The Knight's Sword


  • 10 Mining
  • 15 Smithing, to make the Iron Bars (optional)
  • 10 Cooking, to make the Redberry Pie (optional)
  • Ability to survive level 53 Ice Giants and 57 Ice Warriors


  • Redberry Pie
  • A Pickaxe
  • 1 Iron Bar (2 if you want your own Blurite Sword)
  • 1 Blurite Ore (2 if you want your own Blurite Sword; obtained during quest)
  • Varrock and Falador Teleports (optional)
  • Food (optional)


Item Gathering

If you want to finish the quest faster, you may want to gather all of the items (1-2 Iron Bars, 1-42 Blurite Ores, and 1 Redberry Pie) ahead of time. To make the pie, you'll need 1 Redberry (spawns near the Southeast mine in Varrock), a Pastry Dough (Flour and a Bucket of Water), and a Pie Tin (spawns in Varrock Castle). Use the Dough with the Pie Tin and then use a Redberry with the Pie Shell. Cook the Pie (requires 10 cooking, bring extra ingredients in case you fail). Alternatively, you may ask someone that can enter the Cooking Guild near Varrock to walk in and buy you an already-cooked Redberry Pie from the shop there.

Finding Thurgo

  1. Talk to the Squire at White Knights' Castle to learn that he needs you to make a replica Blurite Sword.
  2. Head to Port Sarim and then continue south until you reach a shack with an anvil in.
  3. Talk to the dwarf Thurgo. He'll tell you he needs Blurite Ore.
  4. Enter the dungeon on the hill just north of his hut.

Constructing the Sword

  1. Once inside the dungeon, head past the Muggers, Pirates and Hobgoblins, avoiding them as best you can if you have a low combat level.
  2. When you reach the icy cavern with Ice Giants and Ice Warriors, head to towards the south wall and mine the Blurite Ore from one of the veins there.
  3. Return to Thurgo and ask him to make the Blurite sword. If you want to keep one, simply drop the first one Thurgo makes and ask him to make another one. Make sure you keep the sword equipped when you go to speak with the Squire, otherwise he may remove both swords upon quest completion. NOTE: The confirmed successful technique for getting a spare sword at the moment is to go to complete the quest with one sword equipped and the other in your inventory, while the rest of your inventory is full.
  4. Return to Squire in Falador and give him the Blurite sword. Congratulations! You saved his ass!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 28631.25 Smithing exp
  • A Blurite Sword (optional)
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