Traversing The Elflands

Traversing the Elflands


This page will tell you how to get to traverse Arandar/Isafdar, commonly called the Elf Lands, which is a skill you may need to know for various reasons. To even enter the Elflands you need to complete the Underground Pass quest, Regicide quest, and have at least 56 Agility for the various obstacles in the forest. The completion of Roving Elves is required to buy and equip Crystal Equipment too.
Don't even attempt to buy Crystal Equipment or complete an Iorwerth clue without completing Underground Pass and Regicide. Beware that all the traps in the forest can hurt you if you fail them, and the arrow traps can even poison you as well so be prepared with food and possibly antipoison.

The main points of interest in the area are the town of Lletya which is best for picking flax among other things, the Elf Camp containing Lord Iorwerth whom is needed for a certain clue scroll, the clearing containing Islwyn who can sell you Crystal equipment, and the Quartermaster at the Tyras Camp who can sell you halberds up to Dragon.

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Getting to Lletya

Getting To Islwyn

Getting To Lord Iorwerth

Getting To The Quartermaster

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