Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup


Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup is a minigame where you earn favour with the local tribesmen in exchange for trading sticks. You can then purchase rewards with your hard-earnt trading sticks.

The Hardwood Grove is one of the only sources of Mahogany logs in /v/scape. You must pay 100 trading sticks everytime you enter the grove.

This minigame is dangerous, meaning you will lose your items if you die.


You'll want to take some items to help you complete the various taskes around the village, and to prevent yourself from dying.

  • Machete, Opal machete, Jade machete, Red topaz machete (in order of effectiveness).
  • Dragonhide armour for Magic defence.
  • A decent weapon.
  • Good food (lobster and above).
  • Antipoison, to save yourself if you get poisoned by anytime.
  • Pickaxe, for mining gem rocks.
  • Spade, for digging up Gout tubers.
  • Axe, for cutting the hardwood trees.

You can purchase various items from Jiminua's Jungle Store just north-west of the village.


To start the minigame, speak to Murcaily by the Hardwood Grove Woodcutting area. As you complete tasks and kill the monsters that appear, you will earn favour with the tribe. Speaking to the locals once you have enough favour will grant you trading sticks.

Cutting jungle

There are three types of jungle brush surrounding the village. You need a machete to cut them.

  • Light - Requires Level 10 Woodcutting - Grants 64 experience
  • Medium - Requires Level 20 Woodcutting - Grants 110 experience.
  • Dense - Requires Level 35 Woodcutting - Grants 160 experience. Slow.

Repairing the village fence

As you cut the jungle brush, you will earn thatching spars which are used to repair the fence. Depending on the type of brush you cut, the better the brush, the better the spar you wil receive.

  • Light - Thatch spar light - 5 required per fence
  • Medium - Thatch spar med - 4 required per fence
  • Dense - Thatch spar dense - 3 required per fence

Killing monsters

As you cut the jungle brush, monsters may appear and attack you. Certain monsters poison you, and the poison here hits for 11 per hit, so make sure you have antipoison!

The jungle spiders near the Calquat tree farming patch do not give favour, so ignore them.

Monster Combat Level Drops Poisonous Favour Gain Notes
Large mosquito 13 Proboscis No 1% Grants Agility experience when killed.
Mosquito swarm Varies Proboscis No 1% Grants Agility experience when killed.
Tribesman 32 Bones, Trading sticks Yes 2% -
Bush snake 35 Snake hide Yes 1% Snake hide is used to craft Snakeskin armour.
Jungle spider 44 Spider carcass No 1% Can be attached to Skewer sticks to make a Spider on stick.
White broodoo victim 60 Various food items Yes 3% -
Green broodoo victim 60 Antipoison Yes 3% -
Yellow broodoo victim 60 Relicym's balm Yes 3% -

The Broodoo victims have high defence for their combat level, and attack with strong magical attacks from a distance, so using Protect from Magic is advised. If you are farming favour it is best to ignore them as they're not worth the time it takes to kill them.

Broodoo victims also drop tribal masks, which when combined with two snakeskins and eight nails will create a broodoo shield.


Occasionally when clearing brush a useful object will appear you can interact with.

  • Goutweed Tuber - Dug up with a spade. Can be grown with Farming to produce Goutweed, which you can trade with Sanfew in Taverley for random herbs.
  • Gem rock - Mined with a pickaxe, acts like the gem rocks in Shilo Village.


If you just want to earn favour, it is best to cut jungle brush, kill all monsters except broodoo victims, and drop any thatching spar as repairing fences is too slow for the favour it gives.

Trading Sticks

You must speak to Sharimika in the upstairs part of a building north of the fenced area and exhaust his dialogue before you can claim trading sticks from anyone. You must repair atleast one part of the fence before you can claim any trading sticks.

The various suppliers you get trading sticks from are:

  • Fanellaman - Found on the western beach
  • Gabooty - in the middle of the fenced area
  • Jagbakoba - found to the south of the burnt out fires.
  • Karaday - found near to the northern most building in the village.
  • Layleen - found upstairs in the northern building in the fenced area.
  • Mamma Bufetta - found in the northern building of the fenced area.
  • Murcaily - found by the Hardwood Grove Woodcutting area.
  • Rionasta - found in the western part of the village.
  • Safta Doc - found near the anvil in the northern part of the village.
  • Shrimika - found in the northern building of the fenced area.

Claiming trading sticks from each villager has a cooldown, meaning you must wait a set period of time before asking the same villager for more trading sticks. Wearing villager clothes purchased from Gabooty will increase the amount of sticks you receive for your favour from the suppliers.

Rionasta's Parcel Service

You may bank any item with Rionasta, although it costs 10 trading sticks PER item.


You can also sell items to Gabooty for trading sticks. Mining the gem rocks in Shilo Village and then selling the mined gems is a decent method of earning sticks.

He accepts the following items:

Item Payment
Gout tuber ?
Uncut opal 16
Opal 60
Uncut jade 18
Jade 90
Uncut red topaz 24
Red topaz 120


Found to the north-east of the village, Jogres can drop 22 trading sticks. Useful if you want to train combat whilst earning sticks.


You can spend your trading sticks with Gabooty for the following items:

Item Trading Stick Cost
Tribal top 360
Villager robe 250
Villager hat 200
Villager sandals 120
Villager armband 180
Opal machete 600
Jade machete 1200
Red topaz machete 2400

The only useful item here it the Red topaz machete, which let's you quickly access the Kharazi Jungle as it cuts the brush blocking the entrance much quicker than a normal machete. Since you may need to access the jungle for clue scrolls as well, it is a worthwhile item to get.

He also operates a second store, with the following cocktails:

Item Trading Stick Cost
Fruit blast 30
Drunk dragon 30
Pineapple punch 30
Wizard blizzard 30
Blurberry special 30
Choc saturday 30

You can also spend 100 trading sticks to enter the Hardwood Grove, which holds Mahogany and Teak trees.

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