= 2018 =

=January 19th, 2018=

  • Fixed a Kingdom Management issue preventing collection after 25 days or more, Kingdoms will now function up to 292,471,208 years later
  • Banking 5,10 or X will now take items from the top slot down, depositing 1 will now take that specific item
  • Fixed pouches for real

=January 17th, 2018=

  • Fixed the Keldagrim manlets bugging out
  • Fixed a bug with Construction servants getting stuck on "serve" type tasks
  • Fixed ground level rooms not being able to be built in a POH dungeon

=January 15th, 2018=

  • Fixed a rare bone grinder bug
  • Banking now takes the specific item you click
  • Quickly banking after fletching should no longer cause issues
  • Manlets in Keldagrim should no longer get stuck
  • Pest Control reward dialogue fixed
  • Fixed a bug with building dungeon stairs if you chose skill hall or quest hall under it
  • Fixed dialogues getting stuck if you entered numbers less than one into a enter X window

=January 11th, 2018=

  • PoH room building fixed
  • Multicannon disabled at Mithril Dragons

=January 6th, 2018=

  • Fixed a crash in RFD
  • Multicannon breaking pierces game filter

=January 2nd, 2018=

  • Bank refresh issue fixed
  • Shanty Claws has set sail
  • Client v5.9.5
  • The update timer, servermessage and private messages should all coexist in harmony and not look awful in all cases now
  • *nix system support should be more robust now
  • Flashing icons shouldn't disappear or break

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