Priest In Peril


  • Able to defeat a Combat Level 30 enemy

Items Needed

  • Bucket
  • 25 Pure essence


Meeting the King

Begin by talking to King Roald, he will tell you he has lost contact with the temple by the river Salve. Head east and follow the road to the temple entrance. Right click the door and knock, to talk to the guys inside. They will ask you to kill the dog in the basement, go down and kill the Temple Guardian. Head back and knock on the door again to tell them you have killed the "dog."

Now head back to King Roland, he will tell you you fucked up and killed the Temple Guardian and a new one needs to be made right away. Now is the time for you to grab the 25 pure essence and the bucket before you head back.

Fixing your Mistake

Head back and open the door to the temple, kill a level 30 Zamorak Monk to get a golden key. Climb up to the top floor of the temple and right click the bars of Drezel's cell door and use the talk through option. He will tell you a vampire is in the coffin and is mad and strong but can be sealed with some of the water from the river.

Head down to were you killed the Temple Guardian and use the golden key on the locked door to unlock it. Head down the hallway until you get to the large room with the statues and the well. Use the golden key on the statues until you swap the golden key for an iron key. Fill the bucket with water from the well.

Freeing Drezel

Head back up to Drezel and talk to him, he will bless the bucket of river water, use the bucket of water on the coffin. Vampire will be pissed but trapped, unlock the cell door with the iron key.

Drezel will head down to the basement of the temple in the room past the room with the well. Talk to him and he will tell you the river needs to be purified and he needs 25 pure essence to do it. You must give him all 25 essence at once, you cannot make multiple trips which is why the amount was changed from 50 in realscape in the first place. Give him the Pure Essence and you will complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 3,163 Prayer Experience
  • Wolfbane Dagger
  • Access to Morytania without having to get 64 Agility
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