Items Needed

  • A light source
  • 20 unnoted Rune Essence/Pure Essence
  • A law rune, an enchanted gem, and a lump of molten glass OR 10,000 gp
  • Teleportation jewelry, runes for various teleportation spells, and the ectophial are Recommended


Falador Park

  • Ask Sir Tiffy $CASH$ Cashien for a job, who'll tell you that he can't quite do that due to some red tape involving the White Knights. Exhaust his dialouge options for the Wanted! Quest and then head over to White Knight castle and talk to Sir Amik Varze upstairs

Sir Amik Varze

  • When talking to Varze, do not become his squire. IF you encounter some weird dialogue smithing glitch shit, then become his squire
  • Run back over to Tiffy at Falador Park to tell him the great news, and then run back and talk to Varze for a mission. Accept it and run back to Tiffy again.

Hunt for Solus Dellagar

  • Talk to Tiffy, who will help you find Dellager if you bring him the materials to craft a Communication Orb (1 Law Rune, an enchanted gem, and 1 molten glass) or if you straight up buy one from him for 10k. With the CommOrb in your possession, right-click it and choose to contact Savant who you should ask for your current assignment. You'll learn that you'll need to talk to Lord Daquarius in Taverley Dungeon and the Zamorak Mage at the Varrock's Altar of Chaos. Head over to Taverly Dungeon first as it's nearby.
  • Inside Taverly Dungeon, you'll need to head to the Black Knight's Base. A safe method to get there is, once inside the Dungeon head north and follow the tunnel east towards some Chaos Druids, and then just keep heading south from them past Magic Axes, Chaos Dwarves, Scorpions, and Hill Giants. Once inside the base, keep heading south into a large room, and enter a room to the south-west to talk to Daquarius. He won't speak much, so kill a Black Knight to get him to talk. Talk to him again and he'll tell you that Solus is in some furry place. Head over to Varrock now.
  • Talk to the Mage at the Altar of Chaos, he'll ask for 20 rune essence for the information. Talk to him again with the 20 essence unnoted and he'll say Solus went east. Some furry east place? Head on over to Canifis now.
  • Once at Canifis, Savant will contact you about some readings and some mumbo-jumbo teleportation stuff. After the conversation, run around Canifis and use the CommOrb's scan function until Solus appears which will start a short cutscene. At this point, you are given one of several items which acts as a hint to Solus's location. Go to that location and use the scan function. List straight from the OSRS wiki
Item Location
Banana Musa Point banana plantation
Bear Fur / Fur Ardougne Market
Beer / Greenman's Ale Yanille Pub
Blue Wizard Hat Wizard's Tower ground floor
Blue Cape Inside the Champion's Guild
Bone Spear Cave Goblin Mines. With a light source, follow Kazgar in Lumbridge Cellar to the mines
Castle Wars Ticket Castle Wars
Cream Hat In the Grand Tree, just inside the tree's trunk
Earmuffs Canifis Slayer Tower
Right eye patch Brimhaven pub
Fake Beard Ali Morrisane's stall at Al-Kebab
Fremennik cloak Relleka
Giant Frog Legs Lumbridge Swamp Caves. With a light source, head towards some level 99 frogs and scan for him
Goblin Mail Goblin Village
Red Vine Worm McGrubor's Wood (Keep scanning until you find it)
Rune Essence Rune Essence Mines (Seems to be bugged at the moment if not teleporting there via Aubury at Varrock)
Toy Horsey Draynor Village near Diango
Unholy Symbol Grave of Scorpius, below Shrine of Scorpius, north of the Observatory with all the ghosts
  • Eventually, Solus will hit you with a pretty strong attack and Savant will save you by sending you to White Knight's Castle. Heal yourself and gear up for a fight coming up soon. Go to your next hint location and scan, Solus will summon a Black Knight for you to fight. Kill the Black Knight and you will be given a rune essence as a hint. Head to the Rune Essence Mine, and a short cutscene will play. Kill Solus, and return to Varze back at the White Knight's Castle. Give him Solus's hat to complete the quest.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 11,250 Slayer XP
  • Access to the White Knight Armory**

** Basically, just kill Black Knights to improve your White Knight ranking.
At MASTER rank, 1,300 Black Knight kills, you are able to buy all White Equipment from Sir Vyvin upstairs in Falador Castle.
You can check your rank by checking your quest log for the Wanted! quest

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