Sheep Herder


  • None!

Items Needed

  • 100 coins


  • Speak to Councillor Halgrive, he gives you some poisoned Sheep feed and tasks you to kill four plague-bearing sheep.
  • Talk to Doctor Orbon, buy the Plague clothes off him for 100 coins, then put them on and head out north towards the Incinerator.
  • The Incinerator is in a fenced off area just north out of town, enter the area and pick up the cattle prod inside. Equip it and leave the fenced area.


  • You now have to herd 4 different colored sheep into the pen. Use the above image to locate them. What are you, blind?
  • This is annoying as fug to do. Herd the sheep towards the gate of the pen and it will jump over into the pen.
  • The direction you prod the sheep influences where that sheep goes. Best way to get them to go in a single direction is to spam click that sheep ass. Of course sometimes they decide to suddenly swerve off in a completely different direction.
  • Once you have some sheep in the pen, feed the sheep the poisoned Sheep feed. Happily observe the death of that sheep. Pick up its bones and throw them into the incinerator. Repeat this for all four differently colored sheep.
  • With the four sheep bones incinerated, return to Councillor Halgrive and talk to him to finish the quest.


  • 4 Quest Points
  • 3100 gp
Why is there no space between completed and Sheep?
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