How to go to Lord Iorwerth


You need to know how to go to Lletya, since we will begin our journey from there. Of course, the prerequisites to get to Lletya applies as well.
If you know how to go to Islwyn, you will be familiar with a large part of the journey.

Getting There

As mentioned, the starting point is Lletya.
Or if you could recognize the paths, the next step might be familiar.
Get out of Lletya, which includes passing the Tree gate, jumping over a Tripwire,
and going through a Dense Forest.
Head west from there until you see a patch of blue mushrooms. From there, hit north. KOS1zp7s.jpg
You should see a bridge shortly, so cross it. Right after crossing the bridge,
a Dense Forest should be nearby on your west. Go through them..
Continue down west, and you should see Lord Iorwerth in a jiffy. 8Cukzdns.jpg
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