Slayer-icon.png Introduction

Slayer is a skill that gates off good training and money making opportunities until you level it up a lot. Even though most people will have to wait until higher levels in order to farm up valuable specific slayer monster drops, leveling up slayer from the start is very important to your long-term profitability and experience gain.
The basic mechanics of slayer include talking to a slayer master (of which there are five) and asking them to assign you the task of a number of monsters to kill, which will net you a variable amount of Slayer experience upon each kill. As you level your Slayer skill up, you will unlock the ability to kill special Slayer-only monsters and hopefully get some of their good drops.

Note that Slayer tasks do not give you an experience bonus upon successfully completing every kill of the task. Tasks are also infinitely re-rollable because /v/scape does not have the slayer points system, black masks, and so on.

Tasks (No task weights or amounts listed yet)

Click below for a table of what slayer masters may assign to you, and their requirements to use:




For exp:

  • Moss Giants (or Hill Giants if low combat until Moss Giants) until 50, Bloodvelds until 99

For money:

  • Blue dragons until 85, Abbysal Demons until 99

You can also do a mix for a good ratio of profits:experience rate.

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