Settings Ini

The Vidyascape Client stores options in a "settings.ini" file.

This file can be found at

  • C:/Users/[your name]/.vscape2 on Windows (this will be hidden by default)
  • or at /home/[your name]/.vscape2 on *nix Operating Systems

You will need to close your client when editing this file, as the client will over-write your changes!

There are a few things you can change here:

-You can rebind the f-keys to be in a different order

-You can turn "pixel doubling" off by changing pixelScaling to "1" (useful if you can't change it back to 1x because you're on a low-res screen)

-There are also a few advanced graphical options you can change here:

  • From the beginning until Feb 3rd, 2019, Vidyascape had very bright (and period incorrect) player lighting. We corrected the shading to be correct to 2007, but we realize some people may like a choice. You can change to the much brighter character rendering by adding "oldCharacterShading = false" to your settings.ini. The different settings are detailed below:
  • In 2005-2007, transparent polygons would show seams along their edges at certain angles. This was due to the client not having vertex blending, a somewhat difficult to implement rendering feature, which was done some point between late 2007 to mid 2008. We've ported this fix to Vidyascape, and you can change it by adding "enableVertexBlending = true".
  • The original web client had a low detail mode to run better on older machines. Vidyascape runs in high detail mode by default, but you can set "lowDetail = true" to enable low detail mode. This will remove certain details from the ground and water. Enabling low detail mode will disable audio, including sound effects and music.
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