Mage Training Arena

Mage Training Arena

The Mage Training Arena is a safe minigame located North of Duel Arena in Al-Kharid and best accessed with a Ring of Dueling.

The currency of MTA is Pizazz Points. These are earned through spellcasting in the 4 chambers of the arena, each representing a different discipline within the Magic skill. Through the Rewards Guardian upstairs, these points can be cashed in for some of the most powerful magic gear in the game, namely Infinity Robes, wands of different tiers, the Mage's Book (a shield slot item) and the spell bones to peaches (an upgrade on the early bones to bananas spell). Runes can also be bought here but this is not a recommended use of points.

In addition to being among of the most rare and prized cosmetics, some of the rewards have the distinction of being the most powerful item in their respective slots for magic users. These are the Master Wand, Mage's Book and Infinity Boots.

Wands must be purchased progressively, though purchasing the next level does not remove the current one from your possession. Wands below master cannot be traded between players.

Item Tele Alch Enchant Grave
Beginner Wand 30 30 300 30
Apprentice Wand 60 60 600 60
Teacher Wand 150 200 1500 150
Master Wand 240 240 2400 240
Wands Total 480 530 4800 480
Infinity Hat 350 400 3000 350
Infinity Top 400 450 4000 400
Infinity Bottom 450 500 5000 400
Infinity Gloves 175 225 1500 175
Infinity Boots 120 120 1200 120
Infinity Total 1495 1695 14700 1495
Mage's Book 500 550 6000 500
Bones to Peaches 200 300 2000 200
Everything 2675 3075 27500 2675
Max Points* 4000 8000 16000 4000

The MTA requires a fairly large time and rune investment and demands strict focus for efficient progress.. It is recommended that most of the your AFK time be spent in the Enchanting Chamber.

As a guideline for rune cost, a mage book costs roughly 1k cosmic runes, 1k law runes and 3k nature runes.

*Note: The limit on pizazz points is soft. You can continue to earn points beyond it until you leave the respective chamber.

Telekinetic Theatre

Requirements: 33 magic
Air staff
Law runes

Experience: 72 per cast
1688 every 5 puzzles

Point rate: ~128 points per hour

Telekintetic Theatre consists of a series of puzzles in which a statue is moved through a maze using Telekinetic Grab.
These are fairly straightforward. When the spell is cast on the statue, it moves towards the player as far as it can.
The puzzles are in a random order and take between 7 and 10 steps to complete.
2 points are awarded for each maze complete, except the 5th in a row which awards 8 points, 1688 bonus experience and 10 law runes.

There isn't much to say about this area strategy-wise, other than click the statue to enter birds-eye view,
start running before you prepare to cast and stay near the corners to reduce running time.

Alchemist's Playground

Requirements: 21 magic
Fire staff
Nature runes

Recommended: Crippling autism
No history of carpal tunnel syndrome

Experience: Pushing 200k/hr

Point rate: 300+ points per hour

Here you will be alchemising items from cupboards. Each item has a different value that is displayed in the top-left of the screen. These values change roughly every 40 seconds, and when they do the items in the cupboards shift clockwise. A yellow arrow is displayed next to an item that can be alchemised without a rune penalty. Every 100 coins dropped in the bin at the North end of the room nets you 1 point.

Use LOW LEVEL ALCHEMY in this area. The experience rates are already ridiculous and the high level animation takes much longer to complete. Coins received are the same.

The items are always in the same place when you enter, as shown below.


Withdraw very few items on entry as the length of the first cycle is unpredictable

When the values change, withdraw at least 8 of whichever item is worth 30 gold (up to 15 if you get there very quickly) and hammer low alchemy (which sits above slot 8). Hit F7 and double click low alch until the first 8 are gone, then do the remainder. Watch for a flash on the value screen or the guardian saying "Prices are changing!" if you are close enough to see him (recommend playing on full screen here). Move to the next cupboard, rinse and repeat.

Beware clicking TOO fast, you will be kicked from the server and lose your gold stack and items. Deposit the gold regularly to prevent connection interruptions from killing your gains.


Enchanting Chamber

Requirements: 7 Magic (the higher the better - up to 87)
Elemental staves
Cosmic runes

Recommended: 87 or 68 magic
Lava or mud staff respectively

Experience: 29-163 per cast

Point rate: 872 per hour (AFK onyx method)
Approaching 2k points per hour with strategy 2

In this area, objects are enchanted into white orbs and deposited into the well at the center of the room. 1 point is awarded for enchanting a particular coloured shape that cycles through the 4 available (red, blue, green, and yellow) every 25 seconds, which can be found in the corners of the room (green and red, blue and yellow can be found in the same corners).
In addition to this, every 5 minutes 6 dragonstones are dropped that can be enchanted with any spell for 2x the enchantment level in points (ie 12 for onyx enchant).

Every 10 shapes enchanted will give bonus points equal to the enchantment level used (ie 6 for onyx).

For every 20 orbs deposited in the well, the player receives 3 blood, death or cosmic runes.

Strategy 1: mindless afk

This is the more popular option. Get the dragonstone drops every 5 minutes, and grab 2 shapes that will give bonus points along the way. With 3 dragonstone spawns you'll get 18, plus the two shapes makes 20. Enchant them all and drop them in the well to receive your runes.

Strategy 2:

Collect the dragonstones as they spawn. In the interim, hug the north wall (so you can see the guardian calling out the shapes) and enchant the bonus objects. If you're right in front of the pile, grab 8. When you need to run to the other corner, grab 4. NE has yellow and blue, NW has green and red.

Creature Graveyard

Requirements: 15 magic (60 can be helpful)
Earth/water/mud staff (recommended)
Water or earth runes without a mud staff
Nature runes

Recommended: Regen bracelet
High prayer gear
22 prayer (rapid heal)
49 prayer (redemption)
Moderate to high HP

Experience: 42 per bones to bananas cast
60 per bones to peaches cast

Point rate: Up to 270 points per hour

In this area, bones are picked up from stacks distributed around the room, turned to fruit and deposited into holes in the walls. These bone piles cycle between 4 layers of 4 bones each that become progressively more fruit, from 1 per bone to 4. Every 16 bones deposited earns the player 1 point, and anything left over goes towards the next point. Every point received will also award the player 1 death, blood, earth or water rune.

At random intervals, bones will fall around the room, occasionally hitting the player for 2 damage each. For this reason it is recommended to wear high prayer-boosting gear and turn on Rapid Heal, as well as equip a regen bracelet to extend trips.

Dying in this arena will cause you to be penalised 10 graveyard points. You will not lose any gear.

There is a small delay when the bone piles switch to a different type. For optimal efficiency half of these changes should happen while you're depositing bananas. The best way to do this is to collect the 4-point fruit and the 1-point fruit in the same inventory, then cast and deposit and collect the 2-point and 3-point together. Each inventory will contain 20 fruit.

Strategies for dealing with damage:

  • Bring a small amount of high-healing food to extend runs
  • Bring prayer potions or super restores, use redemption multiple times when prayer is as low as possible
  • Eat some of your bananas (heal for 2)
  • Purchase Bones to Peaches and cast it when low on HP (heal for 8) - I recommend this as a long term strategy if you intend to farm many items from MTA
  • Move to a different chamber when your health gets low, go back when healed
  • Teleport to your POH and use a ring of dueling to get back to duel arena; leaving your POH restores HP (and cures poison) and with a well-placed altar you can top up prayer points, too.
  • Die and sacrifice 10 points in order to respawn in the portal room with full health and hp
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