Shadow Of The Storm

Shadow of the Storm

Starting the Quest
Talk to Father Reen south of Al-Kebab bank.

30 Crafting
Completion of Demon Slayer and The Golem
Ability to defeat a level 100 demon
43 Prayer is recommended

Items Needed
Silver bar
Pestle and Mortar
A vial
At least two Shantay Passes
Strange Implement (obtainable during quest)
At least three black items (Keywords for valid items are ones with Black, Dark, Shade, Priest, and Ghostly in the name. Other valid items without those keywords are the Obsidian Cape, Black gloves from Recipe for Disaster, the black Wizard Hat, and the black Fremennik Cloak.)
Waterskins/Food recommended

Getting Started
Talk to Father Reen south of the Al-Kebab bank. He'll tell you about Denath, an evil wizard who plans to summon a demon. He'll tell you to visit Father Badden, who's currently in Uzer. Grab your Silverlight, head to Uzer and talk to the old man, and agree to infiltrate this demon-summoning cult.

Head into the ruins. Before you head to the back and talk to Evil Dave, grab a black mushroom and grind it into ink. Use the ink on Silverlight. Pick up the strange implement as well. When you finally talk to Evil Dave, he'll agree to get you in only if you prove you're evil. You need at least three black items (see the top of the page) to get in. Once you're in, speak to Denath. He'll bring you in in the place of a previous cultist, Josef. He'll tell you an incantation, so write it down somewhere if you're retarded. Ask some of the cultists to get a sigil mold, and talk to Matthew about what happened to Josef. He'll tell you Josef ran away with a book, and something happened out in the desert.

The Ritual
Head out of the ruins and talk to the Golem get ye gone about what happened to Josef. He'll tell you Josef was obliterated by Denath (gasp) but the book he stole is in a kiln somewhere. Search the kilns until you find the book. Read it and return to Matthew. He'll express his concerns, but ignore him for the moment. Finally, you'll need a sigil. Head back to a furnace and make your silver bar into a demonic sigil. When you've got everything, return to the demonic plane and wait. After a short time, Denath will call together the cultists for the ritual. Speak the incantation he told you, and magical stuff will go down. Denath will disappear, only for one thing to be revealed…

Denath was Agrith-Naar the whole time! (Gasp again) His return to his home plane has brought some shit down in the real world. Head out of the demon realm and talk to Evil Dave, Father Badden, Father Reen (who will be at the ruins), and the Golem. Everyone will need to come back to perform the ritual to re-summon Agrith-Naar. The Golem will refuse to go, so smack him with the strange implement and he'll head inside. For this ritual, simply chant the original incantation backwards. Agrith-Naar will return, and he won't be happy. Watch him erase Matthew from existence and get ready to fight him.

Agrith-Naar attacks with both melee and magic. He will attack with whatever you're not praying against, so get ready to switch between attacks. The final blow must be dealt with the stained Silverlight- this will transform it into Darklight when the demon finally goes down. Congrats, you're a real demon slayer now. Delrith was for pansies.

1 Quest Point
22.5k xp in a combat stat of your choice (except prayer)
Darklight : Buffed in /v/scape, acts as an adamant longsword with 1.75x damage against demons.

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