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= 2019 =

=August 10th, 2019=

  • Client 7.4.9
  • Rogues Den Minigame
  • A Fairy Tale Pt. 1
  • Fixed pixel scaling in re-size mode and added a slider for ratios over 2x
  • Fixed dialogue being misplaced on the old game-frame
  • Fixed/Added SFX for doors, prayers, and equipment
  • Corrected all Agility pipe obstacle sequences

=July 28th, 2019=

  • Client 7.4.8
  • Fixed dialogue heads rendering out of bounds
  • Fixed object animations flickering / behaving strangely
  • Fixed the 'warping' bug when moving over obstacles
  • Added Mithril grapple and its shortcuts
  • Added 'Make-X' option to jewelry crafting
  • Braindeath rum now drinkable

=July 16th, 2019=

  • Client 7.4.7
  • Fixed display issues with items on dialogue panels
  • Reverted the mining anim to the original anim
  • You can now store the Patriotic outfit in a POH
  • Tweaked some skill guides to be more accurate

=July 4th, 2019=

  • Gnome Restaurant minigame
  • Fourth of July Event
  • Sergeant Damien needs your help in Lumbridge!
  • Added tortoises to the Gnome Stronghold
  • Added various NPC spawns around Gnome Stronghold
  • Added Dorgo and his shop
  • Fixed a bug with implings and the Bind spell
  • Fixed a bug where Spinners stop healing portals in PC

=June 9th, 2019= Hotfix

  • Fixed Underground Pass cell doors
  • Fixed bookshelves in Sorceress' house
  • Fixed a block in Barbarian Training dialogue

=June 9th, 2019=

  • Gnomeball minigame added
  • Sorceress' Garden minigame added
  • Added Quizmaster random event
  • Added slimy eel fishing spots
  • Re-worked all Fremennik armor crafting dialogue
  • Nardah and West Ardougne now have general stores
  • Fixed implings wandering into inappropriate areas
  • Fixed bind effects applying before a hit displays
  • Fixed being unable to cook rainbow fish
  • Fixed being unable to fill waterskins from various water items
  • Fixed KBD magic breath attack splashing for damage
  • Improved cacti cutting functionality

=May 30th, 2019=

  • Fixed issues with The Restless Ghost and Dragon Slayer
  • Fixed XP for and the level which you stop failing wine

=May 27th, 2019=

  • Fixed monkey guards healing at inappropriate times
  • Fixed timer related Pest Control bugs and how portals appear as dead on the game interface
  • Fixed Donie's dialogue
  • Fixed POH storage not working after being opened
  • Fixed being unable to sell adult cats to civilians in West Ardougne
  • Fixed UIM pets getting stuck in the bank after being picked up by various means

=May 20th, 2019=

  • Fixed the Player getting frozen using Hunter traps and falconry
  • Fixed the Fremennik Isles bridge to runite ore
  • Onions now send the correct message on consumption

=May 19th, 2019=

  • The Fremennik Isles quest added
  • Reworked and fixed skill level-up dialogues
  • Sheep and cow spawns added to Ardougne farm

=May 17th, 2019=

  • Corrected basic rewards for clues, removing items such as green d'hide from level threes
  • Fixed Vengeance not activating on most KQ attacks
  • Added missing items to Dragon impling drops
  • Added spawns to Haunted Woods
  • More various drop/spawn tweaks on the dev blog

=May 6th, 2019=

  • Fixed a long-standing bug where NPCs failed to aggro when another NPC was trying to path to a player
  • Fixed Roavar dialogue and options for Moonlight Mead
  • Fixed not being able to dig up diseased/dead trees

=May 5th, 2019=

  • Calves added to farms around the map
  • Agility Pyramid success rates re-worked (see dev blog)
  • Fix for spells on objects not casting spell after walking
  • Fixed some minor bugs with saplings/trees
  • Fixed being unable to recover Pendant of Lucien

=May 2nd, 2019=

  • The Easter Bunny has retreated to his burrow
  • Salamanders now function properly as weapons
  • Added a wood tree patch in the Gnome Stronghold
  • Fixed being unable to poison bolts
  • Fixed accuracy bugs with ruby and diamond bolts
  • Fixed being unable to interact with a moving NPC
  • Corrected diamond bolt damage boost from 10 to 15%

=April 23rd, 2019=

  • Rainbow fish can now be caught and eaten
  • Corrected dough and wine making
  • Fixed a bug where HP boosts did not decay
  • Fixed misleading level-up message for Barb firemaking

=April 20th, 2019=

  • Easter Event
  • Charter Ships implemented
  • The Easter bunny has returned south of Falador!
  • Added a dev blog post for all recent NPC/item spawn changes

=April 7th, 2019=

  • Fixed many minigame and other interfaces on resize mode
  • Fixed many NPC and item spawns in Wilderness
  • Added green dragons SE of the Lava Maze
  • Fixed Rellekka warrior drops
  • Fixed a bug with bolt pouches consuming bolts

=April 1st, 2019=

  • God Wars Dungeon :^)
  • Vidyascape v7.4.3 client released
  • ::ping command added
  • Fixed a bug with wine fermenting instantly
  • Corrected Zanaris spawns and interactions
  • Added missing NPCs and items from Taverly
  • Added missing NPCs and items to Rellekka
  • Added various other missing NPCs from bug reports

=March 28th, 2019 Hotfix=

  • Fixed bug with the Lunar 'dream puff' trial

=March 27th, 2019=

  • Ourania (ZMI) Altar added
  • Bolt Pouches have been implemented
  • Spiritual Mages now drop Astral runes
  • Lunar staff can now be properly used for Zanaris entry
  • Fixed Fertile Soil's nature rune requirement
  • Fixed a bug with POH servants following logic

=March 22nd, 2019=

  • Happy 5th Anniversary!
  • Lunar Diplomacy quest added
  • Suqahs added as a Slayer task to Duradel
  • Reverted all pirate & children models to 2006 era
  • Removed Moonclan Hat from TT rewards
  • Corrected some Runecrafting skill guide entries
  • Fixed mature brews tapping as normal in Keldagrim
  • Fixed a bug preventing getting a trimmed Hunter cape
  • Drinking tea now boosts Attack level
  • Harpy bug swarm tasks now require 33 Firemaking
  • Fixed an exploit with eggs

=March 11th, 2019=

  • Corrected excess 'walk-back' movement on high ping
  • Fixed a bug with Barrows repair cost
  • Tindel can now repair Barrows and rusty swords
  • Fixed an issue with brewing vats appearing empty
  • Hand in the Sand collection now resets at 00:00 UTC
  • Fixed a skewed distribution in type of clue received
  • Fixed Cider being unable to be brewed

=February 18th, 2019=

  • The Hand in the Sand quest added
  • Brewing added
  • Fixed a bug with getting Mithril Dragon tasks
  • Fixed a bug causing certain cb levels to calculate incorrectly
  • Fixed leashing/retreat issues with bosses

=February 5th, 2019=

  • Mithril dragons added to Ancient Cavern
  • Fight Cave's Yt-MejKot and Yt-HurKot behavior corrected
  • Client 7.4.1 allows for old (2006) character shading and a fix for vertex blending, configurable in your settings.ini. See settings ini for more details.

=January 31st, 2019=

  • Added a proper leash/retreat system for NPCs
  • Fixed Isafdar tripwire failure rate
  • Fixed anchovy pizza level requirement
  • Fixed Hunter mix potion
  • Fixed being able to alchemy Elven crystal items
  • Fixed issues with the Yanille Agility dungeon
  • Fixed issues with the Wilderness Bandit camp
  • Added NPCs to the Wizards' Guild basement
  • Various incorrect Cooking XP values corrected
  • Fixed level req for Champion's Guild stepping stones
  • NPCs no longer become aggressive through walls

=January 8th, 2019=

  • Removed the Christmas event
  • Fixed UIM being unable to use higher level Slayer masters
  • Added some proper quest reqs to various Slayer tasks
  • Tortured souls now count as a 'Ghost' task

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