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=July 8th, 2020=

  • Another Slice of H.A.M.
  • The General's Shadow Miniquest
  • Client 7.7.2
  • Corrected the slow catch rates for Barbarian fishing
  • Fixed diagonal attacking with salamanders
  • Fixed bank search prompt disappearing after withdraw-X
  • Fixed the quest requirement for a Dust Devil task
  • Fixed cake tins missing from many shelves in a POG
  • Fixed needing to speak to Advisor Ghrim for 100% Miscellania favor

=July 4th, 2020=

  • July 4th Event
  • Shitpost Bot has been killed! Join the protest in Falador for justice

=June 29th, 2020=

  • Rogue Trader minigame
  • Fixed casting Vengeance resetting combat
  • Fixed the timing of repeated flax picks
  • Fixed issues with the Bandos godsword special attack
  • Corrected combat stats for a few NPCs including skeleton monkeys
  • Corrected how often Fight Cave healers heal and the distance at which they can heal

=June 18th, 2020=

  • Corrected boss retaliation and aggression rules
  • Fixed Shifters instantly targeting the Void Knight
  • Fixed the inventory check for thieving Master Farmers

=June 17th, 2020=

  • Fixed the player counts on the GWD active command
  • Corrected Zilyana's retaliation logic again
  • Corrected Zilyana's movement pause during mage attack

=June 16th, 2020=

  • Added a GWD active command
  • Corrected Zilyana's retaliation logic
  • Fixed Zilyana's movement after a magic attack
  • Fixed RFD weaponry having level requirements
  • Fixed Easter ring missing the unmorph button

=June 15th, 2020=

  • GWD bosses will no longer respawn during system update
  • Fixed GWD bosses not randomly aggro'ing on respawn
  • Fixed attack clicks on Kree not preventing melee
  • Fixed visual issues with movement and Kree's knockback
  • Fixed Kurasks not dropping hard clues
  • Corrected attack distance for Waterfiends and Wyverns

=June 14th, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed God Wars vampires ignoring Zamorak items
  • Fixed Silverlight not applying to Zamorak bosses
  • Corrected Dark bow attack speed, from 7 to 9 ticks
  • Corrected Hasta, banner, and noose wand attack speeds
  • Fixed being unable to re-obtain Pendant of Lucien and Armadyl Pendant after Temple of Ikov

=June 13th, 2020=

  • God Wars Dungeon
  • Corrected various shops that erroneously had 0 item stock including gem stalls, charter ships, grocers and more
  • Corrected bone drop rates for Rag and Bone Man Wishlist
  • Fixed Ak-Haranu not appearing during Ghosts Ahoy
  • Fixed Tz-Kihs not draining prayer on hit
  • Fixed longer bug reports causing a disconnect
  • Fixed reduced XP in non-Enchanting MTA chambers
  • Removed the spiritual mages in the Wilderness

=June 1st, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed the Ghosts Ahoy petition
  • Pollnivneach blackjack seller
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the Devious Minds cutscene
  • Fixed RFD chairs appearing in various instances

=May 31st, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Corrected NPCs being able to wander through Players
  • Fixed damage following a Player after a cutscene
  • Fixed being unable to re-obtain keys during The Feud

=May 30th, 2020=

  • The Feud
  • Thieving Overhaul
  • Visit the dev blog for more information on Thieving
  • Corrected the behavior of following any NPC for interaction and combat. Fixes interactions like dialogue and impling catching
  • Corrected the behavior for being unable to reach an NPC
  • Added proper attack sounds to TzTok-Jad
  • Fixed Mistag not buying ore
  • Fixed timing of Warrior's Guild catapult mini-game
  • Fixed getting stuck in PC at game end
  • Fixed certain POH objects breaking after build mode
  • Fixed some bugs with Fight Arena
  • Removed the Anniversary event

=May 16th, 2020=

  • Fight Arena
  • Corrected Dagannoth Kings aggro and walk range
  • Fixed multicannon targetting mechanics
  • Added retrieval of lost multicannon from Nulodion
  • Moved LARK IN DOG anagram clue to medium tier

=May 12th, 2020=

  • Fixed a bug with Dragonstone jewelry recharging
  • Fixed Arhein's dialogue during One Small Favour
  • Fixed Ak-Haranu's store charging ectotokens
  • Fixed Barrows brothers effects activating on miss
  • Fixed Kalphites in KQ lair having no leash range
  • Took away halberds from every NPC

=May 6th, 2020=

  • Corrected a lot of combat following dancing
  • Corrected randomness of Chinchompa explosion damage
  • Zamorak wine now requires telegrab to obtain

=May 3rd, 2020=

  • Fixed some shade pyres not granting prayer XP
  • Fixed Treasure Trails slider puzzles
  • Fixed Fight Cave healer behavior

=April 30th, 2020=

  • Happy 6th Anniversary!
  • New Player Styles
  • Makeover artists around the world are offering free makeovers for a limited time to celebrate Vidyascape's anniversary; visit any one of them for a variety of new styles and a complimentary gift
  • Removed Easter Event
  • Added Reinald in Keldagrim's armguard shop
  • Adden Arhein's daily sale of pineapple and seaweed
  • Corrected the feather reward from Hunter birds
  • Corrected Ring of Recoil's damage output
  • Corrected PvP combat following
  • Corrected the run energy drain formula
  • Fixed the damage Zamorak brews inflict

=April 18th, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed Ectophial teleport making you small and immobile
  • Fixed spellbooks not lighting up with certain runes
  • Fixed issues with the Bracelet of Clay
  • Fixed the Dragon spear spec not moving a Player victim
  • Dragonstone jewelry will now recharge all at once

=April 17th, 2020=

  • Client 7.6.8
  • Added global combat XP multiplier for high-level NPCs, visit the dev blog for complete info
  • Corrected the defense bonuses of KQ's second form
  • Fixed an erroneous tick delay for some skilling actions
  • Fixed being able to die in the Maze random

=April 12th, 2020=

  • Client 7.6.7
  • Easter Event
  • Fred the Farmer in Lumbridge needs your help
  • Added the time remaining to CW and PC active commands
  • Fixed and added even more sounds to skilling activities

=April 9th, 2020=

  • Fix excessive clicking during dialogue removing dialogue
  • Corrected the animation and sound timings of Woodcutting and Mining skilling cycles

=April 7th, 2020=

  • Corrected the heal amount of Blood type Ancient spells
  • Fixed the KQ ranged attack occurring too often
  • Corrected a vast majority of combat calculations, including max hit, accuracy and special attacks. Visit the dev blog for more details.

=April 5th, 2020=

  • Client 7.6.6
  • Usernames of 2 to 3 character length are now possible
  • Fixed issues with the Ancient Pyramid becoming blocked
  • Fixed Barrows brothers set effects not activating
  • Fixed Dag. Kings being immune to certain combat styles
  • Tweaked NPC spawning and behavior in Pest Control
  • Corrected the Verac set effect

=March 3rd, 2020=

  • Added TzTok-Jad to the boss kill log
  • Fixed the delay with multi-target Ancients spells
  • Fixed the hit delay with ring of recoil and Vengeance

=March 31st, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed POH doors in classic style not working
  • Fixed various issues with Death to the Dorgeshuun

=March 29th, 2020=

  • Death to the Dorgeshuun
  • Dorgesh-Kaan
  • Fixed erroneous objects appearing in instances
  • Fixed Thora the Barkeep not selling beer
  • Fixed ground items for quests mysteriously disappearing
  • Fixed being unable to craft cannonballs on Neitiznot
  • Can now re-obtain Golrie's Pebble for Roving Elves
  • Corrected run energy restoration on various items
  • Added operate and prayer bonus to Hunter skillcape

=March 26th, 2020=

  • Added un-noting at banks for Ultimate Ironmen
  • Tweaked NPC combat stats globally to be more accurate
  • Fixed endless freeze effects from spells
  • Fixed Brimhaven Agility arrow hints disappearing
  • Fixed dragonbreath splashes causing invisible damage
  • Fixed the Musa Point charter ship prices
  • Fixed magic secateurs being unobtainable post-quest
  • Fixed the purchase price of Lunar items
  • Fixed NPC spawns in Edgeville, Canifis, Slayer Tower & Varrock Sewer

=February 26th, 2020=

  • Lair of Tarn Razorlor
  • Client 7.6.5
  • Fixed popping noises on OSX systems
  • Fixed HP experience drops being visually incorrect
  • Fixed the persisting Pillory Random interface
  • Fixed some instanced areas placing the Player incorrectly
  • Dark area warnings no longer occur with a light source

=February 25th, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed Sheep Herder being incompletable
  • Fixed being unable to obtain pirate's hook
  • Fixed being unable to eat purple sweets
  • Fixed Fertile Soil spell not working on bush patches

=February 19th, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed issues with Monkey Madness
  • Fixed Wall Beasts not awarding Slayer xp
  • Fixed erroneous trap movement in the Agility Arena

=February 18th, 2020=

  • Karamja Achievement Diary
  • Mournings End Pt. 1
  • Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Client 7.6.4
  • Overhauled the sound engine to fix many issues with the previous client
  • Added Wall Beasts as a valid Slayer task
  • Added the low fence shortcut in Burgh de Rott
  • Fixed the POH costume box not working for visitors
  • Fixed Gertrude not rewarding a kitten post quest
  • Fixed Sithik's tea mysteriously disappearing
  • Fixed abyssal creatures dropping un-noted essence
  • Corrected the heal amount of strawberries
  • Corrected Verac the Defiled's max hit through Prayer

=February 3rd, 2020=

  • Haunted Mine
  • Fixed the Culinaromancer Chest not updating properly
  • Added some missing zombie spawns in the Wilderness
  • Fixed bank search overriding the quick-reply PM prompt
  • Fixed the Path of Glouphrie disc chest
  • Fixed inability to regain the Fremennik Trials talisman
  • Fixed 'string-X' functionality preventing other actions

=January 21st, 2020=

  • Troll Romance
  • Added '1/5/X/All' functionality to bow stringing
  • Fixed Wise Old Man task not accepting pure essence

=January 13th, 2020 Hotfix=

  • Fixed Wise Old Man dialogue not branching properly
  • Fixed an issue with poisoning warped terrorbirds and tortoises

=January 12th, 2020=

  • Bank search
  • Wise Old Man tasks
  • Added the ability to refund Castle Wars items
  • Added the ability to sell giant frog legs to Hudo
  • Added missing Karamja NPC and item spawns
  • Reworked the skeletal monkey respawn mechanic
  • Ring of Life cures poison and is disabled in a POH
  • Corrected item locations during Elemental Workshop
  • Corrected all kebab behavior and interactions
  • Fixed the Evil Chicken and chinchompa combat behavior
  • Fixed multiple Treasure Trail wizards spawning
  • Fixed a bug with losing Lunar amulet during the quest
  • Fixed crystal saw degrading incorrectly

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