The Fremennik Trials


  • 40 Woodcutting
  • 40 Crafting
  • 25 Fletching
  • Ability to defeat a level 69 enemy, and also not be afraid of combat without any weapons or armor.
  • 5,250 gp
  • 1 beer (obtainable during the quest)
  • 1 raw shark (If you have the Ring of Charos (a) from Garden of Tranquillity, you can instead use a raw bass, from fishing or other players.)
  • 1 cabbage, 1 potato, and 1 onion
  • Any woodcutting axe (except Blessed)
  • Knife
  • Tinderbox


  • Food
  • Prayer potions
  • Teleports to Camelot


Getting Started

Speak to Chieftain Brundt. He'll tell you that the only way to become a Fremennik is to win the majority of the votes of the Council. Fortunately, seven of the twelve members are willing to take your side - provided you're willing to do one small favour for each. Note: you can do these trials in any order, not just the one listed here.

The Trials

Manni the Reveller

Items required:

  • 250gp
  • Tinderbox
  • Keg of Beer
  • Beer

Challenge Manni, who is standing near Brundt in the longhall. You will lose. The drunken staggering from the keg of beer will last practically forever, so be sure you're ready for some screen sway before you do this. While you're there, grab the beer from the longhouse table. You'll need some way to cheat your way to victory, for which you'll need to visit the Poison Salesmen in the Seers' Village bar. He'll sell you a low-alcohol keg of beer for the low, low price of 250gp. Buy it. On your way back to Rellekka, give the Council Workman on the bridge to the Fremennik Province a beer and he'll give you a cherry bomb.

Return to Rellekka and light the bomb. Place it in the drainpipe on the eastern wall of the longhouse, run into the longhouse and take another keg. As the bomb explodes and distracts everyone, use the low-alcohol keg on the regular keg to switch the contents. With this preparation done, challenge Manni to a rematch and win easily, you dirty cheater.
(use them on each other in your inventory)

Olaf the Bard

Items required:

  • An axe
  • Knife
  • Potato
  • Onion
  • Cabbage
  • Raw shark (or raw bass with a Ring of Charos (a))

Olaf moons around outside the eastern side of the longhouse. He'll agree to vote for you if you can prove your worth as a bard by singing. Since there's no Musicality skill, you obviously have no singing talent and will thus require magical aid in order to succeed. This will take the form of a lyre, enchanted to enhance your singing capabilities.

Lanzig in Rellekka has a chance to drop a lyre. If you can get him to do this, you can skip the next few steps and move onto the enchantment. Note: The drop chance is 1 in 3700, so only do this if you really hate Crafting.

First, cut a branch from the swaying tree east of Rellekka (there's a rare tree symbol nearby) and use your knife to craft it into an unstrung lyre. Head south and slightly further east and speak to Lalli the troll, who will refuse to give you the golden wool you require. Return to Rellekka and speak to Askeladden by the door of the longhouse, who will give you a pet rock. Return to Lalli with the rock and your onion, potato and cabbage, offering to make him some stone soup. Add the rock, potato, onion and cabbage to his pot and then speak to him again. He will be pleased and give you a golden fleece. Spin this to into a ball of golden wool (the closest spinning wheel is in the Seers' Village to the south) and use that with your unstrung lyre in order to string it.

You now need to enchant your lyre. To do this, you need a high-levelled raw fish. Normally, a raw shark is required, but if you have the Ring of Charos (a) [which requires you to have started the Garden of Tranquillity] you can use a raw bass instead. Take your fish to the altar on the protruding bit of land south of Rellekka and speak to the spirit Fossegrimen. It will take your fish and enchant your lyre.

Now, you simply need to return to Olaf. Talk with him, head onto the stage and play your lyre. Talk to Olaf again and he'll agree to vote for you.

Sigli the Huntsman

Items required:

  • Food and equipment appropriate to kill a level 69 Draugen

Speak to Sigli near the entrance to Rellekka. He'll send you on a quest to fight the Draugen, a spooky Fremennik spirit. He'll give you a Hunter's Talisman. Operate it to find the vague location of the Draugen and work your way toward its position. Eventually, it'll appear and fight you. It only uses melee and can be safespotted, so dispatch it as you wish and return to Sigli. He'll agree to vote for you.

Sigmund the Merchant

Items required:

  • 5000gp

Did you enjoy One Small Favour? Here it is again, except without the varied locations.

  • Speak to Sigmund in the marketplace and he'll agree to vote for you if you can bring him some rare flowers from overseas.
  • Speak to the sailor on the docks, who will agree to give you the flowers if you bring him a love ballad.
  • Speak to Olaf, who will write you a ballad if you get his boots fixed.
  • Speak to Yrsa in the clothing store, who will fix Olaf's boots if you get her a tax break, the happy merchant.
  • Speak to Brundt, who will give in to the merchants' demands if you bring him a map of the best hunting spots.
  • Speak to Sigli, who will give you the map if you bring him a new bowstring.
  • Speak to Skulgrimen in the helmet shop, who will give you a bowstring if you bring him a rare fish.
  • Speak to the fisherman on the docks, who will give you a rare fish if you bring him a map of the best fishing spots.
  • Speak to Swensen in his house south of the market, who will give you the map if you bring him a weather forecast.
  • Speak to Peer just north-west of Swensen, who will provide a forecast if you get him a bodyguard.
  • Speak to Thorvald outside the helmet shop, who will be Peer's bodyguard if you get him a seat in the longhall.
  • Speak to Manni, who will give Thorvald his seat if you get him Thora's legendary cocktail.
  • Speak to Thora, who will make her cocktail if you make Askeladden swear not to enter the longhall again.
  • Speak to Askeladden, who will agree not to enter the longhall again if you pay him 5000gp. Do so and sigh with relief.


  • Bring Askeladden's contract to Thora, who will make you her cocktail.
  • Bring the cocktail to Manni, who will give you his token.
  • Bring the token to Thorvald, who will give you a bodyguard contract.
  • Bring the contract to Peer, who will give you a forecast.
  • Bring the forecast to Swensen, who will give you a fishing map.
  • Bring the fishing map to the fisherman, who will give you a rare fish.
  • Bring the rare fish to Skulgrimen, who will give you a custom bowstring.
  • Bring the bowstring to Sigli, who will give you a hunting map.
  • Bring the hunting map to Brundt, who will give you a slip.
  • Bring the slip to Yrsa, who will give you some boots.
  • Bring the boots to Olaf, who will give you a ballad.
  • Bring the ballad to the sailor, who will give you the flowers.
  • Bring the flowers to Sigmund, who will give you his vote.

Swensen the Navigator

Speak to Swensen in his house in the south-western part of Rellekka. He will agree to vote for you if you can prove yourself as a navigator. Go down the ladder in his house and observe that you are in a room with four portals.

Like most strangely-named individuals, Swensen was so-called for a reason: his name indicates the portals you need to take: after entering the maze, go SOUTH, WEST, EAST, NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and NORTH and you will find yourself at the exit. Speak to Swensen again to get his vote.

Thorvald the Warrior

Items required:

  • Food and prayer potions to face an enemy without weapons or armour

Speak to Thorvald in the helmet shop north of the longhall. He will give you his vote if you can prove yourself in combat. To do so, you'll need to face Koschei the Deathless without any weapons or armour. Prepare yourself (you may use Peer the Seer to bank all your items) and take the ladder into the basement of the shop. Wander around until Koschei appears. You will need to defeat him three times, with him regenerating and growing stronger with each defeat. After his third defeat, he will gain a ridiculous attack rate, drain all your prayer points and move in for the kill. If you defeat him in this stage, you will be awarded a Fremennik Sword, with stats similar to an adamant longsword. If you die, you'll wake up upstairs in the shop on 1 HP. If you run, you'll need to repeat the whole fight. Note that a Ring of Recoil will allow you to defeat Koschei's final form with relative ease due to his high rate of attack.

Win or lose the fourth stage, return to Thorvald and he'll give you his vote.

Peer the Seer

Items required:

  • An empty inventory and nothing equipped

Speak to Peer south of the marketplace. He'll agree to vote for you on one condition: you must enter his house through one door and leave through the other. Simple.

If you have anything on you, he'll offer to bank it. Once your inventory is empty and nothing is equipped, head to the front door of the house. It will present you with a riddle. There are four lines, which will require you to spot letters either common to or different between a pair of words. The various riddles (and their answers) read as follows:

First Line of Riddle Answer
My first is in mage, but not in wizard. MIND
My first is in tar, but not in a swamp. TREE
My first is in the well, but not at sea. LIFE
My first is in fish, but not in the sea. FIRE
My first is in water, but also in tea. TIME
My first is in wizard, but not in a mage. WIND

Enter the answer to your riddle and walk into the house. Go upstairs and search and study everything until you have and old red disk, a wooden disk, a red herring, an empty jug and an empty bucket.

Use the herring on the range to obtain some sticky red goop. Use the goop on the wooden disk to obtain a red disk. Climb down the trapdoor near the frozen table and use the pair of red disks on the mural to obtain a vase lid.

Head back up the ladder and prepare to solve one of the Classic Videogame Brainteasers.

  • Fill the bucket from the tap.
  • Use the bucket on the jug to obtain a bucket with two litres of water.
  • Empty the jug by using it on the drain.
  • Use the bucket on the jug again.
  • Refill the bucket from the tap.
  • Use the bucket on the jug again to obtain a bucket with four litres of water.
  • Use this correctly-weighted bucket on the locked chest to get the vase.

Fill the vase with water from the jug or the tap and use the vase lid on it to obtain a sealed vase. Use the sealed vase on the frozen table to shatter it and get a frozen key. Use the frozen key on the range to obtain a regular key.

Go down the eastern ladder (near the frozen table) and exit via the door through which you did not enter. Speak to Peer and he'll give you his vote.


Once you have all seven votes, speak to Brundt again in the longhall and you'll become a Fremennik. Quest complete!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 6327.9 Agility experience
  • 6327.9 Attack experience
  • 6327.9 Crafting experience
  • 6327.9 Defence experience
  • 6327.9 Fishing experience
  • 6327.9 Fletching experience
  • 6327.9 Hitpoints experience
  • 6327.9 Strength experience
  • 6327.9 Thieving experience
  • 6327.9 Woodcutting experience
  • Ability to buy and wield the Fremennik warrior, berserker, archer and farseer helmets
  • Access to some of the Fremennik isles
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