Rag And Bone Man



Items Needed

Coins_250.png 30 Coins
Pot.png 8 Pots
Logs.png 8 Logs
Lit_mining_helm.png A Light source
Rope.png Rope
Tinderbox.png Tinderbox

Items Recommended

Spiny_helmet.png Spiny Helmet
Law_rune.png Varrock/Lumbridge teleports

Starting the Quest

Speak to the Odd Old Man on the route to Morytania from the east Varrock entrance.


Starting from Varrock, leave through the east entrance and head north-east towards Canifis. On the route past the gate, you'll find the Odd Old Man up on a hill. Speak to him to start the quest.

You'll need to kill several monsters to collect their unique bones that the Odd Old Man wants. Unlike in OSRS, the drop rates for some of the bones are really low, so be patient and you will eventually get them.

Monster Bone Easiest Location
Goblin Goblin skull Found at the crossroads of Lumbridge.
Big frog Big frog leg Found at the back of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, so you'll need a light source. Completion of the Lost Tribe lets you use the shortcut in Lumbridge Castle basement to quickly get to the frogs.
Bear Bear ribs Found east of Ardougne, by the coal rocks.
Ram Ram skull Found in the sheep pen north of Lumbridge Castle.
Unicorn Unicorn bone Found just south of Edgeville.
Monkey Monkey paw Found on Karamja or in Ardougne Zoo (requires Telekinetic Grab)
Giant rat Giant rat bone Found in Varrock Sewer or Lumbridge Swamp.
Giant bat Giant bat wing By the coal trucks north-west of Seers' Village.

On you've acquired all the bones, you'll need to purchase vinegar. Head to Draynor Village and speak to Fortunato, who sells 10 Jugs of Vinegar. Purchase 8, and then 27 if you want to do the Wish List miniquest aswell. Once you have the jugs of vinegar, withdraw 8 pots, and use the jugs on the pots and then the bones on the pots of vinegar. Do not empty the pots, otherwise you will lose the bone.

Withdraw an axe or eight logs, and a tinderbox and head back to the Odd Old Man.

Use Logs on the pot-boiler, then a pot with a bone in, and finally light the log with a tinderbox. Wait for a few seconds, and then pick up the pot with the bleached bone. Repeat this process for all the bones, and give them to the Odd Old Man to complete the quest.

Quest Rewards

Quest.png 1 Quest Point
Cooking-icon.png 1125 Cooking XP
Prayer-icon.png 1125 Prayer XP
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