Runecrafting-icon.png Introduction

Runecrafting is quite the unpopular skill for several reasons - you need several hundred thousand pure essence to 99 it, experience rates are decent at best, and the main area to train it in (the Abyss) is partially located in the wilderness while also skulling you and draining your prayer upon each entry. However if you persevere with training it, you may reap substantial rewards. The main reason people train Runecrafting up high is to craft their own Nature runes at level 44, and at level 91 you can craft two Nature runes per pure essence, which will make you incredible profits if you can get that high.

Inside of the Abyss, you can find several monsters ranging from level 41 to 81. It is advised that you have sufficient combat levels to survive these monsters before using this method. These monsters are the only source of Runecrafting pouches, which can help you carry additional essence once you have reached the necessary Runecrafting level. They also drop various runecrafting talismans. This skill requires the completion of Rune Mysteries to level. After completing this quest, you can begin mining rune essence and pure essence (after level 30 mining) by talking to Aubury in the Varrock magic shop or Wizard Distantor on the first floor of the Magic Guild (requires 66 Magic). Pure essence is needed to craft cosmic runes or higher, though it may be used for lower level runes too. Runecrafting also allows you to make tiaras by using a tiara and talisman at the appropriate altar, granting a good amount of exp. Talismans are required to enter an altar if you are not using the abyss, though a tiara functions the same way, but since you can wear it, it will save you an inventory space.

The Abyss is the recommended method for leveling Runecrafting due to its proximity to a bank at Edgeville and its ease to reach. Glory amulets are an extremely useful item if you intend to utilize the Abyss because of their Edgeville teleport which you can use right after crafting runes to return to Edgeville. If you don't have access to a large amount of glories, ::home teleport is also useful because of the canoe system with at least 42 Woodcutting.

ZMI Training (WIP)

The ZMI altar (Zamorak Magical Institute, or Ourania altar) blows the other training method out of the water. Why? Using the ZMI altar gets you 2x (DOUBLE) the XP you get from pess over using the other altars.
Usage of the altar requires a bit more to do before you can efficiently use it. For starters, this is what you'll be wanting to finish before you attempt this training method.

  • Complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest, which means completing the following quests first, and then swapping to the Lunar spellbook
  • Complete the Abyss miniquest
  • Level 71 Magic
  • A staff of earth/lava/mud
  • Enough Astral and Law runes to warp to use Ourania altar teleport (The altar will easily cover these for you at later levels)
  • Many copies of teleportation jewellery to warp to a bank quickly (Dueling rings, Glories) OR enough Astral and Law runes to warp to use Moonclan teleport (The altar will easily cover these for you at later levels)

Regular Training

Levels 1-14 : The Abyss (Miniquest)

Because The Abyss is nigh-essential for anyone looking to just craft Nature runes and up, much less 99 the skill, it's best to get the miniquest required for entry out of the way now. It's very short and upon completion you'll be granted 2,250 exp, which will level you up to 14 Runecrafting. This is just about as fast, if not faster than using the lower level elemental rune altars to get to level 14 anyway. Click the quest guide if you need help.

Level 14-20/44 : Fire Runes

This is where you can start crafting fire runes now, you can find fire talismans commonly from Dark Wizards near Varrock. The fire altar is located North-east of Al Kharid. At level 11, you can get 2x the amount of air runes per essence, at 14 you get 2x for mind runes, and finally at 19 you get 2x for water runes. While crafting multiples of a rune doesn't give additional runecrafting exp, more runes equal more magic. If you're focusing on training runecrafting, these are the runes to use til level 44.

Level 20-27/44

Body runes can be a good way to train up magic at early levels if you haven't done so already. Body Talismans are commonly dropped by guards in towns, you might need to be of a decent level to fight them, if you're using magic, use air against them. The altar is located just west of Barbarian village. At 22 you'll get 3x the air runes and at 26 you'll get 2x the earth runes.

Level 27-35/44

Cosmic Runes require the completion of Lost City, but you will need a decent combat level to accomplish said task, and Cosmic Talismans are somewhat difficult to come by, unless you are strong enough to fight the creatures in The Abyss. You will also need at least a mining level of 30 if you plan on mining your own pure essence to craft these runes and beyond, which is highly recommended. The Altar is located in the south of Zanaris. Cosmic Runes are important for enchanting jewelry, but that's about it, they can be helpful if you're leveling Thieving and Crafting. Might want to focus on them or fire runes til 44, if not…

Level 35-44

Chaos runes are for low level missile spells, which can be really effective automated alternative for mid-level magic training. It's Altar is located in level 9 wilderness, north-west from Edgeville which can be rather populated and run the risk of getting PK'd. The talisman can be rarely found off creatures that have access to a rare drop table to it, such as Crawling Hands and Hill Giants, which are also monsters that can be hunted through Slayer tasks. But if you want one even faster, it's best to just hunt the Abyss monsters for it.

Level 40-44/99 : Astral Runes

You'll need to finish Lunar Diplomacy to even craft Astral runes, but they're needed if you want to use Lunar spells. The Astral altar can only be accessed via Lunar Isle to the south-east on the island, no going through the Abyss.
You'll be making about 942 astral runes if you want to stop at Nature runes, or 663,970 if you decide to just go nuts with Astrals till 99.

Level 44-54/99 : Nature Runes

Nature runes are the life blood to grinding magic to extreme levels as well as a way of making lots of coin through alchemy. It is highly recommended that the Shilo Village quest is completed before even thinking about making nature runes, as the altar is located north of said village. Nature Talismans are rather difficult to come by, being dropped rarely from Barbarians and Zombies, even more rarely by the RDT monsters that also drop the Chaos Talismans, and uncommonly by the creatures in the Abyss. At level 91, you can make 2x the amount of Nature runes, but that will take a painfully long time to get to. You can use the abyss instead which is the more recommended method.

Level 54-65 : Law Runes

Law Runes are important for teleporting to places as well as grabbing objects from a distance through telekinetic grab if you like. They can be very helpful with saving your precious time or your life. A Law Talisman is a guaranteed reward (as well as purchasable) with the completion of Troll Stronghold, which requires a rather high combat level to accomplish, they are also very rarely dropped in the Abyss, and they're not tradeable so you'll have to get one yourself. The Law Altar is located on Entrana, which means no combat equipment is allowed. You can use the abyss instead which is the more recommended method, however completion of Troll Stronghold is still required to craft Law Runes. If you also plan on leveling magic, it's best to only craft just a safe amount of these for teleporting around the world, rather than using it to level runecrafting, as Nature Runes are much more needed.

Experience Table

Skipped air, mind, water, earth numbers because of the experience gained from questing. Minimum amount of Pure Essence needed to hit 99 would be 616,987-if runecrafting the highest available rune.

Type of Rune Levels Experience Needed Experience per Pure Essence Pure Essence Needed
Fire runes 14 - 20 2,363 15.75 150
Body runes 20 - 27 4,660 16.875 277
Cosmic runes 27 - 35 13,276 18 738
Fire runes 14 - 44 53,542 15.75 3,400
Body runes 20 - 44 51,179 16.875 3,033
Cosmic runes 27 - 44 46,519 18 2,585
Chaos runes 35 - 44 33,243 19.125 1,739
Astral runes 40 - 44 18,425 19.575 942
Nature runes 44 - 54 95,223 20.25 4,703
Law runes 54 - 65 298,556 21.375 13,968
Astral runes 40 - 99 12,997,207 19.575 663,970
Nature runes 44 - 99 12,978,782 20.25 640,928
Law runes 54 - 99 12,883,559 21.375 602,740
Death runes 65 - 99 12,585,003 22.5 559,334

Multiple Crafts Table

Rune 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x 10x
Air 1 11 22 33 44 55 66 78 88 99
Mind 2 14 28 42 56 70 84 98
Water 5 19 38 57 77 95
Mist 6
Earth 9 26 52 82
Dust 10
Mud 13
Fire 14 35 74
Smoke 15
Steam 19
Body 20 46 92
Lava 23
Cosmic 27 59
Chaos 35 76
Astral 40 82
Nature 44 91
Law 54
Death 65

The Abyss

The Abyss is an area that contains altars for every type of rune and does not require use of talismans to craft runes.

In order to gain access to this area, you just need to talk to the Zamorak Mage who's north of Edgeville in level 5 Wilderness.
Inside the Abyss, level 81 Abyssal Walkers, level 59 Abyssal Guardians, and level 41 Abyssal Leeches. They hurt. Don't be dumb. In order to access the inner circle of the abyss where the runecrafting stuff happens, you need to pass through one of five different obstacles, using your Woodcutting, Mining, Thieving, Agility or Firemaking skill (success rate is around level diveded by 99). For the Woodcutting, Mining, and Firemaking barriers, you need an appropriate tool.

Once inside, there are no enemies, and you can get to any runecrafting altar with ease.

Talisman Locations

Here's a list of some of the easier places to find talismans. All of these (except Death) can be found in the Abyss as well however it is a multi-combat zone (more than one monster WILL attack you), unless you're high enough level and have plenty food, this can be quite deadly, but if you are this is the fastest way to obtain them all.

Type of Talisman Where to find
Air Talisman Rune Mysteries quest
Mind Talisman Dropped by Imps, Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Water Talisman Dropped by Wizards, Water Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Earth Talisman Dropped by Al-Kharid warriors, Dark Wizards, and Earth Wizards
Fire Talisman Dropped by Skeletons, Wizards, Fire Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Body Talisman Hill Giants (Edgeville Dungeon), Guards
Cosmic Talisman Dropped by anything with RDT access
Chaos Talisman Dropped by anything with RDT access like Crawling Hands and Hill Giants
Nature Talisman Dropped by anything with RDT access, Barbarians, Zombies
Law Talisman Complete Troll Stronghold
Death Talisman Dark Beast (through Slayer)
Elemental Talisman Dropped by Abyssal Leeches/Guardians/Walkers. Can't be crafted into a tiara

Don't forget that you can make tiaras with all of these.

Runecrafting Pouches

Runecrafting pouches allow players to bring more than a full inventory worth of pure essence on each run to the altar.
There are four kinds of runecrafting pouch, small, medium, large and giant.
Each kind of pouch stores a different amount of pure essence, with small storing the least and giant storing the most.
Note that runecrafting pouches can only store pure essence so low level runecrafting has to be done the slow way.
Runecrafting pouches now degrade (thanks pikol…) from the update of October 24, 2015. To repair degraded (or partially degraded) pouches, speak to the Dark mage in the centre of the Abyss.

The following table summarizes the different runecrafting pouches. The "Uses Before Decay" have been taken from 2007 Runescape Wiki and still need to be confirmed by the mods.
Type Runecrafting Level Capacity Uses Before Decay Dropped By
Small pouch 1 3 essence No decay Abyssal leech, Abyssal guardian, Abyssal walker
Medium pouch 25 6 essence 45 Abyssal leech, Abyssal guardian, Abyssal walker
Large pouch 50 9 essence 29 Abyssal leech, Abyssal guardian, Abyssal walker
Giant pouch 75 12 essence 10 Abyssal leech, Abyssal guardian, Abyssal walker
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