingame Quest tab are the ones available, however some have incomplete guides which are marked with an (incomplete) note. For those, it's acceptable to check the OSRS wiki until a proper guide is made or help to create one yourself.

For quest experience rewards, click here. (Outdated)

As of the last quest added, Watch Tower, on the 8th of June, 2021, the max quest points possible is 235. You can check this amount in-game by typing ::maxqp.
Go claim your Quest Cape from the Wise Old Man at Draynor once at max q p!


Unimplemented Quests

  1. Back to my Roots
  2. Cold War
  3. Darkness of Hallowvale
  4. Elemental Workshop II
  5. Forgettable Tale…
  6. Grim Tales
  7. King's Ransom
  8. Mourning's Ends Part II
  9. Swan Song

Quest Min. Skill Level Requirements

The below collapsible contains the minimum skill levels required to complete every quest in /v/scape, and quest points (This list does not account for boosting a skill through some item or consumable).
The list may need to be updated as more quests are implemented.

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