Romeo And Juliet



Items Needed

  • Cadavaberry (obtained during quest)


  1. Talk to Romeo and he will ask you to speak to Juliet.
  2. Head West and enter the building just outside the gate. Go to the second floor to find Juliet on the balcony. Talk to her to receive a letter to give to Romeo.
  3. Head back to Varrock square and talk to Romeo. He'll suggest talking to Father Lawrence. Head to the church North of Varrock's East bank and talk to Father Lawrence.
  4. Father Lawrence will mention a Cadava potion and tell you to talk to the Apothecary. Go to the shop just West of the sword shop by the Southern gate and talk to the Apothecary.
  5. The Apothecary will need some Cadava Berries for the potion. Exit the south gate and head East to find some Cadava Berries on the ground. Return to the Apothecary.
  6. Talk to the Apothecary to receive a Cadava potion. Head to Juliet and give her the potion.
  7. Go back to Romeo and talk to him to complete the quest!


  • 5 Quest Points
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