Barrows Brothers



Barrows is a minigame located in southeast Morytania that can be incredibly profitable (yet dangerous) for brave players that involves slaying the six Barrows brothers after digging into their graves. This minigame is NOT safe so if you die be prepared to lose some of your stuff.

Getting there

You will need access to Morytania so either do Priest in Peril or have 64 agility to enter.
You will need a shovel, although one spawns in a shack outside the mound tombs if you forgot one. A crumbling tome with lore on the Barrows Brothers is in there too, you should read it.
You may want to finish Nature Spirit so that the Ghasts in Mort Myre Swamp are able to be killed as revenge for rotting your food all those times, but you can just go foodless and bank at Burgh-De-Rott instead so this isn't important.
The Ectophial is the closest free teleport to Barrows, Canifis (Kharhyll) is a teleport destination under Ancient Magicks will get you close as well, if you've done Desert Treasure.

Recommended Stats

  • 70+ Att/Str/Def if using melee on brothers, with a Whip or Dragon weapons
  • 61+ Ranged if safespotting, using a Rune Crossbow
  • 50+ Magic if safespotting, using Slayer Dart
  • 55+ Slayer (if using Slayer Dart)
  • 43+ Prayer (for all protection prayers, this is ESSENTIAL)

Slayer Dart is a fairly sustainable method to fighting the brothers as the runes necessary for the spell are possible rewards from the Chest.

Recommended Gear/Equipment setups


This is the most common and recommended setup for Barrows. At least 61 Ranged and 70 Atk/Str/Def are required as well as the gear pictured below. You can either run Void gear if you have both the Ranged and Melee sets or use a mix of Prayer gear like Initiate and Vestment robes to save money due to having to use prayer potions less often this way, the choice is yours. Click the pictures to enlarge them.
For the Void setup, use the Ranged helm and Rune Crossbow to safespot all the starting brothers over their sarcophagi and then once in the tunnels switch to the Melee helm and Abyssal Whip.
For the Prayer Gear setup the method is the same as above, just switch to your Whip in the tunnels. Using a holy wrench is recommended and helps save prayer points. You can get a holy wrench by completing the quest Rum Deal.

Alternatively you may use one of these methods and keep some high defensive gear on you such as Dragon armor to switch to once in the tunnels, this way you'll save more food over prayer potions.


This method is less recommended as it is slower than Ranging but you will become self-sufficient due to the runes for the Slayer Dart being granted from the Chest, so if you have less funding but still want to do Barrows, you may do this. Most of the Barrows Brothers have 0 Magic defence so even with just 55 Magic and 50 Slayer to cast Slayer Dart, you will hit them consistently.
Of course you could go magic-melee too, bring a bit of melee gear and a weapon with you for the tunnels.

Fighting the Brothers

Once you are at Barrows, refer to the pictures for what brother is where and what protection prayer to use against them.

You will see 6 raised mounds, walk up to them and dig on them to break into one of the crypts. One inside, search the sarcophagus to spawn the designated brother for that tomb. Make sure to activate the corresponding protection prayer first! Once you kill the brother your kill count will increase by one, use the stairs to exit and move on to the next mound, rinse and repeat.
Do this until you find a coffin that contains a secret passage to the tunnels. You do not have to kill every brother depending on what rewards you want, if the first crypt you break into is the passage into the tunnels then you may enter it if you wish. However this is not recommended as unslain brothers randomly attack you in the tunnels.

See the pictures for a map of the tunnels because the minimap is disabled there. Certain doors will be randomly locked for you with only one route to get to the Chest room, so make a mental note of which doors are locked and which doors are the correct path.
Inside the tunnels there will be filler monsters good for racking up your kill count depending on what loot you're after (see below); crypt spiders, bloodworms, and skeletons. These can rack up damage on you if you aren't paying attention so watch out. The skeletons can drop level 2 clues too.

See the pictures above for where a brother might spawn if you didn't kill him in his crypt or you might get spooked by a sudden unprotected Dharok attack or something.
Also note that once inside the tunnels or in any of the first crypts, your prayer will randomly drain down in spiked intervals. Having a good prayer level or bringing a decent number of prayer potions cannot be stressed enough.

Once you get comfortable with each brothers attack pattern you may find it useful to "prayer flick" them by turning on your protection prayer only when they are about to attack and leaving them off during the brothers cooldown period, this will save your prayer, but it is also risky. Dharok is known to hit into the 60s if you miss a prayer flick, so be careful. Also don't ever try and pray flick Karil if you enjoy living.

The closest bank to Barrows is south of the town in Burgh de Rott for when you need to restock your supplies.
The closest altar is the nature grotto after Nature Spirit is completed and you decided to do Barrows without any ppots like a madman.

All four Brothers that use melee can be safespotted over their sarcophagi and once they are stuck you can take off your protection prayer to save prayer points. It is not recommended to use melee against the melee brothers as safespotting them saves your prayer points and is extremely low risk. This is especially true for Verac as he will hit through Protect from Melee.

Ahrim and Karil use magic and ranged respectively and cannot be safespotted. Using melee on these two is recommended, preferably with a poisoned Dragon Dagger special attack to finish them quickly to save prayer points and food.

You should be immune to the attacks of every brother while praying except for Verac, who has a chance of hitting through your prayer. Be sure to have a good amount of health when fighting him if he's the one who can randomly show up in the tunnels with no way to safespot him.

Remember that each brother can utilize their set effects the same was a player can when wearing them, the NPCs have a 25% chance for it to proc just like a player.

The brother whose sarcophagus was empty leading into the tunnels will be waiting for you down there if he is the last one remaining, otherwise the other brothers might be down there too if you haven't killed them all yet.
If you attempt to open the chest and haven't killed at least one brother, a random one will pop out of the chest whom you must defeat to claim your loot.
Once you open the loot chest you have to backtrack out of the tunnels to the ladder you entered from, this is why you make a mental note of which doors are locked. You CAN teleport out, but unless you need to restock/bank this will take extra time because you'll have to run all the way back even if you just teleport to Canifis.


This is why you're here.
There are two routes to take for killcounts now, depending on what sort of loot you're looking for. Raising killcount to at least 8 unlocks Bolt Racks and Blood Runes on the loot table, while raising it to 14 unlocks Dragon med helms and Crystal Key halves too. Other common rewards (other than Barrows gear) are Death runes, Chaos runes, Mind runes, and coins.
The chest will only grant a chance to receive specific gear if you've killed the specific brother for that equipment, if you missed him this one you won't be able to get his stuff until the next one.
Your killcount does not matter when it comes to getting a piece of Barows equipment, the formula is purely based on the amount of brothers killed.

Method 1: If you want general loot like runes and certain Rare Drop Table items then killing the 6 brothers and 8 of the tunnel monsters for a total KC of 14 is best. This gives you an all-around good chance for general loot and Barrows equipment.
Pictured above is an admin-done simulation ran for the loot of 100 opened Chests using method 1.


Method 2: If you purely want Barrows equipment, going for a kill count of only 6 with all 6 brothers killed is best. You will gain more equipment at the cost of less runes and other loot.
Pictured above is an admin-done simulation ran for the loot of 100 opened Chests using method 2.


For the love of god, don't go above 14kc. Don't believe me? Look below to see what happened to an unfortunate player who got 1000 killcount. His time was wasted in sacrifice so you won't have to waste yours:



Do you like getting phat loot and decent combat exp? In conclusion, then Barrows is right for you!

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