Pirates Treasure




  • White Apron (can be bought at the Varrock clothes store)
  • A spade
  • 60 coins
  • Varrock and Falador teleport (optional)


Meeting Frank

Talk to Redbeard Frank to learn about the treasure. He'll tell you the location in exchange for some Karamja rum. Head South to the three sailors and talk to one to travel to Karamja (it costs 30 gp).

Getting the Rum

Once on Karamja, head West to the bar and buy a bottle of Karamja rum from Zambo for 30 gp. Do NOT try teleporting since that will cause the bottle to break, forcing you to go back and buy another.

Start heading back to the ship you arrived on. The customs officers won't let you take the rum back, so stop and talk to Luthas in his hut by the dock. He'll ask you to pick some bananas and put them in the crate outside. Agree and go get 10 bananas from the plantation behind his house.

Once you have the bananas, place them in the crate (make sure to right click and select use so you don't eat them) along with the bottle of rum. After putting all 10 bananas in, talk to Luthas again to receive 30 gp and head back to the mainland.

On the mainland, head South to the Grocery store located just south of the fish shop (its marked by a slice of bread on the minimap). Talk to Wydin and ask if you can work for him. He'll agree. Equip your white apron and enter the back room. Search the crate with the banana on it to get the bottle of Karamja rum.

Go and talk to Redbeard Frank and he will give you a key to the chest in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock in exchange for the rum.

To Varrock

Head to Varrock and near the South entrance of the city you will find the Blue Moon Inn (it's marked by a glass of beer). Go upstairs and head to the Southwestern room. Use the key on the chest to receive a pirate message.

To Falador Park

Head to Falador and go to the park north of the eastern bank with your spade (if you dont have one, you can find one in the building south of the park and east of the furnace). Look for a statue of Saradomin and notice which way he is pointing. West of him, there is some dirt that forms an "X" on your mini map. Stand in the middle of the "X" and dig (you may have to try digging in multiple squares in the middle of the "X"). Once you dig in the right spot, you'll receive a casket.

Use the key on the casket to get the treasure and finish the quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Diamond Ring
  • 450 Coins
  • Ability to use the pay-fare option to travel to and from Karamja
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