How To Play


Quick Install

  1. Install Java 8 or above (Windows) or OpenJDK 8 JRE or above (Linux).
  2. Download the Launcher/Auto Updater from Steam Community or the Official Website.
  3. Run the vidyascape_launcher.jar file to get grinding.

Detailed Install Steps for Windows (usually for debugging)

Common Launcher / Game Troubleshooting

Launcher Stuck In Checking Updates

You have executed the launcher, but the launcher takes forever to load ("Checking For Client Updates"). This happens rarely, but if it occurs, the only way around is to execute the original vidyascape.jar file.

  1. If you have used the launcher before, the launcher keeps a copy of vidyascape.jar file in your computer. All you need to do is execute the file with Java.
      1. Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\vscape\vidyascape.jar
      2. Linux: ~/vscape/vidyascape.jar
  2. If not, you will need to go over to Steam Community to grab the latest Main Release file, and execute it with Java.

This problem is usually temporary, and will recover in a few hours.

Game Window Stuck In Loading Screen

You have executed the launcher, and the game window shows up, but it either shows you an error message, or takes forever to load ("Requesting title screen"). In this case, it is possible that while updating, your /v/scape files have corrupted somehow. You have to delete the folder which stores the files, which will prompt the launcher to reload all the files.

  1. Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\.vscape2 (Where USERNAME is your computer account username.)
  2. Linux: ~/.vscape2

No Sound Or Music In Linux

You have executed the game, but you do not get any music or sound. Its usually an issue with PulseAudio. thank based lennart pottery

A fellow Anon on Debian has success running the game by following the article on Java Sound on Linux. In short, either ditch PulseAudio completely (which might be unfavorable, since other packages might depend on it) or fix the manually.

Alternatively, the Launcher has a mute argument (E.g. java -jar vidyascape.jar mute) to completely disable all audio. To quote the developers:

This option completely disables all code related to creating and using audio, this should be used if you want to natively disable all audio processing. In some cases using this option may be required if you do not have any sound hardware, disabled mixers, or have not given PulseAudio ALSA support on LINUX.

Its a different problem!

Bear in mind that relogging usually solves some of the issues in game (e.g. tree/ore not respawning). Please try that first before contacting the mods. Read the rest of the wiki for more game info.

If you're having any other problems not listed here, deleting the .vscape2 folder (see "Game Window Stuck In Loading Screen") usually helps as well.

You can always contact the mods as listed on the start page in game. Alternatively, you can visit /v/scape's Steam Group Chat for help, or ask for help in the thread over on

Happy Grinding!

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