Scorpion Catcher

Scorpion Catcher


Grocery List

  • Dusty Key1
  • Anti-dragon shield2
  • Antipoison2
  • Food2

1 Only needed with less than 70 agility
2 Recommended

Thormac's Epic Adventure

Speak to Thormac on the top (fourth) floor of the Sorcerer's tower, south of Seer's Village. It is the round building with the magic trees outside. His issue is that his Kharid Scorpions have escaped and are running loose, you being the adventurer you are will gladly help the incapable wizard find his pets. He hands you a cage and instruction to speak to a Seer in the village to the north. Go talk to the Seer and he will give you a vague description of the first scorpion's whereabouts using his gypsy magic.

Scorpion Number 1

After speaking to the Seer(you have to talk to him first). Travel to Taverly using any method of your choosing and go into the dungeon. Slide through that nice tight tunnel or walk around with the dusty key to the blue dragons. Run past them and don't forget to equip your shield! After running past the dragons go south and head toward the dindu nuttins Black Demons. Watch your minimap and look for a room with an obvious marked door and a yellow dot-that is the scorpion. Push the false wall open and use the cage on the scorpion, else you will injure yourself.

Scorpion Number 2

You can return to the Seer to ask where the next scorpion is, but since you are reading a guide you are a dirty cheater anyways so you can go directly to the Barbarian Outpost and go inside of it. The scorpion is hiding out among the chickens, when you spot him use your cage on him to catch him.

Scorpion Number 3

The third scorpion is in the Monestary at Edgeville. Climb up the ladder and head to where the priest robes are on the table and the scorpion will be wandering the floor. You know what to do by now, use that cage on him! Return the cage to Thomac. Now wasn't that a fun quest?


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 14,906 Strength XP
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