How to go to Lletya


To get into Lletya, you need to complete the Underground Pass quest first. Also, no items or tools are required while travelling to Lletya.

Getting There

As a starting point, I will use the East Ardougne bank, located near where the Biohazard quest takes place. pkzKYuFs.jpg
Cross the log, or get to the other side of East Ardougne, and exit to the west. P7ZGybos.jpg
Hug the south wall, and keep going west past the West Ardougne wall, and a mountainous range. tDReY0Us.jpg
After some distance, there will be an entrance to the south.
It is not obvious, save for the fact that there will be a huge gate at the entrance, so take notice.
DRk8mJcs.jpg PBMXWqGs.jpg
Enter the huge gate to enter Arandar, and follow the path down to a junction. n9XS8N0s.jpg
At the junction, go south, and walk down the windy road.
There are several agility shortcuts which involve rock climbing, but you will be fine on your feet too.
At the end of the windy road, head a little to the west, then south.
You will see a Tripwire, which you can jump over by standing one square back before clicking on it.
Proceed south, and cross the logs.
Head east, and you should see a path blocked by trees.
Click on it, and choose to Enter Dense Forest to get through them.
Head west, and you will see a bunch of leaves on the floor.
Stand in the same position as the picture, and click Jump Leaves on two spaces ahead.
After a short walk down south, you should encounter another Dense Forest on your east. Get through them. yBVJcf4s.jpg
Continue east to encounter another Tripwire.
Like before, jump over them by standing one square back.
Head northeast after the Tripwire to walk pass a tree gate of sorts. xyCfwjms.jpg
Follow the path down south, then east. You have arrived in Lletya! VkUVJFCs.jpg
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