= 2018 =

=December 8th, 2018=

  • Yrsa will now change shoe color
  • Warrior's guild NPCs will now respond

=November 26th, 2018=

  • Regular players can now pick up items dropped by ironmen
  • Added a ton of item destroy messages
  • Fixed issues with completing Heroes Quest
  • Fixed issues with completing Between a Rock
  • Fixed red chinchompa attack style issues
  • Fixed being able to range or mage over Barrows coffin

=November 18th, 2018=

  • Fixed bugs with building objects and stairs in POH
  • Items that make Supercompost corrected
  • Dark Beasts now have RDT access
  • Fixed d-bow spec not awarding XP
  • Health orb now changes color when poisoned/diseased
  • Defenders have the correct combat requirements

=November 12th, 2018=

  • Player Owned Houses now load much quicker
  • Fixed a Digsite Quest bug preventing starting the quest

=November 9th, 2018=

  • Cyclopses are now considered Hill Giants for Slayer tasks
  • Corrected Kalphite Queen and Eclectic Impling drops
  • Death has departed

=October 31st, 2018=

  • Halloween Event
  • Added Hunter capes to POH cape rack
  • Fixed 99 global messages for UIM
  • Fixed RC pouches unable to be emptied without enough inv. space
  • Fixed skeleton monkey scripting in Ape Atoll dungeon
  • Fixed being unable to smith gold helmet after Legends

=October 21st, 2018=

  • Added colored text to high item amounts
  • Fixed several issues with Fight Pits
  • Fixed overhanging rock protection in Ape Atoll dungeon
  • Fixed issues with relogging in the maze random event
  • Fixed Barrows NPCs spawning in the wrong spot
  • Fixed minimum hit on Dark Bow spec
  • Fixed casket drop table
  • Fixed some pathing issues

=October 11th, 2018=

  • Improve client login speed
  • Fixed bank display issue after collecting from Kingdoms
  • Fixed issue with completing Dragon Slayer
  • Fixed wilderness mining rock appearance

=September 25th, 2018=

  • Client 7.3.5 no longer erases the last 100 messages on relog
  • Fixed a random disconnect bug

=September 23rd, 2018=

  • Implemented Zahur's herb cleaning in Nardah
  • Fixed Grand Tree doors and rock shortcut
  • Fixed Hunter traps occassionally becoming stuck
  • Fixed issues with getting frozen inside Wilderness Agility course obstacles

=September 16th, 2018=

  • Kingdom Management has been rewritten and is enabled once again.
  • Fixed implings walking inside solid objects
  • Fixed implings spawning in areas like cities and Tutorial Island
  • Fixed CW armor not having requirements
  • Added ::time
  • Fixed feather drops for chickens
  • Fixed Isafdar forest traps

=August 31st, 2018=

  • Fix Family Crest levers
  • Fix auto retaliate after weapon switch
  • Automatically walk in front of agility pipes
  • Add cadava potion actions
  • Allow fires next to walls

=August 26th, 2018=

  • Double door (and walking thru walls) improvements
  • Fix ground items showing up more than once
  • Fix church organs
  • Fix all NPC examines
  • Fix some general stores
  • Fix Fight Caves exit
  • Fix @st@bla@r@ and @en@bla@d@

=August 9th, 2018=

  • Fixed chat/quick reply issues when pming an Ultimate Ironman

=August 8th, 2018=

  • Ultimate Ironman mode added
  • 2 factor changed to trigger only when changing IP addresses
  • Fixed an issue preventing the 2 factor link from working for some accounts

=July 31st, 2018=

  • Green and red dragons no longer poison immune
  • Fix tool leprechaun watering can interface
  • Keep clothes and hairstyle when changing gender
  • Fix poison damage closing the bank interface
  • Double door improvements

=July 25th, 2018=

  • Teleport animation reverted
  • Keldagrim ore shop fixed
  • Rune thrownaxe spec fixed
  • Wanted! quest requirements corrected
  • Dairy churns fixed
  • Salamanders are now 2h weapons

=July 21st, 2018=

  • Kingdom Management disabled

=July 17th, 2018=

  • Stackable items will now be correctly counted and kept when dying
  • Bone Grinder should no longer delete bones (this was fairly rare)
  • Improved clearing of effects when leaving minigames
  • You can no longer get stuck in Abyss random
  • Added sounds to (quite a few) more things

=July 12th, 2018=

  • One tick flicking now functions properly
  • Drain rates for all prayers corrected/adjusted
  • Fixed Piety not being affected by prayer bonus
  • Fixed HP related jewelry not activating outside of combat
  • Fixed Entrana equipment restrictions
  • Fixed drunk state wearing off too early
  • Ironmen can no longer buy overstocked shop items

=July 9th, 2018=

  • Players walking onto your screen no longer face south before facing the correct direction
  • Duplicate clue rewards patched
  • Varrock fur seller fixed
  • Crossbow bolt requirements fixed
  • Elemental Workshop item loss (stone bowl) fix
  • Max q p (w) corrected

=July 3rd, 2018=

  • Fixed a Fight Caves crash

=July 2nd, 2018=

  • Wielded barb-tail harpoon now works properly
  • Fixed several issues when raising multiple cats
  • Added level up dialog and messages for Hunter
  • Fixed issue with Sea Slug completion
  • Can now replace CommOrb if lost after completing Wanted!
  • Items banked with quick-deposit now show up in the correct tab
  • You can now swap rewards in Rag and Bone man
  • Missing seagull added to Draynor

=June 26th, 2018=

  • Fixed ammo not dropping when npc near a wall
  • Cats can now rest in baskets
  • 3 Barbarian potions fixed
  • Inoculation Bracelet fixed
  • Shilo store is now "a general store"
  • Farming shops have changed their inventory
  • Dwarf Cannon quest will now allow you to obtain another toolkit if lost
  • Frogspawn is edible

=June 18th, 2018=

  • petsay fixed to work with cats
  • Rune thrownaxe special added
  • POH barrows armor repair fixed
  • Silk merchant fixed
  • Ess pouches are now filtered (except degrading)
  • Random small fixes and polish

=June 12th, 2018=

  • Fixed being charged for time you were away from your kingdom when making a deposit
  • Fixed a longstanding bug with pathing to NPCs which put you outside the building trying to interact
  • Fixed a bug that caused real death when Fight Cave ended
  • Corrected some stock in Culinaromancer's chest

=May 28th, 2018=

  • Fixed a bug with Shield of Arrav resetting during Heroes Quest

=May 25th, 2018=

  • Fixed beer kegs turning into vials
  • Fixed a disconnect when Barbarian smithing
  • Fixed Waterfiend magic attack being of Ranged type
  • Cats can now consume roe and caviar
  • Orange and Red feathers usable in fletching

=May 24th, 2018=

  • Fixed a bug where servants got stuck on a task

=May 20th, 2018=

  • Fixed a bug with key halves being eaten on use
  • Fixed barehand fishing not giving Kingdom approval
  • Waterfiends now available as a slayer task

=May 14th, 2018=

  • Fixed issues with Magic Box traps
  • Fixed racist tooltip for salamanders of color

=May 13th, 2018=

  • Implemented magic imp boxes
  • Fixed an issue with Hunter NPCs becoming "stuck" and unable to be processed by any trap

=May 12th, 2018=

  • Fixed an issue with Hunter traps becoming "stuck" and unable to process any NPC until collapse
  • Reduced Box trap collapse timer back to 30 seconds
  • Fixed a Red Salamander trap object not working

=May 11th, 2018=

  • Fixed super restore potions
  • Barb-tail harpoons now work
  • More work on Net traps
  • Imps can no longer spawn on tutorial island

=May 9th, 2018=

  • S. restore potions now restore Con and Hunter
  • Fixed extra clicks cancelling Hunter trap setups
  • Corrected net trap objects becoming unusable
  • Fixed & added some salamander spawns

=May 7th, 2018=

  • Impling jars are now craftable
  • Pitfall NPCs can no longer be auto-retaliated on
  • Cutscenes from Wanted! can no longer kill you
  • Box trap collapse timer corrected
  • "Good" furs can now be obtained from pitfall traps

=May 4th, 2018=

  • Put Range requirement in place for chinchompas
  • Hunter messages will now be filtered (let us know on Mantis if we missed any)

=May 3rd, 2018=

  • Fixed net traps (again)
  • Ducks now quack

=May 2nd, 2018=

  • Fixed Pitfall trap XP / level requirements
  • Fixed new ladders in Yanille not working
  • Fixed a few glitched Hunter map areas
  • Added black salamander spawns
  • Fixed spotted/spottier capes not reducing weight
  • Fixed item requirement for wood camo clothing
  • Fixed (?) net traps becoming unusable

=April 30th, 2018 Hotfix=

  • Fixed Hunter trap objects not updating graphically
  • Fixed being unable to access polar tracking area
  • Fixed Hunter xp resetting on logout with ToG done

=April 30th, 2018=

  • Hunter Beta
  • Hunter is being released in its current state to stress test any issues. Eagles' Peak and Puro Puro is to come as well as any other small missing features of the skill.
  • Fixed a bug with filling water containers

=April 28th, 2018=

  • Barbarian Training
  • Ancient Cavern opened
  • Brimhaven dungeon spawns corrected
  • Minor fixes

=April 6th, 2018=

  • Easter Event
  • April Fools! The Easter Bunny has pulled a witty prank and has arrived late south of Falador for some seasonal fun.

=March 27th, 2018=

  • KBD spells that miss no longer do damage
  • Banker chat heads corrected

=March 24th, 2018=

  • Ignored users permanently banned from owner's clan chat
  • No more nests/gems on Tutorial Island
  • No more fires in Yanille bank

=March 19th, 2018=

  • Sapling fix episode 3
  • Runecraft teleport time corrected
  • KQ multicombat area is correct now (no more areas where multi turns off)
  • Kittens now take correct time to grow up
  • No firemaking in Ardy south bank

=February 18th, 2018 Patch #3=

  • Fixed a rare server crash with Kingdom Management seed collection

=February 18th, 2018 Patch #2=

  • This concludes the Lost and Found random event stress test, thanks for participating

=February 18th, 2018=

  • Abyss obstacle success rate now correct, it was half what it should have been
  • Silk trader now working
  • Lost and Found (tele random) now working when it should

=February 15th, 2018=

  • Ectophial stays in its slot when used

=January 27th, 2018=

  • Client v5.9.8
  • Minimap orbs can now be toggled to the right side if desired, do this by right clicking the run orb
  • (the position in resize mode is not ideal, we're open to ideas and may end up moving the minimap further left in this case)
  • Split private chat right clicks now work in resizable mode

=January 25nd, 2018=

  • Kingdom Farming seeds and Herb gathering now working

=January 22nd, 2018=

  • Banking makes no sense again

=January 19th, 2018=

  • Fixed a Kingdom Management issue preventing collection after 25 days or more, Kingdoms will now function up to 292,471,208 years later
  • Banking 5,10 or X will now take items from the top slot down, depositing 1 will now take that specific item
  • Fixed pouches for real

=January 17th, 2018=

  • Fixed the Keldagrim manlets bugging out
  • Fixed a bug with Construction servants getting stuck on "serve" type tasks
  • Fixed ground level rooms not being able to be built in a POH dungeon

=January 15th, 2018=

  • Fixed a rare bone grinder bug
  • Banking now takes the specific item you click
  • Quickly banking after fletching should no longer cause issues
  • Manlets in Keldagrim should no longer get stuck
  • Pest Control reward dialogue fixed
  • Fixed a bug with building dungeon stairs if you chose skill hall or quest hall under it
  • Fixed dialogues getting stuck if you entered numbers less than one into a enter X window

=January 11th, 2018=

  • PoH room building fixed
  • Multicannon disabled at Mithril Dragons

=January 6th, 2018=

  • Fixed a crash in RFD
  • Multicannon breaking pierces game filter

=January 2nd, 2018=

  • Bank refresh issue fixed
  • Shanty Claws has set sail
  • Client v5.9.5
  • The update timer, servermessage and private messages should all coexist in harmony and not look awful in all cases now
  • *nix system support should be more robust now
  • Flashing icons shouldn't disappear or break

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