Skillcape Guide


Capes of Accomplishment (also known as Skillcapes) are awarded to players who have achieved level 99 in a skill. Each cape costs 99,000 coins and the hoods cost 500 coins from the respective vendors.
When a player has more than one level 99 skill, they have the option to trim their cape by talking to the respective master. In /v/scape, you can keep both versions of the capes for fashion purposes. Simply buy one and trim it if you're able to, then buy another untrimmed cape. However you cannot untrim an already-trimmed cape.

Whilst wearing a skillcape, a player can perform the Skillcape emote to show off the 99 and also right-click -> Operate it for a nifty +1 boost to that skill. The temporary boost is mainly only useful for the Prayer and Hitpoints capes since those are more valuable to restore.

Note that the Quest Cape is obtainable as long as all current quests are complete, when new ones get added you'll have to do those in order to re-equip it if you already have one.


Attack bonus
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
0 0 0 0 0
Defence bonus
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
+9 +9 +9 +9 +9

Trimmed skillcapes provide a +4 Prayer bonus in addition to the defence bonuses, whereas non-trimmed skillcapes provide no Prayer bonus.

Cape Masters

Skill Master Location
Agility Cap'n Izzy No-Beard Brimhaven Agility Arena
Attack Ajjat Warriors' Guild
Construction Estate Agent Varrock, Seers' Village, Falador, East Ardougne
Cooking Head Chef Cooks' Guild
Crafting Master Crafter Crafting Guild
Defence Melee Combat Tutor Lumbridge
Farming Martin the Master Gardener Draynor Village
Firemaking Ignatius Vulcan South of Seers' Village
Fishing Master Fisher Fishing Guild
Fletching Hickton Catherby
Herblore Kaqemeex Taverley
Hitpoints Surgeon General Tafani Duel Arena
Hunter Hunting Expert Feldip Hills
Magic Robe Store Owner Wizards' Guild
Mining Dwarf Mining Guild
Prayer Brother Jered Edgeville Monastery
Ranging Armour Salesman Ranging Guild
Runecrafting Aubury South-East Varrock
Slayer Duradel Shilo Village
Smithing Thurgo South of Rimmington, near Mudskipper Point
Strength Sloane Warriors' Guild
Thieving Martin Thwait Rogues' Den in Burthorpe
Woodcutting Wilfred On the path between Lumbridge and Draynor
Quest Wise Old Man Draynor Village
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