Page should include the various, implemented, ways and details to get around vscape such as:

  • Boats
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  • Balloon system
  • Eagle system
  • Teleportation magic
  • Teleportation items such as the Ectophial
  • etc …

Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are objects scattered around Gielinor which allow players to teleport between 37 different locations. Using fairy rings requires partial completion of Fairy Tale II, specifically when the Fairy Godfather grants you access to them.

In order to use a fairy ring you must have either a Dramen staff or Lunar staff equipped. The main fairy ring is located in Zanaris, south-west of the wheat field. Using any fairy ring outside of Zanaris will bring you here.

Check out the very nicely written Fairy Rings page for all of the available fairy rings in /v/scape.

Gnome Glider system

You'll need to complete The Grand Tree quest to use the gliders.
The quickest way to a glider seems to be to just use a Dueling Ring to teleport to the Duel Arena at Al-Kharid, then run south-west to Captain Dalbur, the gnome glider operator. Use the glider to reach the Grand Tree glider.

You are required to glide to the Grand Tree glider to use the glider system to reach the other glider destinations.

Destination Location on glider map Notes
The Grand Tree Tree (Ta Quir Priw) Charlie is forever imprisoned here.
White Wolf Mountain Mountains (Sindarpos) Right on the peak of White Wolf Mountain, surrounded by wolves.
Varrock Castle (Lemanto Andra) Just west of the Digsite. One way destination; glider is unusable here.
Al-Kharid Tent (Kar-Hewo) Just by the gate monitored by the Border Guards.
Karamja, South-East Palm Tree (Gandius) Located east of Shilo Village, and south of the Ship Yard.
Feldip Hills Skull on Cross (Lemantolly Undri) Requires completion of One Small Favour to glide here.

Magic Teleportation Tablets

Magic Teleportation Tablets, or Teletabs, are teleportation spells stored into clay tablets. On use, the spell stored in the tablet is cast on the user and the tablet is consumed.

Why use teletabs instead of normal spells?

  • They are one-click teleports and activate quickly. This is incredibly useful to quickly warp out of danger.
  • They save inventory space by stacking similarly to runes. They also eliminate the need to carry runes if you have the appropriate replacement tablet.
  • The user can use magic tablets while on different spell books, nice if you want to stay on the Lunar/Ancient spell books.
  • Usage requires no specific magic level. A player right out Tutorial Island can use any Magic tablet.

To use Ardougne teleport and its tablet, you must first finish Plague City.

The best teletab to make is the Teleport to house teletab once your home has portals to all the destinations below.

Teletab Magic Requirement Lectern Costs
Varrock teleport Level 25 Any 1 Soft Clay, 1 Law, 1 Fire, 3 Air
Lumbridge teleport Level 31 Eagle or better 1 Soft Clay, 1 Law, 1 Earth , 3 Air
Falador teleport Level 37 Eagle or better 1 Soft Clay, 1 Law, 1 Water , 3 Air
Camelot teleport Level 45 Teak Eagle or better 1 Soft Clay, 1 Law, 5 Air
Ardougne teleport Level 51 Teak Eagle or better 1 Soft Clay, 2 Law, 2 Water
Watchtower teleport Level 58 Mahogany Eagle 1 Soft Clay, 2 Law, 2 Earth
Teleport to house Level 40 Mahogany Eagle 1 Soft Clay, 1 Law, 1 Earth, 1 Air

How to make Teletabs

All teletabs are tradeable, but you'll need access to a player-owned house and the appropriate lectern to even have access to the interface to create the tablets. The best lectern to use is the Eagle Mahogany Lectern since it allows you to create every single possible teletab in /v/scape.

At level 40 Construction you can create a Study room in your house for 50,000 coins. The study contains a lectern space. The Eagle lecterns specialize in the creation of teletabs, do not make a Demon lectern instead!

Fastest way to create the teletabs would be to have a butler following you, a stack of money for the butler, noted Soft clay, and the runes needed to create the teletabs. You can use an elemental staff to save on runes. The butler is used to unnote Soft clay for you when you run out.

Lectern Construction Requirement Materials Teletab Destinations
Oak Lectern Level 40 Oak plank Varrock
Eagle Lectern Level 47 2 Oak planks Above and Lumbridge and Falador
Teak Eagle Lectern Level 57 2 Teak planks Above and Camelot and Ardougne
Mahogany Eagle Lectern Level 67 2 Mahogany planks, 1 Gold leaf Above and Watchtower and House

Soft Clay

You can normally create Soft clay by using a Bucket of water on Clay. A Bracelet of clay (An enchanted Sapphire bracelet) will turn 28 Clay into Soft clay the moment it is mined.

The fastest way to acquire Soft clay is through the Crafting Guild and through the following steps.
You need Level 40 Crafting and a brown apron or Crafting cape to access the Crafting Guild.

  1. Equip a Brown apron or a Crafting cape, a Ring of dueling, a Skills necklace, Bracelet of clay, and a pickaxe.
  2. Teleport to the Crafting Guild with the Skills necklace. Enter and mine 28 clay. The clay should be Soft clay if a Bracelet of clay is equipped.
  3. Teleport to Castle Wars with the Dueling ring to bank. Take out a Bracelet of clay and equip it, return to step 2.

Repeat as necessary. Remember to equip another Dueling ring, Skills necklace, or Bracelet of clay once they run out of charges.
You'll need a decent amount of banked Dueling rings, Bracelets of clay, and Skills necklace to make best use of this method.
If you have access to Humidify, you don't need to use Bracelets of Clay, the spell can turn all clay in the inventory into soft clay.

An alternative method is using a Combat Bracelet to teleport to the Champion's guild. You're placed right outside with a mine nearby containing 2 clay deposits.

Portal Chambers

A portal chamber is a room one can build in their player-owned house, requiring level 50 Construction and 100,000 coins to place. You just need level 50 construction to build every portal you want, assuming you also have the magic level to warp to the portal destinations.
The center of a portal chamber contains a Centrepiece building spot, and is surrounded by 3 portal building spots.
The cheapest materials to build a portal from are 3 Teak planks, while the cheapest Centrepiece requires 2 Limestone bricks.
Each portal room requires a Centrepiece to direct portals in the room to one of seven destinations, so you'll need a minimum of 3 portal rooms to build a portal to each destination.
Directing a portal to a destination requires 100 times the rune cost to normally warp to that destination (So 500 air and 100 law runes to direct a Camelot portal). //You can remove the centrepiece after the portals are directed and they will continue to work.

Portal (Color) Requirements Rune Costs
Varrock (Orange) Level 25 magic 300 Air, 100 Fire, 100 Law
Lumbridge (Blue) Level 31 magic 300 Air, 100 Earth, 100 Law
Falador (Purple) Level 37 magic 300 Air, 100 Water, 100 Law
Camelot (White) Level 45 magic 500 Air, 100 Law
Ardougne (Red) Level 51 magic 200 Water, 200 Law
Yanille (Green) Level 58 magic 200 Earth, 200 Law
Kharyrll / Canifis (Gray) Level 66 magic 100 Blood, 200 Law

Total rune cost is 1400 Air, 100 Fire, 300 Earth, 300 Water, 100 Blood, and 1000 Law runes.
It's 300,000 coins for the 3 rooms, 6 Limestone bricks for the 3 centrepieces (< 200 coins to buy all of them), and 21 teak planks for all 7 portals (10,500 coins to cut all at the sawmill). Or a total cost of about 311k coins.
You might want to skip on the Lumbridge portal since Home tele is freely available on the regular spellbook, saving you 100k, 3 teak planks, and 2 limestone bricks.

Spirit Trees

Requires completion of Tree Gnome Village to access.
Fastest way to access this transportation system is to probably warp to Edgeville and run east to the spirt tree.
Dueling ring to Duel Arena, then using the Gnome Glider to the Gnome Stronghold, then going downstairs and south to the spirt tree is also somewhat quick.

Destination Notes
Tree Gnome Stronghold Just south of the Grand Tree structure.
Tree Gnome Village Right by King Bolren.
Battlefield of Khazard Located south of Ardougne, between the Clock Tower and Carnillean house from the Hazeel Cult quest.
Northwest Varrock Located to the east of Edgeville, past the bridge, north of the Abandoned house.
Mountains east of poison waste Unlocked during The Path Of Glouphrie. Located to the west behind Castle Wars.
Planted Spirit Tree Requires Level 83 farming and a spirit tree seed to plant. Only one can be planted at a time.

Planted Spirit Tree

You can plant a spirit tree at Etceteria, Port Sarim, or Brimhaven. Spirit tree saplings can be protected by paying the plot farmer 5 monkey nuts.

Teleportation Jewelry

Consists of Enchanted Jewelry, useful pieces of equipment that players will typically end up hoarding tons of copies of in their bank.
It's recommended to wear a Games Necklace, Dueling Ring, or an Amulet of Glory during most activities to quickly teleport to a bank.
They can also be used to quickly get out of a dangerous situation, but one-click teleportation methods such as the Ectophial or Teletabs are much more reliable for that.

If you don't meet some requirement to craft or enchant jewelry, ::yell to other players for help. It's is not uncommon for players to trade enchanted jewelry for the gemstone needed to craft it.

Enchantment Levels, Magic Requirements, and Rune Costs

Enchantment Level and Gems Magic Requirement Rune Costs
Lvl-1, Sapphire & Opal Level 7 1 Cosmic, 1 Water
Lvl-2, Emerald & Jade Level 27 1 Cosmic, 3 Air
Lvl-3, Ruby & Topaz Level 49 1 Cosmic, 5 Fire
Lvl-4, Diamond Level 57 1 Cosmic, 10 Earth
Lvl-5, Dragonstone Level 68 1 Cosmic, 15 Water, 15 Earth
Lvl-6, Onyx Level 87 1 Cosmic, 20 Fire, 20 Earth

Enchanted Jewelry

The majority of enchanted jewelry crumble to dust and vanish from your inventory once they run out of charges. The exception to this is enchanted Dragonstone Jewelry which can be recharged at certain areas of the game.

  • Amulets of Glory can be recharged at the Fountain of Heroes, located in the Heroes' Guild basement.
  • Combat Bracelets & Skills Necklaces can be recharged at the Gold Totem in the Legends' Guild.
Enchanted Jewelry Original Jewelry Initial Charges Destinations
Games Necklace Sapphire Necklace 8 Burthorpe Games Room & Pest Control
Ring of Dueling Emerald Ring 8 Duel Arena & Castle Wars
Digsite Pendant1 Ruby Necklace 5? Digsite
Ring of Life2 Diamond Ring 1 Lumbridge or Falador
Skills Necklace Dragon Necklace 4 Fishing, Mining, Crafting, and Cooking Guilds
Combat Bracelet Dragonstone Bracelet 4 Edgeville Monastary, Champions', Warriors', and Ranging Guilds
Amulet of Glory Dragonstone Amulet 4 Edgeville, Karamja, Musa Point, Al Kharid
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