The official site now has an archive of patchnotes and this page is now meant to serve as a secondary source of the server's patchnotes.
The official vidyascape launcher also displays recent patchnotes, and logging into your character will display the last unseen patchnotes.
You can check the same recent patchnotes in-game by using the command ::patchnotes (or its aliases ::pnotes, ::pnote, or ::pn).


=May 31st, 2021 Hotfix=

  • Fixed some issues with Varrock diary tasks
  • Fixed a quest block with Ratcatchers
  • Added retroactive credit for the Bunny Hop emote
  • Zaff now sells 8 staves daily with no diary completion

=May 30th, 2021=

  • Varrock's New Look
  • Varrock Museum
  • Varrock Achievement Diary
  • Client 7.8.9
  • Updated the Crandor map and the spawns on it
  • Expanded the emotes tab and added proper unlocking
  • Increased the rate of Prayer randoms when burying bones
  • Added the Barbarian Outpost tele to the Games necklace
  • Fixed the success rate of slashing Kharazi jungle
  • Fixed Creature Graveyard fruit deposits removing bones
  • Fixed the visual chat offset for split private chat
  • For more information and a full list of fixes, visit the dev blog.

=May 4th, 2021=

  • A Tail of Two Cats
  • Added rabbit snaring for Hunter after Eagles' Peak
  • Fixed some issues with Heroes' Quest
  • Fixed inability to sell wily or lazy cats for Death runes
  • Fixed inability to regain a Phoenix gang weapon store key
  • Fixed some make-x options for dough creation not working
  • Fixed pet cats sometimes stopping on nothing when moving
  • Fixed pet cat names not saving

=April 26th, 2021=

  • Ratcatchers
  • Overhauled the level up message system to provide more detailed and properly timed messages
  • Removed the Anniversary and Easter events
  • Added clue scroll completion counts to ::stats
  • Fixed the H.A.M storeroom chest drop tables
  • Fixed Verac the Defiled's special attack chance
  • Fixed Tele-group spells not functioning properly
  • Fixed the Dorgesh-Kaan furnance being inoperable
  • Fixed some issues with Wall Beast combat
  • Corrected the respawn time of snapegrass

=April 11th, 2021=

  • What Lies Below
  • Observatory Quest
  • Client 7.8.8
  • Corrected the area for gas explosions in Lumbridge caves
  • Fixed the number of broken lamps in Dorgesh-kaan
  • Fixed the drop tables of Black Guard dwarves
  • Fixed some quest block issues with Another Slice of H.A.M
  • Fixed white fruit trees not regrowing fruit properly

=April 10/11 & March 29, 2021 Site changes=

  • The highscores site now reflects individual player boss kills and barrows chests opened
  • Clue highscores appear on seperate pages now

=April 4th, 2021=

  • Easter Event
  • Visit the Easter Bunny south of Falador to start the event
  • Added Make-all to creating unfermented wine
  • Added the missing white apron spawn to Port Sarim
  • Fixed broad arrows not being effective with the Dark bow

=April 1st, 2021=

  • Anniversary Event
  • Boss Highscores
  • Client 7.8.7
  • Visit Diango in Draynor to help him solve a curious problem
  • Fixed black offsets on the client on certain Linux distros
  • Fixed implings spawning in the water near Karamja
  • Fixed the rock crabs area east of Rellekka not being multi
  • Fixed a quest block in Death Plateau and Animal Magnetism

=March 21st, 2021=

  • A Soul's Bane
  • Fixed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio requiring Firemaking to start
  • Fixed fairy ring ALQ warning Players with a light source
  • Fixed a bug with the Spirits of Elid cave doors
  • Fixed a progress block in Enakhra's Lament
  • Fixed Burgh de Rott's store not being a general store
  • Fixed the lumber jack set not applying to all Woodcutting

=March 16th, 2021 Hotfix=

  • Fixed some minor bugs with Temple Trekking

=March 14th, 2021=

  • Temple Trekking
  • Burgh de Rott Ramble
  • Client 7.8.6
  • Fixed a minor memory issue with fixed mode clients
  • Fixed issues with buying large stock items in shops in bulk
  • Fixed farmer right-clicks not working during some quests
  • Fixed Dr. Jekyll requesting random herbs and not specifics
  • Fixed bandana eyepatches noting into the wrong color
  • Fixed cooked cave eels being inedible
  • Changed rock crabs seaweed drops to noted

=March 1st, 2021=

  • Fixed an issue with the Dagannoth Mother kill credit
  • Fixed Cavalier masks not storing in PoH
  • Fixed the Goutweed guards forgetting how to walk
  • Fixed Oaknock's Machine requiring impossible values
  • Removed the Agility req from Icthlarin's Little Helper
  • Corrected the Catablepon medium clue drop rate
  • Reduced disease for trees & herbs to correct rates
  • Increased compost disease reduction to correct rates

=February 14th, 2021=

  • In Aid of the Myreque
  • Temple Trekking will be released separately in the coming weeks, stay tuned!
  • Fixed being assigned Harpie swarms without 33 Firemaking
  • Fixed Ghasts spoiling food while using the swamp boat
  • Fixed the Ranging Guild crate clue being a hard step
  • Fix an issue with the cannon during Cabin Fever

=February 10th, 2021=

  • Fixed a recent issue with server lag
  • Fixed some NPCs not counting towards Slayer tasks
  • Fixed Murphy's behavior during Fishing Trawler

=January 27th, 2021=

  • Fishing Trawler
  • Fixed the max hit of diamond bolts (e)
  • Fixed the Ranged requirement of red spiky vambs
  • Fixed some burn stop levels while range cooking
  • Fixed Pyramid Plunder snakes poisoning through immunity
  • Fixed the attack speed of the Zamorakian spear
  • Fixed Zaff requiring full completion of Fairy Tale pt. 2 for daily battlestaves

=January 19th, 2021=

  • Making History
  • Fixed Advisor Ghrim's dialogue with NPC Contact
  • Fixed minecart tickets eating gold with full inventory
  • Fixed Baraek not buying grey wolf fur
  • Fixed the pirate's plunder chest in Cabin Fever
  • Fixed the logic of Draynor Manor's basement levers
  • Fixed swapping a 2H for a shield causes the items to go to the wrong inventory slots

=January 14th, 2021=

  • Disabled the Christmas event
  • Added a spawn delay to bosses after updates
  • Added and corrected a lot of world item spawns
  • Fixed the level Monkfish stop burning with gauntlets
  • Fixed getting stuck in a Desert Treasure cutscene
  • Fixed the enchant prices of a Crystal Shield
  • Fixed dstones always taking 5 mins to spawn in MTA
  • Fixed the DFS discharge using multiple charges
  • Fixed randoms breaking Dorgesh-Kaan course items
  • Fixed Black Mask attack bonus not stacking with prayer
  • Fixed being able to hit zeroes on door supports
  • Fixed Ahrim's spells repeatedly draining stats
  • Buffed the amount of rare implings around the world and tuned the areas in which they spawn

=January 9th, 2021 Hotfix=

  • Fixed minor issues with Royal Trouble

=January 9th, 2021=

  • Royal Trouble
  • Fixed desert heat processing too often
  • Fixed Menaphite robes not counting as desert protection
  • Fixed the music in God Wars Dungeon
  • Fixed rendering issues with the 3rd Age Robe Top
  • Tool Leprechauns will once again note farming items

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