The Golem

Starting the Quest
Talk to the damaged Golem in the Ruins of Uzer.

20 Crafting
25 Thieving

Items Needed
A vial
A pestle and mortar
A knife
A chisel
A hammer
4 Soft clay
2 Shantay passes

Desert Clothes, waterskins, and Varrock/Digsite teleports are recommended. If you don't have the clay, bring a bracelet of clay or 4 filled buckets and a pickaxe.
Weapons and armor are recommended for the fight with the demon.


Getting Started
Talk to the damaged Golem in the Ruins of Uzer east of the Shantay Pass. He will tell you to "get ye gone". If you don't have the clay, equip your bracelet of clay and mine some clay to the north of Uzer.

Once you have the clay, use four soft clays on the golem to repair it.

The Demon
After repairing him, the Golem will tell you he was programmed to fight the a demons. You must tell him he is the demons. help him in his endeavor. Enter the temple and pick up the strange implement in the back, along with a black mushroom or two. Back outside, pick up the letter in the ruins. Head to the clay mine northwest of Uzer and pick a Phoenix Feather. Now go to the Digsite and find Elissa in the northeastern part. After, head to the Exam Center and search the bookshelves until you find Varmen's notes. Head into Varrock and talk to the museum curator. Pickpocket him and use the key to get the statuette.

Back to Uzer
After this, head back to Uzer. Stop by the clay mine to the north of Uzer and get a phoenix feather if you haven't already. Go into the temple and put the statuette into the empty alcove. Turn them all to face the big, ominous doors. They will open, and this is your last chance to prepare yourself for the big fight with the demon.

The Fight
Step into the portal and get ready to fight the demon. He will- oh, wait, he's already dead. If you want, use your chisel on the throne in the back for some free gems. Leave and head back to the Golem. He will refuse to believe the demon is dead. You must reprogram him. Use your pestle and mortar on the black mushroom to make some ink, the dip the phoenix feather in the ink, then write on the papyrus. Use the strange implement on the Golem, and shove the new instructions into his head. That's it, quest's over. Go home.

Quest Rewards
1 Quest Points
2250 Crafting XP
2250 Thieving XP

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