Shilo Village

Starting the Quest
Talk to Mosol Rei outside of Shilo Village.

Completion of Jungle Potion
20 Crafting
32 Agility
4 Smithing
Ability to defend yourself against several 70+ monsters

Items Needed
A spade
A torch or candle (lanterns will not work)
A tinderbox
Some rope
A bronze bar (for bronze wire)
A hammer
A chisel
3 regular bones (more recommended in case you accidentally bury some)


Getting Started
Make your way to Shilo Village. The fastest way is via the Gnome Gliders if you've completed The Grand Tree. Once you're outside the gate, speak to Mosol Rei to learn of the plight of Shilo Village. Mosol Rei will give you a wampum belt, which he wants taken to Trufitus (in Tai Bwo Wannai.) Give it to him, and confirm that you are going to look for the temple of Ah Za Rhoon.

The Temple
From here, go east and cross the log to get across the river. Go south until you reach a rather suspicious dirt pile. Use your shovel on the mound, and then use a lit candle/torch on the now-excavated entrance. (You will lose the item.) Finally, add a rope, and now you can climb down into the cave. Once in the cave, head down to the river. Search west of it to find a caved-in area, and enter it. Continue north through the broken building until you reach a deposit of rocks. Search them until you find a scroll, and then continue down the path. Search the sacks in the alcove up ahead until you find another scroll, and then continue to the end of the cave and search the gallows to put the skeleton in the bag remove a spook from it.

Exit back to the river. Head slightly to the east and look for a suspicious looking stone. Use your chisel on it to obtain the stone plaque. To exit the cave, click on the broken table and make a raft out of it. (If that doesn't work for some reason, try going south along the water and find some rocks you can climb over.)

The Tomb of Bervirius
Read the scrolls and plaque if you haven't already, then show them to Trufitus. He will tell you to bury the spooky skellington in holy ground. Head slightly west to the tribal totem there and bury the skeleton there. The spirit of Zadimus will appear and give you a bone shard. Show it to Trufitus and he will tell you to look for the Tomb of Bervirius. Head southwest until you reach Cairn Isle. Climb the rocks, go across the bridge, and look for a deposit of rocks at the very northern tip of the island. This is your way into the tomb. Search the dolmen inside to get a sword pommel, a locating crystal, and Bervirius's notes. Read the notes. Use your chisel on the sword pommel to make bone beads, and if you haven't already, go northwest of Tai Bwo Wannai and smith the bronze bar into bronze wire. String up those beads to make the beads of the dead.

The Tomb of Rashiliya
Head east across the river again, and this time go north until you reach a hill. Search the palm trees there to reveal a door, and then try to enter the door. You can't, because it's locked. Use your chisel on the bone shard Zadimus gave you to make a key. Equip your beads of the dead, and enter the tomb. Head south/southwest only- the other ways lead to dead ends. Ignore the coin spawn in the middle of the room, it's just a trap. Continue south, then head down the first passage. You should reach a door. Use your three bones on the door. Try to search the dolmen and you will be attacked by Nazastarool, a level 91 zombie/level 68 skeleton/level 93 ghost. He will use only melee for this and the next two forms, and it is possible to safespot him in any of his forms. Once he's dead, search the dolmen again to get the deceased rotting corpse of Rashiliya.

Put to Rest
Simply head back to Cairn Isle with Rashiliya's corpse. Enter the Tomb of Bervirius, and use her corpse on the dolmen. Rashiliya's ghost will appear and thank you for putting her to rest. That's it, claim your reward. The end.

Lost the Bone Shard?

If you somehow lost the Bone Shard like an idiot, here's how to get another:
Dig near the sacred ground where you buried Zadimus' corpse. This won't work if you haven't started the quest, finished the quest, or have the key in your inventory or bank already.

Quest Rewards
2 Quest Points
8718.75 Crafting XP
Access to Shilo Village (and by extension the gem rocks)
Ability to quickly travel to Shilo Village via the cart in Brimhaven

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