Slayer-icon.png Introduction

Slayer is a skill that gates off good training and money making opportunities until you level it up a lot. Even though most people will have to wait until higher levels in order to farm up valuable specific slayer monster drops, leveling up slayer from the start is very important to your long-term profitability and experience gain.
The basic mechanics of slayer include talking to a slayer master (of which there are five) and asking them to assign you the task of a number of monsters to kill, which will net you (2.25 * monster's HP) in Slayer experience upon each kill. As you level your Slayer skill up, you will unlock the ability to kill special Slayer-only monsters and hopefully get some of their good drops.

Note that Slayer tasks do not give you an experience bonus upon successfully completing every kill of the task. Tasks are also infinitely re-rollable because /v/scape does not have the slayer points system, black masks, and so on.

Tasks (No task weights or amounts listed yet)

Click below for a table of what slayer masters may assign to you, and their requirements to use:




For exp:

  • Moss Giants (or Hill Giants if low combat until Moss Giants) until 50, Bloodvelds until 99

For money:

  • Blue dragons until 85, Abbysal Demons until 99

You can also do a mix for a good ratio of profits:experience rate.

General Monster Guides

These are the monsters, arranged roughly in order of difficulty, that strike a balance between exp and loot. Pick whichever seem easy for your combat level. For any monsters that drop bury-able bones (check the prayer guide), bones to peaches spells or tablets are highly recommended.


  • Good for after you finish the beginner's guide and need to grind hitpoints
  • Rare drop table access

Hill and Moss giants

  • Plenty of safespots, pairs well with magic/ranged training
  • Big bones for low level prayer training
  • Clue scrolls

Lesser Demons

  • Best place is Karamja volcano, bank at TzHaar (can be safespotted), this needs dragon slayer
  • Walk a little further to Crandor if there are too many scrubs
  • Rune meds and RDT drops, otherwise terrible drops
  • Use darklight from Shadow of the Storm if you don't have a dscim
  • No prayer exp whatsoever

Green Dragons

  • Dragon bones and hides
  • Rare drop table, clue scrolls
  • Exclusively in wilderness -keep a one click teleport handy to escape
  • Must use dragonfire or antidragon shield


  • Located in Canifis slayer tower, is using level 71 agility shortcut remember to wear a nose peg
  • Low strength and defence, high hitpoints making them great exp
  • Attacks using magical melee, so wear full dhide (black or blessed dhide), fremmy ranger helm, and elemental shield or sara book.
  • Can drop occasional meat pizzas
  • No good loot outside of RDT


  • Nature runes and Adamant alch fodder drops -carry a fire staff
  • Only in the Fremmenik cave, closest teleport is Camelot. Agility will help, with shortcuts at level 47/61/71
  • Need slayer 55 and can only use magic dart/broad arrows/leaf bladed spear.
  • Occasional law rune drops, so carry 5 air runes to quickly teleport back to Camelot.
  • Remember that the leaf bladed spear only does shared or defence, so you can't train strength/attack here.


  • Require Horror from the Deep or Fremmenik Trials to access
  • Multi combat area, recommended to use multicanon or blood burst
  • Fremmenik helms are great alch fodder

Dust Devils

  • Need a facemask and completion of Desert Treasure
  • From Pollnivneach, use a magic carpet to Nardah (200 gp each way) for banking
    • Don't bother with waterskins or desert robes - if you run from Pollnivneach south to the well, you'll take max 1 hit from the heat
  • Occasional kebab drops for longevity
  • Incredibly rare dragon chainmail drop, occasional alch fodder drops

Blue Dragons

  • Same pros as Green Dragons
  • Need 70 agility to access quickly and conveniently
  • For decreased profit/faster bank runs, carry a Falador teleport
  • At 73 farming + 69 herblore, you can grow lantadymes and make antifire potions. These will halve the amount of food you need to carry, but will take up an extra inventory slot. You can decant how many doses you need (two for high defence, three for low), and throw away the empty vial when finished -remember to grab a scale on your way back to make a new potion.


  • Basically Turoths, but better in every way possible
  • Don't forget fire staff (for alchs) and five air runes (for a quick Camelot teleport to bank)

Iron Dragons

  • Need emerald (e) bolts or better, dragonfire potions, and honestly ranged/magic is best bet.
  • No dhides, but more bones per trip
  • Faster banking with Shilo Village carts or Ardougne boat
  • Better alch fodder than blue dragons, rare drops of dskirt/dlegs/visage.

Skeletal Wyverns

  • Need an elemental shield or dragonfire shield: regular anti dragon shield from dragon slayer WILL NOT WORK
  • Use a games necklace to pest control for quick banking
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