Rune Mysteries



Items Needed



  1. Talk to Duke Horacio to see if he has any quests available. He will give you a talisman to take to the Head Wizard at Wizards' Tower.
  2. Go to the Wizards' Tower (the Draynor teleport with a Glory would help), and climb down the ladder. In the basement, talk to Wizard Seridor.
  3. He will take the talisman and give you a research package to take to Aubury in Varrock. Go there (Varrock teleport will help).
  4. You will find Aubury in the rune shop South of the East bank. Talk to him to get some notes to take back to Seridor.
  5. Head back to Wizards' Tower and talk to Seridor again. He will return the Air Talisman and tell you the basics of Runecrafting to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Air Talisman
  • Access to the Runecrafting Skill
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