Skippy And The Mogres


  • Level 20 Cooking (Or buy nettle tea from someone)

Items Needed

  • Bucket of water
  • Bowl of water
  • Nettles (Pick some just outside Draynor Jail)
  • Chocolate dust
  • Bucket of milk
  • Snape grass (Found on the Hobgoblin peninsula, by the Crafting Guild)


  • Talk to some drunkard named Skippy, just south-east from Hetty's House at Rimmington by the coast.
  • He'll mention some stuff about Mudskippers, but is feeling wasted to remember everything. Right click him and select "Sober-Up Skippy" with a bucket of water in your inventory
  • He'll complain he's cold and asks for some tea. Get a bowl and fill it with water. Use nettles on the bowl of water and then cook the Nettle water to create Nettle Tea. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DRINK THE NETTLE WATER or TEA. Talk to Skippy again to give him the tea.
  • Skippy now complains that he has a hangover. Make the Hangover cure by getting a bucket of milk and using some ground up chocolate dust on it to create Chocolatey Milk. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DRINK THE MILK. Use your snape grass on the chocolate milk to create the Hangover cure. Talk to Skippy again and hand it to him.
  • Sobered Up Skippy will now tell you about Mogres. That's it, miniquest done. That's it!


  • Ability to hunt Mogres using fishing explosives at Mudskipper Point (Requires 32 Slayer)
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