Pest Control

Pest Control


Pest control is a minigame for 3 or more people and is currently the best combat skill leveling method in the game.
There are two ways of getting to the PC Island.
1. Take the boat from the Void Knights at Port Sarim - it's a short run away from ::home and the boat is free unlike the boat to Karamja.
2. Teleport with a Games Necklace - the easier option, in /v/scape you can directly teleport to the island with a Games Necklace you can either make or buy from another player.
You will arrive on a small island where you will be able to queue up into a party to fight pests spewing from portals that are opened by a Void Knight.

Some useful commands are:
::pc "message" sends a message to everyone in your current Pest Control game regardless of distance.
::pcactive tells you if a round of Pest Control is going and how many people are in the game, and how many people are in the lander before a game starts.

How to play

The game starts out when 3 players enter the boat to the pest control area and the timer on the lander runs out. There is only one lander available in /v/scape, and there is no combat level requirement for joining a game.
You will be teleported to another island and you cannot leave until the round is over. An overlay on your screen will tell you your current damage dealt and the Void Knight's remaining health.
If 5 or more players join in the lander, monster spawns will be double what they normally are for that round for more effective farming.
There will be 4 portals that are all shielded at the start of the game, the Void Knight in the middle of the island will lower one of the shields randomly and the game will begin.
Your goal is to destroy the portals within 10 minutes and to protect the Void Knight. You have 30 seconds from the start to set up before any portals open.

  • The first portal will open at 9:30 left.
  • The second portal will open at 8:00 left.
  • The third portal will open at 6:30 left.
  • The final portal will open at 5:00 left.

If the Void Knight is killed, the round will end and you will receive no points. Unlike in Realscape, you will also lose the round if the timer runs out.
As soon as all 4 portals are destroyed, you will be returned to the port and granted points and coins based upon your damage done and barricades repaired.


7 types of pests of varying combat levels will come spewing out of the portals once they have their shields removed.

  • Brawlers: They have high health, and hit hard with melee. They stay close to the portal, but don't currently block your projectiles or movement.
  • Defilers: They attack quickly using ranged. Will attack the knight if within line of sight of him. Can shoot over walls.
  • Torchers: They attack with magic, and will attack the knight if within line of sight of him. Can shoot over walls.
  • Spinners: They heal portals, but will stop healing if hit and you maintain their aggression. They stick around portals and attack with melee. When a portal is destroyed they will explode, dealing over 50 damage around them within a wide radius.
  • Splatters: They have low health and deal low damage. They will explode after a short delay when killed, dealing a lot of damage all around them. Will stay close to the portals.
  • Shifters: They hit hard with melee and can teleport around to get to the Void Knight. VERY high priority, kill these on sight before too many of them gang up on the Knight or stray from the Portals.
  • Ravagers: They can destroy barricades and attack with melee. Will go towards the knight, but will not attack him. Only bother with them if you need to rack up more points.
  • Giant Frogs: They appear in the very rare (2% chance) Pikols(tm) frog round, wherein only level 99 Giant Frogs appear. They use only melee and will gangbang you quickly. During frog rounds, farming is the recommended strategy as no Spinners will spawn to heal the portals and the frogs can't ever reach the Knight.


  • This is a safe mini game, so dying is a good way to refill your prayer and special attack bar if you get low during the game and it's an emergency to kill one of the portals or protect the Knight with everything you've got.
  • Even with no Combat Level requirement for joining a PC game, although you should be around 40-50 at the very least to play efficiently. Recommendations are at least 60 for combat stats, and 43 for prayer.
  • When you join a Pest Control lobby you might be asked if you want to farm or rush. Rushing is simply killing the portals as quickly as you can to end the game as soon as possible, and farming is leaving a portal or two open and accumulating damage off the monsters that come out, or just letting spinners heal the portal while players damage it.
  • If you are farming be sure you have enough time to kill the portals, be sure to keep an eye on the Void Knight's heath too.
  • It is recommended to use prayer-enhancing gear such as monk robes or initiate armour with combat-enhancing prayers active to make them last longer. If you have access to a Void Melee set, use it.
  • Keep both the west and east gates of the island closed at all times, and the south gate open at all times. This way, only Shifters will ever be able to reach the Knight.
  • Melee is the main combat style used at Pest Control. Ranged and magic are quite useful and even surpass melee if you use a Crystal Bow or Burst/Barrage spells, but they can be very expensive to maintain. Melee is the cheapest style to use and is still perfectly adequate.
  • Multi-hitting Dragon weapon special attacks are often brought in to do major burst damage to the portal, such as the Dragon Halberd or the Dragon Dagger, and then you'll usually switch to a different weapon like the Abyssal Whip or Dragon Scimitar for high consistent damage as your special bar recharges.
  • Using the special attack of the Dragon Battleaxe to boost strength at the start of a round is also a viable strategy.
  • Dharok's barrows set can be used for massive damage after hurting yourself with splatters/not bothering with protection prayers throughout the round. Do not use it at the beginning of the round, only when you get low on health. Use normal melee gear before then and switch to it as you get low. Try to be respectful and use it only on portals if they are being rapidly healed, otherwise you will be shutting damage out from other people playing.
  • Poison is slightly useful if you're using a Dragon Dagger (p++) as your spec weapon, you'll get a bit of passive damage if you spec high-HP pests while dealing consistent damage with your main weapon; just be careful when using it on portals. Only poison a portal if it is currently being healed by a few Spinners, so the poison doesn't accidentally kill it. Even then if your levels are high enough the Dragon Halberd or Battleaxe make for better spec weapons.
  • Nothing in Pest Control has any attack style weaknesses, except for Portals which are weak to all Magic, Ranged, and Crush. The portals do not have different weaknesses here.

Gear Setups


This is an ideal setup for meleeing in Pest Control. Start off with the Dragon Battleaxe spec and use the Whip/Defender while ignoring the need to Pray against pests in order for your HP to get low, and then switch to your Dharok Axe. Activate necessary protection prayers while low on HP so you don't die and also use the Ultimate Strength prayer for even more damage. Keep topping yourself off with the Dragon Battleaxe spec once it's recharged too.
You may also bring in a Void Melee set if you have one before switching to Dharok's, just to save you some degradation on the armor and so you'll do a bit of extra damage with your Whip.

Ranged (coming soon)


Magic (coming soon)


Tribridding (with Ancient Magicks)

Add a Dag ring of your choice and substitute the Unholy Book and Snakeskin Boots with a Mage's Book and Ranger Boots for max gains.

Range works well early in the game, dealing first damage to portals and mobs as well as covering 2 portals at once (doesn't work as well with West involved). Flick Eagle Eye.

Melee is for the mid to late game (like when all 4 portals are open) heavy single-target damage. Start off with a Dragon Battleaxe spec followed by a sip of Super Restore and Super Attack then switch to the whip. Flick ultimate prayers if you can.

Mage is for the late game, thinning out crowded portals for very high exp and point gains. Aim for the portals and straggler spinners. Ice Barrage is your bread and butter, with Blood Barrage for healing and Smoke Barrage for poison. Substitute Burst spells for lower levels or cheaper rune cost if that's a concern.


For damage to be counted it must be directly inflicted by the player, and the following types of damage will not count towards your damage total.

  • Causing a splatter to detonate in a group of enemies
  • Killing a portal to make a Spinner damage all around it


You are scored each game based on damage and number of barricades fully repaired. You are given Pest Control Reward Points based on your score.
You get 5 points for doing the first 50 damage of your score. This is the minimum damage you can do and still get points based on damage.
For every 100 points of damage after the initial 50 you will be rewarded 1 more point. The maximum number of PC points you can earn per round is hard-capped at 35, meaning the most damage you can do in a round is 3050.
You can also get 1 point per barricade fully repaired. Each destroyed barricade takes 2 normal logs to repair. Logs spawn on the ground near the lander. This is not recommended to do unless you're a level 3 or something.
You also get a small amount of coins each game, but it's not a good money making method.

You can redeem points at one of the 3 Void Knights by the boat for various rewards.
You can spend your PC reward points either the following skills, or Void equipment pieces:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Ranged
  • Magic
  • Prayer
  • Hitpoints

It's generally accepted that spending points on skills past level 80 is the most efficient, except for maybe Prayer where it's fine to do it a few levels lower than that. Note that you should save your points up before cashing them in, as spending more than 100 points at a time will grant a 10% reward bonus.

Void armor is a jack of all trades armor that has good overall defenses and no real weaknesses, but lacks strong defenses against anything. What you want is the Void helm of a specific combat style to complete the set, as the full gear provides a set bonus granting extra damage and accuracy (accuracy only for the mage set) for that combat type that scales with your levels. The ranged set is agreed upon to be the most useful one, followed by the melee and then the mage set.

  • Void Gloves, 150 points
  • Void Robe top, 250 points
  • Void Robe bottom, 250 points
  • Void Helms, 200 points each
  • Void Knight Mace, 250 points

The Mace is not required for the set bonus to be used so it's not recommended to purchase it. However if you would like one, it's tied for best-in-slot Prayer bonus, has stats slightly better than a Rune mace and can be used to autocast cast Claws of Guthix which is tied for the highest damaging spell in the Modern Spellbook with the other God Spells+Charge.

To wear Void Armor you need to have level 22 prayer and be level 42 in the following skills:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Ranged
  • Magic

EXP Reward Calculator

Created specifically for the /v/scape formula


Here is another decent (if somewhat outdated) guide that used to be found in the OP of the thread over on /vg/:

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