Plague City



Items needed

  • Dwellberries (can be bought from Heckel Funch's Grand Tree Groceries or picked in McGrubor's Wood)
  • Rope (can be found at the general store)
  • Spade (found where Edmond is)
  • 4 Bucket of water (can be obtained where Edmond is)
  • Bucket of milk (can be milked from dairy cows north of Ardougne)
  • Chocolate dust (Can be made by using pestle and mortar on a chocolate bar.)
  • Snape grass


Meeting Edmond

Talk to Edmond in East Ardougne. His home is north of the castle, he'll tell you to talk to his wife about getting some sort of protection against the plague.
Talk Alrena, she'll tell you she can make a gas mask if you get her some dwellberries.
Give her the berries, and she'll give you a mask. If you need a spare, there will be one in the cupboard.
Pick up the picture of Elena on the table

Talk to Edmond again, and he'll tell you about his plan to dig under the wall and get into West Ardougne.
Use your buckets of water on the mud patch behind his house, then dig with the spade.
Walk south, and you'll find a pipe blocked by bars.
Use a rope on the pipe to pull the grate off.
Put on your gas mask and climb inside to go into West Ardougne.

Finding Elena

Talk to Jethick. He'll tell you to go check the Rehnison house and give you a book that he borrowed from them.
Head north and a little west to find the house sitting right up against the edge of the wall.
Try to enter, only to be stopped by Ted. Mention you have the book.
Once inside, talk to Martha or Ted Rehnison
Go upstairs and talk to the daughter of the household, Milli.
Head back out of the house and south of the town square to find the house the girl told you about. You'll recognise it because of a big black "X" on the door.
Try to head inside. The Mourner won't let you in because it's been hit hard by the plague.
Tell them that you're looking for a kidnapped girl, and they'll tell you you need permission from Bravek to enter the house.

Getting the Warrent

Go back to the town square and go into the large building just north of the manhole.
Talk to the clerk, tell him you're there for something very important (Say, "This is urgent though!"), and he'll let you inside.
Talk to him He'll give you a tatty piece of paper with a recipe for a hangover cure.
To make it, put the chocolate dust into the bucket of milk, and add Snape grass.
Give the concoction to him, and tell him that the mourners won't listen to you.
He'll give you a warrant that grants the permission you need to go search for Elena in the plague house.

Freeing Elena

Head back to the house, and try to enter again. Sneak inside when he looks away.
Search the only barrel to get a key is the key
Go downstairs and unlock the door
Talk to Elena
Head back to the manhole to get back outside, and talk to Edmond to finish the quest.


  • 1 Quest point
  • 5,456.25 Mining experience
  • A magic scroll, read for the ability to use Ardougne teleports (the spell and teleport tablet)
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