Vampire Slayer


  • Able to defeat a Level 34 Vampire.

Items Needed

  • Hammer
  • 2 coins or a beer (can be bought during quest)
  • Garlic (obtained during quest)
  • Stake (obtained during quest)
  • Equipment to kill a level 34 Vampire


  1. Talk to Morgan in Draynor Village to learn that the village is being attacked by a vampire. He'll tell you to talk to Dr Harlow in Varrock for advice.
  2. Go upstairs and search the cupboard to find some Garlic and head to Varrock. Go to the Blue Moon Inn South of the main square.
  3. Talk to Dr Harlow and he'll ask you to buy him a beer. Buy one from the Bartender and talk to him again. He'll tell you about Vampires and give you a Stake.
  4. You are now ready to fight the Vampire. Get the weapons, armor, and food you'll need to fight him. Make sure you have the Stake, Garlic, and Hammer in your inventory.
  5. Head North of Draynor Village to Draynor Manor. Enter the building and head to the basement (East side of the manor). In the basement you'll find a coffin.
  6. Open it and the Vampire will appear. If you have Garlic in your inventory he will be very weak. Defeat him and you'll automatically use the Stake to kill him.
  7. When he dies, you'll have completed the quest!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 10,856.25 Attack Exp
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