Tribal Totem

Tribal Totem

Starting the quest

Speak to Kangai Mau in Brimhaven.



  • 21 Thieving

Items Needed

  • At least 90 coins for boat trips between Brimhaven and Ardougne OR equipping a Ring of Charos (a) for free boat trips


Talk to Kangai Mau and he'll ask you to help him recover a tribal totem from Lord Handlemort. Head to Ardougne to the mansion West of the main square. You will find the door locked so talk to Horacio the Gardener to learn about the security. You'll learn the only way to enter is through being teleported by a device made by Wizard Cromperty. Cromperty can be found in the building Northeast of the main square. Ask him about his invention and then ask to be teleported to the other block. You'll end up by the Ardougne docks next to a crate containing the teleport block. Investigate the Northernmost crate to get an address label with Lord Handlemort's address. Place the address label onto the crate with the teleportation block and talk to one of the RDPT employees to get them to deliver the crate. Return to Cromperty and ask to be teleported again, this time into Lord Handlemort's mansion.

Once inside the mansion, go through the West door. Try and go through the next door to find that it is locked. The password can be found at the real estate agents house, it is KURT. Go through the door and investigate the stairs to find a trap (must be standing on the West square directly in front of the stairs!). Climb up the stairs, go outside, and then enter the Eastern room. Open and search the chest to get the Tribal Totem. Return to Brimhaven and talk to Kangai Mau to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 3883.75 Thieving Exp
  • 5 Swordfish
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