Shield Of Arrav



Items Needed

  • 5 to 20gp


Starting the quest

1. Talk to Reldo in the Varrock Castle library in the north of Varrock.
2. He will suggest that you look for a book, search a bookcase in library to find the book.
3. Speak to Reldo again.
4. You can now pick which gang you wish to join.

Black Arm Gang

Items needed: 5 gp

1. Speak to Charlie the Tramp at the start of the alleyway near the south entrance of Varrock.
2. Ask him 'What is down that alleyway?'
3. Ask him 'Do you think they would let me join?'
4. Speak to Katrine in the Black Arm Gang hideout.
5. You now need to get 2 Phoenix crossbows.
6. Your partner will now need to give you the Weapon Store key. If you are an Ironman, you can be given/give the key by using it on the other person.
7. Go to the store room with a upwards ladder just southwest of the Rune store. Unlock the door with the Weapon Store key and climb the ladder.
8. Kill the Weaponmaster (or have your partner do it) and pick up 2 Phoenix Crossbows.
9. Return Katrine and gain access to the hideout.
10. Ascend the stairs and open the cupboard, search it to get your half of the Shield of Arrav.

Phoenix Gang

Items needed: 20 gp

1. Speak to Baraek the Fur trader in the centre of Varrock.
2. Give him 20 coins for information. Exhaust his questions.
3. Go to the Phoenix Gang hideout.
4. Speak to Straven. Ask him 'who he is'. Once he tell you to find a Varrock Herald newspaper, continue.
5. Kill Jonny the beard in the Blue Moon Inn on the southern road in Varrock. Pick up the report he drops. If he doesn't drop it, you've missed a step.
6. Give Straven to report. He will give you a Weapon Store key and access to the hideout.
7. Go inside the hideout and search a chest near the back to get your half of the Shield of Arrav.
8. Give the Weapon Store key to your partner.

Shield of Arrav

1. Go to Curator Haig Halen in Varrock Musuem.
2. Exchange your shield piece for two certificates.
3. Trade/use them on your partner to give them to him or her.
4. Your partner should trade back the two left over pieces. DO NOT COMBINE them as the partner, otherwise the item will become untradable.
5. Go to King Ronald to complete the quest.


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