= 2017 =

=November 11th, 2017=

  • Halloween event removed
  • Rusty scimitars now usable on repair stands
  • Slayer shops are now distinct per master
  • Reduced Iron Dragon task amounts from Chaeldar
  • Fixed Ring of Wealth not giving a better chance at RDT
  • Amulet of Glory increases gem finding chance, not ROW
  • Fixed a bug with retreating NPCs disappearing forever
  • Fixed some misc. and small autism related bugs

=November 5th, 2017=

  • The player highscore pages now count ironmen when figuring out a rank (this matches the skill pages)
  • Highscore lists now show ironmen icons
  • The compare page now shows ironman icons

=October 31st, 2017=

  • Halloween event

=October 5th, 2017=

  • Restored old pre-leashing mob behavior

=October 1st, 2017=

  • Fixed a bug with getting stuck on the Wildy agility gate
  • Fixed a few NPC death animations
  • Fixed a few issues with Prince Ali Rescue
  • No longer get inventory full messages mining pess

=September 22nd, 2017=

  • All dragons besides Mithril now susceptible to poison
  • All Tzhaar / Fight Cave NPCs susceptible to poison
  • Mithril Dragons now susceptible to Smoke spell poison
  • Fixed poison damaging on application, not being able to re-apply poison and poison ticking too slowly
  • Fixed diamond bolts (e) special, was causing damage boost for regular attacks (Ice barrage and etc.)
  • Fixed potion drinking messages
  • Fixed skull sceptre pieces eating each other on use
  • Fixed a bug with hiding colors in CC messages
  • Fixed not being able to Gmaul spec after a swap
  • Fixed having to logout to advance Tutorial Island

=September 18th, 2017=

  • Updated the appearance of the Ectoplasm pool and some key animations involved with using it
  • Crossbow stall in Keldagrim is now thieveable
  • Fixed a bug with repairing Crystal equipment
  • Fixed some issues with Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
  • Fixed Ectofuntus worship counts not saving
  • Fixed some of the camera issues in the Abyss
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing pets after server update
  • Fixed not being able to yell or use CC during Agility
  • Fixed certain interfaces not refreshing unless you moved
  • Fixed Waterfall Quest chalice room floor not raising

=September 14th, 2017=

  • Fixed saplings disappearing in bank after growth
  • Fixed Peer the Seer banking displaying correctly
  • Big bass/swordfish/sharks are able to be cooked into normal bass/swordfish/sharks now
  • Fixed another Runecrafting pouch issue

=September 9th, 2017 Hotfix=

  • Fixed Runecrafting pouches
  • Fixed Sheep Herder sheep continuing to disappear

=September 9th, 2017=

  • Added proper magic attacks to TzHaar-Mej
  • Added the "call for help" mechanic to TzHaar-Mej/Hur
  • Fixed Agility Pyramid having broken obstacles
  • Fixed an un-ending dialogue bug in Death Plateau
  • Fixed Belladonna not giving 3 nightshade when harvested
  • Fixed Bittercaps having a backwards harvest sequence
  • Fixed Sir Tiffy Cashien's model
  • Fixed a bug with Sheep Herder that prevented progress
  • Fixed inventory tab not appearing after Tears of Guthix
  • Fixed pouches / tree seedlings being fixed / replaced in your bank incorrectly
  • Fixed getting a new kitten after your cat is overgrown
  • Fixed Binding Necklace not using last charge and changed the destroy message to pierce filter
  • Fixed Knight/Paladin/Hero responses to thieving stalls
  • Fixed rune pouches only being able to store Pure essence
  • Reverted herbs to "Unids" appearance
  • Populated the Chaos Altar area with proper spawns

=August 29th, 2017=

  • Sheep Herder quest added
  • Fixed a bug with the High Priest in DT
  • Fixed the disappearing bone boiler in Rag & Bone Man
  • Fixed the skin paste bug in Prince Ali Rescue
  • Fixed food/pot timers to allow for Karambwan combo
  • Fixed some Tai Bwo Wannai Trio dialogue bugs

=August 25th, 2017=

  • Fixed a few issues with Agility Pyramid
  • Fixed Quest Hall building in a fixed rotation
  • Fixed rug spot in Chapel showing in non-build
  • Reduced the Wildy obelisks teleport area
  • Servants no longer walk through dungeon walls
  • Wizards' Guild now sells Law runes
  • Fixed the weight check for balloons including required logs

=August 22nd, 2017=

  • Agility Pyramid added
  • Fixed Wanted! bugs
  • Fixed a door in Dragon Slayer disappearing
  • Fixed the armor stand charging strange amounts
  • Fixed White Wolf Mountain not being a mine cart destination after the appropriate quests

=August 17th, 2017=

  • Devious Minds Quest
  • Changed Barrows degrading to be time based
  • Can now use items on Bob/Squire to repair
  • Can now use armor stand to repair Barrows
  • Fairy ring exit in Zanaris fixed
  • Updated the spinning wheel interface
  • Added prayer bonuses to White equipment
  • Can now store Adamant heraldic helms in POH

=August 4th, 2017=

  • Wanted! Quest
  • Fixed the Dwarf Cannon quest and area
  • Fixed a bed blocking the Witchaven chapel
  • Added the training NPCs to Lumbridge
  • Added the ability to remove Ironman status by speaking with the Lumbridge Guide
  • Added Falador chainmail, Ardougne platebody, Entrana herblore and Varrock fancy dress shops
  • New client now ensures the cache is current

=August 2nd, 2017=

  • Sea Slug Quest
  • Added the town of Witchaven
  • Added crossbow shop to Keldagrim
  • Fixed the Holy Wrench boost from pots
  • Fixed red CW armor stand in POH (wrong reqs)
  • Fixed some slayer monsters not counting as task
  • Fixed some issues with repairing Barrows gear
  • Fixed ironmen drops bricking normal player drops
  • Fixed Lanzig never dropping a Lyre
  • Adjusted the DFH drop rate from chewed bones
  • Miscellania map clue moved to level 2

=July 5th. 2017=

  • Freeze/bind effect drop-off range corrected
  • Fixed a bug with god book dialogue
  • Fixed a bug with Recruitment Drive bridge room
  • Fixed an obscure Heroes / Shield of Arrav bug
  • Created cavalier masks are now the correct color
  • Fixed bugs with teleporting out of Arzinian Mine
  • Fixed oak cape rack preventing cape withdrawal
  • Fixed a bug where guests could fire your servant
  • Fixed a bug where exiting dialogue broke puzzles
  • Added the 2 plank spawns near Barbarian Outpost
  • Added the purple dye spawn south of Ardougne

=July 4th, 2017=

  • Fourth of July Event
  • A large group of migrants have found their way to Lumbridge! Perhaps they have a reason for visiting…
  • ::usa
  • Purple and White firelighters added to clues
  • Godbooks re-worked to function closer to RS2
  • Bandit shop now buys at high-alch prices

=May 16th, 2017=

  • Inoculation brace now working.
  • Cannons no longer can degrade an equipped weapon.
  • Fixed a bug with Ectofuntus bonemeal.
  • Enchanting in MTA now returns you to spell tab.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with stall thieving.
  • Sheepdog in Falador farm can be fed.
  • Fixed the bug with gates and doors.
  • Fixed a few bugs with Retribution.
  • Spicy stews can now boost Construction level.

=May 12th, 2017=

  • Fixed a bug with Gravedigger random.
  • Spirit tree dialogue and destinations corrected.
  • Poisoned dragon darts now have correct stats.
  • Fixed getting stuck in Agility obstacles.

=April 23th, 2017=

  • Removed Easter event

=April 12th, 2017 BugFix=

  • Fixed bug in POH Costume Room where the player was unable to withdraw items
  • Fixed bug in Between a Rock which required the player to have exactly 3 gold bars to smith a gold helmet

=April 8th, 2017=

  • Between a Rock…
  • Added a kill log/counter for Slayer monsters
  • KBD walk and attack range increased (corrected)
  • Fixed inability to attack during combat movement
  • Fixed the oak cape rack
  • Fixed marionettes
  • Fixed the input delay after Runecraft teleports
  • Fixed being not able to regain Hazeel's Mark

=March 31st, 2017 Hotfix=

  • Ape Atoll agility course corrected
  • Cannon now disabled in KBD/KQ lairs

=March 29th, 2017=

  • Fremennik Trials fixes
  • Black brutal arrows now function correctly
  • Untradables now alchable
  • Heraldic helms/shields given stats/weight
  • Shadow Barrage rune cost fixed
  • Saplings now tradable

=February 7th, 2017=

  • Fixed right-click buy option at Sawmill
  • Fixed a bug with noting leaf-bladed spears
  • Fixed a bunch of bowl foods not returning the bowl
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't regain the Maze Key
  • Can now empty compost potions
  • Can no longer kill doggos and other pets w/ cannon

=January 18th=

  • Fixed a bug where a lot of Con items would turn into a different item when noting/un-noting
  • Fixed diseased flowers not being curable
  • Telegrab will no longer try to path you to the item
  • Fixed Heraldic rune/steel items not having stats
  • Fixed sawmill buy-X
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't buy certain crests
  • Fixed Spiny helmet not having a Defence requirement
  • Dining room benches now remove independently
  • Fixed a bug with the monkey corpse in MM
  • Fixed an object resolve bug in Fancy Gardens
  • Pets no longer get btfo when entering a house

=January 10th Hotfix=

  • Overhauled a lot of code pertaining to POH region loading. This means a lot of objects resolving into things they shouldn't should be fixed (doors, walls, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug with Gertrude's Cat

=January 9th Hotfix=

  • Fixed a longstanding bug where trees/ores would not reappear until re-log.
  • Fixed rune cases in POH
  • Tears of Guthix now awards Construction XP
  • Ranges / fire pits now working in POH
  • Fountains in POH gardens can be used as a water source
  • Wintumber tree bugs fixed
  • Farming exp now awarded for planting garden POH items

=January 8th Hotfix=

  • Fixed a bug preventing removal of dungeon rooms
  • Fixed some room objects teleporting you after building
  • Fixed your servant getting bricked when serving drinks

=January 7th Hotfix=

  • Window spaces in Chapel rooms fixed
  • Issues with house clipping resolved (?)
  • Witch's House quest fix
  • Fixed house teleport teleporting you to last house you visited

=January 6th Hotfix=

  • Fixed issues with Family Crest, Pirate's Treasure, Rag and Bone Man Wishlist, and Restless Ghost
  • Fixed guest dialogue for servants
  • Fixed servants walking through objects and getting stuck
  • Fixed small maple tree turning into a yew tree
  • Fixed sinks in POH not giving water
  • Fixed noted gold leaf turning into the wrong item

=January 5th=

  • Can now chisel limestone into limestone bricks
  • Randoms now disabled in player-owned houses
  • Servants tasks no longer bug if they return while you are outside of the house
  • Servants should no longer return into an object
  • Fixed a bug where mis-clicking on servant dialogue caused disconnect
  • Fixed Ernest the Chicken Boop doors
  • Fixed the Mort Myre bridge shortcut
  • Fixed a bug with Makeover Mage not changing gender (TRIGGERED)

=January 3rd=

  • Construction Beta Release (Read the blog for more information)
  • Rag and Bone Man
  • Christmas Event removed
  • Fixed a bug with Peer the Seer trial in Frem Trials
  • Fixed some Giant Mole fight mechanics
  • Run energy now drains in a few overworld regions (see the bottom of the FAQ)
  • ::home command removed and 30 minute home teleport cooldown added
  • Lost & Found random fixed to only happen on teleport
  • Restless Ghost quest re-coded

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