Rag And Bone Man Wish List


Quest.png Completion of Rag and Bone Man
Quest.png Completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters
Quest.png Completion of The Fremennik Trials
Quest.png Completion of Horror from the Deep
Quest.png Completion of Waterfall Quest
Quest.png Started Creature of Fenkenstrain
Quest.png Completion of Skippy and the Mogres
Slayer-icon.png 40 Slayer
Defence-icon.png 20 Defence

Items Needed

Pot.png 27 Pots
Logs.png 27 Logs
Tinderbox.png Tinderbox
Lit_mining_helm.png A light source
Mirror_shield.png Mirror shield
Fishing_explosive.png 10+ Fishing Explosive
Ice_cooler.png 10+ Ice Coolers

Items Recommended

Attack_style_icon.png Ability to kill high-level monsters
Attack_style_icon.png Ogre composite bow and brutal arrows for Zogres
Spiny_helmet.png Spiny Helmet
Ectophial.png Ectophial
Ring_of_dueling.png Ring of dueling
Games_necklace.png Games necklace
Relicym's_balm(4).png Relicym's balm

Starting the Quest

Automatically started once you complete Rag and Bone Man.


You'll need to kill several monsters to collect their unique bones that the Odd Old Man wants.


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Rat (Level 1) Rat bone Found in Lumbridge Castle.
Cave goblin Cave goblin skull Found in the Lumbridge Swamp caves.

Port Sarim

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Seagull Seagull wing Found in by the docks of Port Sarim.
Ice giant Ice giant ribs Found in Asgarnian Ice Dungeon south of Port Sarim.
Mogre Mogre bone Found to the south of Port Sarim, on the penisula with Ominous fishing spots.
(You need to use Fishing Explosive with the spots to get them to appear.)


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Zombie Zombie bone Found in Edgeville Dungeon.
Moss giant Moss giant bone Found in Varrock Sewers.
Bat (small) Bat wing Found by the Odd Old Man.


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Snake Snake spine Found in Ardougne Zoo. Requires Telekinetic Grab to get bone.
Wolf Wolf bone Found in Ardougne Zoo. Requires Telekinetic Grab to get bone.
Ogre Ogre ribs Found in Ardougne Zoo. Requires Telekinetic Grab to get bone.


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Jogre Jogre bone Found north of the Gnome glider landing point.

Kharidian Desert

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Jackal Jackal bone Found to the west of Nardah.
Desert Lizard Desert Lizard bone Found to the far north of Nardah.
Vulture Vulture wing Found to the south-west of Nardah, by the Agility Pyramid.


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Undead Cow Undead cow ribs Found north-west of Port Phasmatys, in the farmer's yard.
Experiment Experiment bone Found west of Port Phasmatys in their dungeon, accessed via the statue just east of Fenkenstrain Castle.
Werewolf Werewolf bone Found in Canifis.
Ghoul Ghoul bone Found north-west of Canifis.

Feldip Hills

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Zogre Zogre bone Found in Feldip Hills, by Jiggig.


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Basilisk Basilisk bone Found in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.
Rabbit Rabbit bone Found by the swaying tree to the east of Rellekka.

Baxtorian Falls

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Dagannoth Dagannoth ribs Found in the Lighthouse to the very north of the map.
Fire giant Fire giant bone Found in the Baxtorian Waterfall dungeon.

Tree Gnome Village

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Terrorbird Terrorbird Wing Found in the south-west part of the maze, take the southern route from the normal entrance.

Taverly Dungeon

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Baby blue dragon Baby dragon bone Found in Taverley dungeon, south of the normal Blue dragons.


Monster Bone Easiest Location
Troll Troll bone Found to the east of the Trollheim teleport spot.

Quest Rewards

Quest.png 1 Quest Point
Quest.png Bonesack or Ram skull helm
Prayer-icon.png 11250 Prayer XP
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