The Giant Dwarf

The Giant Dwarf

Starting the Quest

Head to Keldagrim entrance and speak to Dwarven Boatment.



  • Air Rune (or Air Staff)
  • Law Rune
  • 200 GP
  • Tinderbox
  • Coal
  • Some logs
  • Iron bar
  • 3 cut sapphires
  • A convenient tele to get to Mudskipper Point
  • Lots of ores
  • Lots of ore bars

Starting the quest

Start off from Rellekka and head east from the entrance. When you pass by the Golden Apple Tree, shoot up north. You will see a mining area brimmed with iron ores, and a cave entrance nearby guarded by two statues. Once inside the cave, there will be another cave entrance on your east. Get inside and talk to the Dwarven Boatmen (not Ferrymen). Don't mind the ride taking a few minutes, and admire the meticulously crafted short animation. Unfortunately, the boat was multitrack-sailing and you crashed on a dwarf statue.

You were immediately apprehended, and approached by the head of Keldagrim's Black Guard, Commander Veldaban. Commander Veldaban informs you of the statue's significance, and seeks your help in rebuilding a new statue. Your first task is to find the sculptor, Blasidar. From your room, head east, cross the bridge, down south, and you should find him. He will then ask you to find some accessories for the statue, namely boots, clothes and battleaxe. These three sections can be done in any order.

Do note that Keldagrim has an East and West section. They are connected via the bridge and the second floor of the marketplace in the middle.

A Pair of Exquisite Shoes

Items required: 1 Air Rune (or Air Staff), 1 Law Rune for telegrab
Head southwest of Keldagrim West to an anvil, and look for Saro nearby. Saro had a pair of good boots, but it was sold to Dromund. Dromund can be found a short distance north, but was unwilling to part with the boots. Like the nigga you is, grab the Left Boot in the house when Dromund is not looking, and telegrab the Right Boot through the window, from outside the house. Take it back to Riki.

Some Clothes that Resemble King Alvis' Clothes

Items required: 200 GP, a tinderbox, a coal (or you could mine one at far northeast of Keldagrim East), some logs
Find Vermundi in the Keldagrim East marketplace (west of Riki's house), who directs you to speak to the Librarian in the northeast of Keldagrim West. The Librarian had a book to help, but couldn't remember where it was. Climb any bookcase, and you will find the said book. Note: You must weigh less than 30kg in total to climb the bookcase.

Take the book back to Vermundi, only to realize that her spinning machine broke. Use the coal on the spinning machine, and one or more logs will be consumed. Use the tinderbox on the spinning machine, and voila! Vermundi will still demand 200 GP for the clothes though. Take it back to Riki.

King Alvis' Original Battleaxe

Items required: Iron bar, 3 cut sapphires, a convenient tele to get to Mudskipper Point
Find Santiri in the weapon shop northwest of Keldagrim West. While he has the old battleaxe, its too busted for the sculptor to use as a reference. He needs you to repair it, and you just know the right man for it, Thurgo from The Knight's Sword.

Find your way to Mudskipper Point to meet Thurgo, and he will restore the battleaxe to its former glory. Once Thurgo is done, you will get an option to teleport back to Keldagrim. This is not even a question. Flip out your cut sapphires, and use them on the battleaxe. Take it back to Riki.

Consortium Woes

Riki don't look too happy even though you've acquired all the stuff. Blasidar informs you that the Consortium have their own issues, and you are the man to sort this shit out again. From either marketplace region, head upstairs and join a company. The companies available are:

  • The Blue Opal
  • The Brown Engine (Female players are not allowed to join this company.)
  • The Green Gemstone
  • The Purple Pewter
  • The Red Axe (You cannot join this company; they are the antagonist of this quest series.)
  • The Silver Cog
  • The White Chisel
  • The Yellow Fortune (Male players are not allowed to join this company.)

I'd recommend a company from the Keldagrim West region, since its closer to the bank. Talk to the secretary of the company, who will give you a task to mine a certain ore. If you do not like the task, do not accept it, and reroll by talking to the secretary again. In short, run to the bank, stack on some ores, roll with the secretary for the right tasks.

When the secretary is happy enough from your contributions, he will direct you to the director directly. Similarly, you would do tasks, but with bars. Stop doing any tasks if the director asks if you have considered joining their company. Ask to join the company, tell them that Blasidar sent you, and choose to support the director.

Find Commander Veldaban at west of the bank, and choose to attend the meeting. Watch the short animation, and be done!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 5,625 Mining experience
  • 5,625 Smithing experience
  • 5,625 Crafting experience
  • 3,375 Magic experience
  • 3,375 Thieving experience
  • 3,375 Firemaking experience
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