Rum Deal


  • Level 40 Farming
  • Level 50 Fishing
  • Level 47 Prayer (More specifically, you need at least 47 prayer points. Pray at an altar or boost your prayer to at least 47)
  • Level 42 Crafting
  • Level 42 Slayer
  • Completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters
  • To be able to defeat a level 150 monster

Items Needed

None, but the below are recommended

  • Slayer Gloves
  • Combat Equipment, some food, and or prayer potions to defeat a level 150 monster
  • A rake and seed dribber (can be obtained during quest)
  • Ectophial to tele out


  • Start the quest by talking to Pirate Pete who's located just north-east of the Ectofungus on a dock. Talk to him, answer yes, yes, and refuse his cash money. You've just been rused by Pirate Pete!

Braindeath Island

  • After the short cutscene, talk to Captain Braindeath. Another short cutscene will play, and you should talk to the Captain again. He hands you a blindweed seed, then pick up a bucket on the ground nearby. The next several steps of this quest requires you to gather some ingredients to brew a special rum.
Fever Spider Body
  • In the north-west corner of the room is a ladder which leads to the basement. Wear your Slayer Gloves, climb downstairs, and then kill a level 49 Fever Spider. You may become diseased without the Slayer Gloves. Pick up the Fever Spider body now.
  • Skip this step if you have a seed dibber and a rake on hand. While you're in the basement, head to the south-east corner of the basement to a cupboard. Open it and take a seed dibber and a rake.
  • Head back upstairs and go downstairs using any set of stairs except for the northernmost set, you should now be outside by some zombie protesters. Some zombies are hostile, try to avoid these or turn on Protect from Melee. Just make sure you have prayer potions to put you back to 47 prayer points! Run over to an intact Blindweed Patch located to the south-east. Rake it and plant the Blindweed seed. It'll take a few minutes for it to grow, just twiddle your thumbs until it grows. You can intimidate some zombies to see something interesting meanwhile. Pick the Blindweed when it's ready and talk to Captain Braindeath. He'll tell you to toss the Blindweed into the Hopper upstairs, go do that and run back to the Captain to talk to him again.
Stagnant Water
  • Captain Braindeath now wants Stagnant Water. Run back outside with the zombies and run west then north to a bridge. Open the gate and you'll end up running past Luke. Now run north up to the top of the volcano, and collect some stagnant water using a bucket. Run back to the house and pour the stagnant water into the hopper upstairs. Then go talk to Captain Braindeath.
  • Now you need to catch 5 sluglings. Go outside with the zombies and run south-east to the fishing spot. Fish here until you catch 5 things, it doesn't matter if you catch Karamthulu while fishing as these can be used in place of sluglings. Run back inside, and upstairs to the hopper. Use your fish on the pressure barrel and then pull the lever. Go downstairs and talk to Braindeath again.
Holy Wrench
  • Captain now wants you to exorcise the Brewing Controls, they've become possessed! Go talk to Davey in the western room and ask him to bless your wrench. Run back to the controls and use the Holy Wrench on it. A level 150 Evil Spirit will attack, use Protect from Melee to make the fight easy.
  • Talk to Braindeath after the fight. He'll tell you to dump the Fever Spider body from earlier into the hopper, go do that and talk to Braindeath again. A short cutescene will play and the rum should be complete. Run to the southern part of the brewing machine and turn an output tap, you should now have some Unsanitary swill collected in a bucket.

Run outside, talk to Captain Donnie, giving him the swill, run back inside, talk to Captain Braindeath and the quest is complete!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Holy Wrench (Increases the prayer restored from potions)
  • 15,750 Prayer XP
  • 15,750 FishingXP
  • 15,750 FarmingXP
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