Tourist Trap

The Tourist Trap


  • Desert Shirt, Desert Robe, and Desert Boots (will be lost)
  • 1-3 Bronze bars
  • A hammer
  • 30-50 feathers
  • Shantay pass


  • 3+ Full Waterskins, highly recommended.
  • 15 open inventory spaces, or items you're willing to drop (for rocks, if you get found out while inside the prison)


Starting the quest

Speak the the crying woman just on the other side of Shantay Pass.

Find Ana, using your intuition the 2007 Runescape wiki guide. Do not use the barrel on her yet.

Rescuing Ana

Say the following to Ana:

  1. "I'm new here."
  2. "I want to get you out of here."
  3. "I managed to sneak past the guards."

Then, you may use the barrel on her.
Put the barrel in the minecart, wait for it to return, then take the minecart yourself.
Put the barrel on the winch, ask for the guard's help, compliment him where possible.
Head to the surface, and locate the winch at the south-west corner of the camp.
Operate the winch, and find the nearby barrel with Ana in it.
Use the barrel on the cart, and talk to the cart driver.

Say the following to the driver:

  1. "Nice cart."
  2. "One wagon wheel says to the other, 'I'll see you around'."
  3. "One good turn deserves another."
  4. "Fired… no, shot perhaps!"
  5. "In for a penny in for a pound."
  6. "Well, you see, it's like this…"
  7. "Prison riot in ten minutes, get your cart out of here!"
  8. "You can't leave me here, I'll get killed!"

The cart will take you outside.
Return to Irena at the shanty pass.

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