Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Starting the Quest

Talk to Timfraku in Tai Bwo Wannai


  • Jungle Potion
  • 15 Agility
  • 30 Cooking
  • 5 Fishing (65 will make life easier)

Grocery List

  • 100x coins
  • Small fishing net
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Spear(Steel or better; you are not getting this back)
  • 2x Agility potion(3) or 1x Agility potion (4)
  • Tinderbox
  • 2x logs(any kind)
  • Knife
  • Karamjan Rum1
  • Karambwan1
  • Banana1
  • Jogre bones1
  • Seaweed1
  • Antipoison2

1 Can be obtained during quest
2 Recommended

Things to Kill

  • 1x level 53 Jogre
  • 1x level 3 Monkey



The first thing to do is to get to Tai Bwo Wannai. The easiest way to do this is to use an Amulet of Glory. Alternatively one can take a boat from Port Sarim or Ardougne. Go to either one of the pubs and buy a bottle of Karamjan Rum. Pick a banana from one of the trees on the plantation in the Northeast of the island and chop it with the knife. Add the sliced banana to the rum. If you forgot a knife they can be purchased at the general store in Brimhaven. Walk down into the jungle and speak to Timfraku, and he will bade you to get his sons to come back

Getting Tamayu Back

Tamayu is southeast of Tai Bwo Wannai by the mining area. Talk to him and ask to watch him kill the Shaikahan, and you will witness him losing. What Tamayu needs is a spear poisoned by none other than the poisonous octopus native to Karamja-the Karambwan. There is only one man who knows how to catch this fish and his name is Lubufu. This old coot is by the fishing area on the coast south of Brimhaven. Lubufu will tell you to go away so talk to him again and ask him "What do you do?" Ask him how old he is and after his lament about his old age and tired body, offer to collect bait for him to gain his trust. He will ask you to collect 20 Karambwanji. Go down to the lake south of Tai Bwo Wannai and use the small net to catch the Karambwanji (these can be taken to Lubufu in multiple trips). After running this errand for Lubufu, ask him what he uses to catch karambwan and what he does with them. He will offer to make you his apprentice and hand you a karambwan vessel. Drop it and talk to him again saying a karambwan got it. Repeat this until you have 3 vessels. Use the spare karambwanji on the vessels.

Poisoning the Spear

You need to get a Karambwan to grind into a paste. The one the pub sells wont work due to the poison glands being removed.

If you have 65 Fishing:
You can simply take your karambwan vessel and fish at the spot near Lubufu to catch a karambwan

If you do not have 65 Fishing:
See: "Getting Tiadeche Back" below.

Take the karambwan to the range in Brimhaven or light a fire to cook it. Once cooked, use it on the pestle and mortar to make a paste and apply it to your spear. Go back to Tamayu and use the poisoned spear and agility potion(s) on him. Ask him to go fight the Shaikahan again and he will win!

Getting Tiadeche Back

You must venture to the northeast corner of the lower peninsula(Venture east from Tai Bwo Wannai and cross the river at the log then walk north). Go ahead and kill a Jogre on the way to grab his bones. Talk to Tiadeche and give him a vessel with the karambwanji in it. He will give you back a karambwan. Tiadeche will only go back to the village once he gets a crafting manual to manufacture the vessels. You will get this from Tinsay.

Getting Tinsay Back

Tinsay is in the southwest corner of the island on Cairn Island. You have to climb a rockslide and cross a bridge to get here. Be careful of the poisonous tribesmen who lurk around this neck of the jungle. Tinsay needs three special items in order to come back to the village:

Banana Rum

Just hand him banana rum you made earlier!

Seaweed sandwich

He wants a sandwich made of monkey skin and seaweed. Collect some seaweed of the coast of Karamja just north of Cairn Island. Walk back towards Tamayu and kill a monkey. Use the monkey corpse on Tamayu and he will skin it, but only if you have completed his task. Use the monkey skin on the seaweed to make the sandwich. Return to Tinsay and hand him the sandwich

Marinated Jogre Bones

Be careful not to bury the bones at any point in this process
You need to properly prepare marinated burnt Jogre bones. This requires 2 Raw Karambwanji (the bait) and burnt Jogre bones.
The order is as follows:
1) Burn the Jogre bones on a fire or in a furnace (there's one in Shilo Village)
2) Use a pestle and mortar on the 2 Raw Karambwanji to get the correct paste
3) Apply the paste to the burnt Jogre bones
4) Burn the pasty Jogre bones
Now you have the properly prepared marinated Jogre bones.
Use the bones on Tinsay and you are done with him. Use your filled vessel on him to get the crafting manual and take it back to Tiadeche.

Return to Timfraku to complete the quest.


  • 2 quest points
  • 2000 coins
  • access to the three son's shops
  • 5625 Attack and Strength experience and a rune spear(kp) (After talking to Tamayu)
  • 11250 Fishing experience (After talking to Tiadeche)
  • 11250 Cooking Experience (After talking to Tinsay)
  • Ability to catch and cook karambwan and karambwanji
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