Recruitment Drive


Items Needed

  • 1,000 coins (only if you're male character (which you should be))


Starting the Challenge

Talk to Sir Amik Varze, he will send you to talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien, who is sitting on the bench in Falador Park. Go bank all of your items and talk to Sir Tiffy.

If you are a male character, go change genders at the Makeover Mage so you don't have to exit the testing grounds and redo some tests. Sir Tiffy will take you to a testing area were you must pass 5 different tests which are given in a random order by different knights. If you must leave the testing grounds for any reason (like to change genders) just talk to Sir Tiffy again to resume testing.

Sir Kuam Ferentse

Sir Kuam will tell you to defeat Sir Leye who cannot be defeated by a man.
If you are a woman, simply kill him to proceed.
If you are a man, leave the dungeon and go to the Makeover Mage with 1,000 coins to change genders (he is west of Falador, north of the Crafting Guild).
After beating him, open the door on the other side of the room and step through the portal to continue.

Sir Spishyus

For this test you must take a bag of grain, a chicken, and a fox across a bridge one at a time.
Unfortunately, you can't leave the chicken with the grain, or the fox with the chicken. To do this, you must:

  1. Take the chicken across
  2. Drop the chicken and take either the grain or the fox back across the bridge
  3. Grab the chicken and drop whichever other thing you brought across.
  4. Head back across and grab the remaining item. Drop the chicken.
  5. Go back across the bridge, drop the item, and go back to the start.
  6. Pick up the chicken, head back across the bridge, and drop it to complete the test.

After completing the puzzle, head through the portal.

Sir Ren Itchood

Sir Ren speaks in riddles. To solve the puzzle, remember the first letter of each line to make a 4 letter word.
Go to the door and enter the 4 letters from the riddle to advance.
Possible solutions are: MEAT, FISH, TIME, BITE, RAIN, LAST, PASS, and CLUE

Miss Hynn Terprett

Miss Hynn will give you a multiple choice riddle. Choose the right answer to advance:

Riddle 1: If you were sentenced to death, what would you rather choose - being thrown into a lake of acid, burned over a fire, fed to wolves that haven't eaten in 30 days or being thrown off a castle turret?

Answer 1: Being fed to the wolves - wolves cannot survive for 30 days without food, thus they would all be dead.

Riddle 2: I have both a husband and daughter. My husband is four times older than my daughter. In twenty years time, he will be twice as old as my daughter. How old is my daughter now?

Answer 2: Her daughter is 10 years old because 10*4=40 and (40+20)/2=10+20.

Riddle 3: I dropped four identical stones, into four identical buckets, each containing an identical amount of water. The first bucket was at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the second was at 33 degrees, the third was at 34 and the fourth was at 35 degrees. Which bucket's stone dropped to the bottom of the bucket last?

Answer 3: The first bucket (Bucket A). Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

Riddle 4: Counting the creatures and humans in RuneScape you get about a million inhabitants. If you multiply the fingers on everything's left hand by a million, how many would you get?

Answer 4: Zero. If even one creature has no fingers on their left hand, you are multiplying by zero, which yields zero.

Riddle 5: The number of false statements here is one. The number of false statements here is two. The number of false statements here is three. The number of false statements here is four. How many false statements are there?

Answer 5: Logic dictates that the number of false statements must be three. There are four possible answers, so for one of them to be true, all others must be false.

Sir Tinley

Talk to Sir Tinley and learn that your patience is being tested. After clicking continue, don't do anything! This includes clicking, typing, swithching tabs, masturbating, moving the camera, and telling yell the quest is broken.
After a few moments (about 15-30 seconds), you will get a message telling you that you passed the test.

Finishing Up

After going through the fifth and last portal you will be teleported out, completing the quest.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 2,250 Herblore exp
  • 2,250 Prayer exp
  • 2,250 Agility exp
  • Gaze of Saradomin (Allows you to change your respawn point to Falador, talk to Sir Tiffy to toggle it. This does NOT change the ::home teleport location!)
  • Temple Knight's Initiate Helm
  • Ability to purchase Initiate Armor

Initiate Armor costs 6,000 coins for the Sallet (helm), 8,000 coins for the Cuisse (legs), and 10,000 coins for the Hauberk (chest).
The hauberk and cuisse give the same prayer bonus as monk robe bottom and top, plus the same defensive bonus as mithril armor.

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