Remember that /v/scape's coordinate clues require only a spade. Beware of a hostile wizard when you are doing Medium and Hard coordinate clue scrolls.

In Wilderness:

  • Zamorak wizard will spawn where you dig with your spade - attacks only with Magic so use Protect from Magic.

Outside the Wilderness:

  • Saradomin Wizard will spawn where you dig with your spade - attacks with both Magic and Melee using a Dragon Dagger(p++), so remember to have Antiposion.

Once you've defeated the wizard, dig in the same spot to get the next casket.


Image Coordinates Notes
00_05_S_01_13_E_G.png 00_05_S_01_13_E_M.png 00 degrees 05 minutes south
01 degrees 13 minutes East
West of Tree Gnome Village
00%2013S%2013%2058E%20%5BG%5D.png 00%2013S%2013%2058E%20%5BM%5D.png 00 degrees 13 minutes south
13 degrees 58 minutes east
West of the general store in Musa Point
00%2018S%2009%2028E%20%5BG%5D.png 00%2018S%2009%2028E%20%5BM%5D.png 00 degrees 18 minutes south
09 degrees 28 minutes east
In front of the Brimhaven dungeon entrance
00%2020%20S%2023%2015%20E.png 00%2020%20S%2023%2015%20E%20map.png 00 degrees 20 minutes south
23 degrees 15 minutes east
On the southern coast of Lumbridge Swamp
00%2030N%2024%2016E%20%5BG%5D.png 00%2030N%2024%2016E%20%5BM%5D.png 00 degrees 30 minutes north
24 degrees 16 minutes east
Northeast of the shed in Lumbridge Swamp
00%2031S%2017%2043E%20%5BG%5D.png 00%2031S%2017%2043E%20%5BM%5D.png 00 degrees 31 minutes south
17 degrees 43 minutes east
South of Port Sarim near Mudskipper Point
01_18_S_14_15_E_G.png 01_18_S_14_15_E_M.png 01 degrees 18 minutes south
14 degrees 15 minutes east
East side of the northern mouth of the river running through Karamja
01%2035S%2007%2028E%20%5BG%5D.png 01%2035S%2007%2028E%20%5BM%5D.png 01 degrees 35 minutes south
07 degrees 28 minutes east
Located in the archipelago east of Yanille. Saradomin mage will attack.
02%2048N%2022%2030E%20%5BG%5D.png 02%2048N%2022%2030E%20%5BM%5D.png 02 degrees 48 minutes north
22 degrees 30 minutes east
Near the H.A.M. hideout
02%2050N%2006%2020E%20%5BG%5D.png 02%2050N%2006%2020E%20%5BM%5D.png 02 degrees 50 minutes north
06 degrees 20 minutes east
South of East Ardougne, near Ardougne Zoo
03%2035S%2013%2034E%20%5BG%5D.png 03%2035S%2013%2034E%20%5BM%5D.png 03 degrees 35 minutes south
13 degrees 35 minutes east
Northeast of the mine north of Shilo Village
03%2045%20S%2022%2045%20E.png 03%2045%20S%2022%2045%20E%20map.png 03 degrees 45 minutes south
22 degrees 45 minutes east
North side of the watering hole at the Bedabin camp in the Kharidian Desert
Saradomin wizard will attack.
00%2004S%2012%2046E%20%5BG%5D.png 00%2004S%2012%2046E%20%5BM%5D.png 04 degrees 00 minutes south
12 degrees 46 minutes east
In the mine north of Shilo Village
04_05_S_04_24_E_G.png 04_05_S_04_24_E_M.png 04 degrees 05 minutes South
04 degrees 24 minutes east
East of Gu'Tanoth. Enter the Cave Entrance between a lava pool and ruined building on the map with searchable Rocks by the entrance in Feldip Hills to get to the island.
Saradomin mage will attack.
04%2013N%2012%2045E%20%5BG%5D.png 04%2013N%2012%2045E%20%5BM%5D.png 04 degrees 13 minutes north
12 degrees 45 minutes east
Located in northern Crandor, requires at least near-completion of Dragon Slayer to access. Go through the hidden wall in the Karamja Volcano to get back if you've already completed the quest.
04%2041N%2003%2009W%20%5BG%5D.png 04%2041N%2003%2009W%20%5BM%5D.png 04 degrees 41 minutes north
03 degrees 09 minutes west
In the northern section of Arandar
Requires completion of Underground Pass and at least partial completion of Regicide to access. Saradomin mage will attack.
05%2020S%2004%2028E%20%5BG%5D.png 05%2020S%2004%2028E%20%5BM%5D.png 05 degrees 20 minutes south
04 degrees 28 minutes east
Near the 'top-middle' mine in Feldip Hills
05%2043N%2023%2005E%20%5BG%5D.png 05%2043N%2023%2005E%20%5BM%5D.png 05 degrees 43 minutes north
23 degrees 05 minutes east
North of the mill in Lumbridge
06_00_S_21_48_E_G.png 06_00_S_21_48_E_M.png 06 degrees 00 minutes south
21 degrees 48 minutes east
West of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert. Saradomin mage will attack.
05%2050%20N%2010%2005%20E.png 05%2050%20N%2010%2005%20E%20map.png 05 degrees 50 minutes south
10 degrees 05 minutes east
On Cairn Island beside Shilo
Saradomin mage will attack
06%2031N%2001%2047W%20%5BG%5D.png 06%2031N%2001%2047W%20%5BM%5D.png 06 degrees 31 minutes north
01 degrees 47 minutes west
Southwest of Tree Gnome Stronghold
07%2005N%2030%2056E%20%5BG%5D.png 07%2005N%2030%2056E%20%5BM%5D.png 07 degrees 05 minutes north
30 degrees 56 minutes east
In Mort Myre Swamp, requires either completion of Priest in Peril or 64 Agility to access. Next lake south of the 2 most western fishing spots. Dig south of a rotting tree
07_33_N_15_00_E_G.png 07_33_N_15_00_E_M.png 07 degrees 33 minutes north
15 degrees 00 minutes east
Near the Lady of the Lake in southern Taverly
07_43_S_12_26_E_G.png 07_43_S_12_26_E_M.png 07 degrees 43 minutes south
12 degrees 26 minutes east
In the Kharazi Jungle, requires the ability to at least start Legends Quest. Saradomin wizard will attack
08%2003%20S%2031%2016%20E.png 08%2003%20S%2031%2016%20E%20map.png 08 degrees 03 minutes north
31 degrees 16 minutes east
South from the gate in the Mort Myre Swamp, requires either completion of Priest in Peril or 64 agility to access. Saradomin wizard will attack.
08%2005%20S%2015%2056%20E.png 08%2005%20S%2015%2056%20E%20map.png 08 degrees 05 minutes south
15 degrees 56 minutes east
Southeast area of the Kharazi Jungle by a totem pole near the beach, requires the ability to at least start Legends Quest. Saradomin wizard will attack.
08%2026S%2010%2028E%20%5BG%5D.png 08%2026S%2010%2028E%20%5BM%5D.png 08 degrees 26 minutes south
10 degrees 28 minutes east
In the southwestern part of Kharazi Jungle, requires the ability to at least start Legends Quest. A Saradomin wizard will attack
eastgnomeagility2 eastgnomeagility1 08 degrees 33 minutes north
01 degrees 39 minutes west
Near terrorbirds at the west side of Gnome Stronghold.
09%2048N%2017%2039E%20%5BG%5D.png 09%2048N%2017%2039E%20%5BM%5D.png 09 degrees 48 minutes north
17 degrees 39 minutes east
On the Ice Mountain
11%2003N%2031%2020E%20%5BG%5D.png 11%2003N%2031%2020E%20%5BM%5D.png 11 degrees 03 minutes north
31 degrees 20 minutes east
Near the entrance to the Slayer Tower, requires either completion of Priest in Peril or 64 Agility.
11_05_N_00_45_W_G.png 11_05_N_00_45_W_M.png 11 degrees 05 minutes north
00 degrees 45 minutes west
Swamp in the northwestern corner of Tree Gnome Stronghold
11%2041N%2014%2058E%20%5BG%5D.png 11%2041N%2014%2058E%20%5BM%5D.png 11 degrees 41 minutes north
14 degrees 58 minutes east
In the fenced of area of the bar in Burthorpe.
12_48_N_20_20_E_G.png 12_48_N_20_20_E_M.png 12 degrees 48 minutes north
20 degrees 20 minutes east
Near the air obelisk, go through the Edgeville dungeon.
Zamorak wizard will attack.
13%2046%20N%2021%2001%20E.png 13%2046%20N%2021%2001%20E%20map.png 13 degrees 46 minutes north
21 degrees 01 minutes east
Wilderness north of the Abyssal Mage near Edgeville. Zamorak mage will attack.
14_54_N_09_13_E_G.png 14_54_N_09_13_E_M.png 14 degrees 54 minutes north
09 degrees 13 minutes east
Southeast of Rellekka, near the Swaying tree.
16_35_N_27_1_E_G.png 16_35_N_27_1_E_M.png 16 degrees 35 minutes north
27 degrees 01 minutes east
Eastern level 22 Wilderness near the Hill Giants. Zamorak mage will attack.
16%2043N%2019%2013E%20%5BG%5D.png 16%2043N%2019%2013E%20%5BM%5D.png 16 degrees 43 minutes north
19 degrees 13 minutes east
Broken wall on the east side of the Bandit Camp in Level 23 Wilderness.
Zamorak wizard will attack.
17%2050N%2008%2030E.png 17 degrees 50 minutes north
08 degrees 30 minutes east
Northeast of Rellekka.
Saradomin wizard will attack.
18%2022%20N%2016%2033%20E.png 18%2022%20N%2016%2033%20E%20map.png 18 degrees 22 minutes north
16 degrees 33 minutes east
Forgotten Cemetery in level 29 wilderness, Zamorak wizard will attack
19_43_N_25_07_E_G.png19_43_N_25_07_E_M.png 19 degrees 43 minutes north
25 degrees 07 minutes east
Southeast of Red Dragon Isle
Zamorak wizard will attack.
20%2005%20S%2021%2052%20E.png 20%2005%20S%2021%2052%20E%20map.png 20 degrees 05 minutes north
21 degrees 52 minutes east
Near the wilderness pond, right by the canoe location. Zamorak wizard will attack.
20%2007N%2018%2033E%20%5BG%5D.png 20%2007N%2018%2033E%20%5BM%5D.png 20 degrees 07 minutes north
18 degrees 33 minutes east
Southwest of the Lava Maze. Zamorak wizard will attack.
20_33_N_15_48_E_G.png 20_33_N_15_48_E_M.png 20 degrees 33 minutes north
15 degrees 48 minutes east
Behind the building with the Chaos Altar to the south west of the Lava Maze.
Zamorak Mage will attack.
24%2021N%2017%2054E%20%5BG%5D.png 24%2021N%2017%2054E%20%5BM%5D.png 21 degrees 24 minutes north
17 degrees 54 minutes east
In the fenced area west of the Lava Maze
A Zamorak wizard will attack
22_30_N_03_01_E_G.png 22_30_N_03_01_E_M.png 22 degrees 30 minutes north
03 degrees 01 minutes east
In Miscellania on the path to the mining site and anvil. Talk to the Sailor at the docks in Rellekka to get there, requires The Fremennik Trials' completion first.
22_35_N_19_18_E_G.png 22_35_N_19_18_E_M.png 22 degrees 35 minutes north
19 degrees 18 minutes east
North side of the Lava Maze by the two rune rocks.
Zamorak wizard will attack
22_45_N_26_33_E_G.png 22_45_N_26_33_E_M.png 22 degrees 45 minutes north
26 degrees 33 minutes east
In the demonic ruins
Zamorak wizard will attack.
24_24_N_26_24_E_G.png 24_24_N_26_24_E_M.png 24 degrees 24 minutes north
26 degrees 24 minutes east
North side of the Rogues' Castle
Zamorak wizard will attack
24_56_N_22_56_E_G.png 24_56_N_22_56_E_M.png 24 degrees 56 minutes north
22 degrees 56 minutes east
North east of the Deserted Keep.
Zamorak wizard will attack.
24_58_N_18_43_E_G.png 24_58_N_18_43_E_M.png 24 degrees 58 minutes north
18 degrees 43 minutes east
North side of the Pirates' Hideout.
Zamorak wizard will attack.
25%2003N%2017%2005E%20%5BG%5D.png 25%2003N%2017%2005E%20%5BM%5D.png 25 degrees 03 minutes north
17 degrees 05 minutes east
Northwest of the wilderness Agility Training Area.
Zamorak wizard will attack.
25_03_N_23_24_E_G.png 25_03_N_23_24_E_M.png 25 degrees 03 minutes north
23 degrees 24 minutes east
Near the animated axes northeast of the Deserted Keep
Zamorak wizard will attack
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