Sea Slug


  • Level 30 Firemaking

Item Needed

  • Swamp Paste

Buy some swamp paste from the nearby Port Khazard General store, or make your own by combining flour and swamp tar and then cooking it on a fire.


Fishing Platform

To help Caroline, talk to Holgart, the guy holding the boat oar right next to her. He'll ask for swamp paste to fix his boat. If it's in your inventory, he'll simply take it from you and a short cutscene will play as he fixes his boat. Take his boat to the platform.

The Sea Slugs

Onboard the Fishing Platform, go west towards a cabin and pick up some broken glass on the floor inside. Don't bother taking a sea slug, they will damage you. Talk to Bailey in the cabin and he'll tell you what's going on, and what happened to Kennith. Run east and go up a ladder, then run west to a Cabin. Shout over the crates and talk to Kennith who will then tell you to find his dad Kent. Go downstairs and run back to Holgart, who will then take you to an island Kent's stuck on. Talk to Kent and then talk to Holgart to return to the Fishing Platform.

Back on the platform, run to the north-eastern part of the platform and pick up some damp sticks found near the ladder. Run back to Bailey and talk to him. He'll give you an unlit torch. Use the broken glass on the damp sticks to turn the sticks into dry sticks; right click the dry sticks and choose rub-together to light your torch. Run back upstairs and talk to Kennith who's still freaked out by the Sea Slugs and doesn't want to move. You come up with the genius idea of kicking in the east wall of the cabin right next to Kennith, creating a hole big enough for Kennith to go through. Talk to Kennith again and then go to the crane nearby. Rotate it and a short cutscene will play.

Go downstairs and talk to Holgart, who will take you back to land, and then talk to Caroline to complete the quest.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 16,143.75 Fishing XP
  • Oyster pearls
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