Restless Ghost

The Restless Ghost

Starting the quest

Speak to Father Aereck in the church outside of Lumbrige castle.


A level 13 skeleton


Speak to Father Aereck, he will tell you about a ghost haunting the graveyard
Go speak to Father Urhney in lumbrige swamp, he is due West of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance.
Get the ghost speak amulet from him
Go to the ghost in the graveyard and talk to him.
He wants his skull back which is in the basement of the wizard tower.
In the basement there will be a level 13 Skeleton.
Kill the skeleton. Its bones may spaz out all over the place as you attack, but this is a feature(tm).
Return to the ghost with his skull.


  • 2,531 prayer xp
  • Amulet of Ghost speak
  • 1 Quest Point
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