= 2016 =

=November 27th=

  • Cook's Assistant Recode
  • RDT chances reworked
  • Gardeners now drop bones
  • Potion decanting fixes
  • ::outfit removed
  • God Cape bug fixes

=November 18th=

  • It's a bug fixes episode
  • Fixed shades / zombie randoms appearing at DKs
  • Tele-tab crafting working again
  • Leather gloves drop added to Edgeville
  • Poison in PC now properly gives damage points
  • Fixed a bug with The Grand Tree glider captain
  • Can use material on Aggie to receive dye
  • Fixed barricades in PC not being repairable
  • Fixed a bug with poisoning thrown items on full inv.
  • Nazastarool is now affected by Crumble Undead
  • Fixed a bug where some rotten logs couldn't be blessed
  • Fixed the bug with wrong level-up dialogue messages
  • Fixed auto-retaliate messing with certain actions
  • Berserker and Power amulet prayer bonuses fixed
  • Can now drop a majority of untradable items properly
  • Pet rock can now be used to open Waterbirth dun. doors
  • Fliers added to imp and barbarian drops
  • Blue dragons are no longer poison immune
  • Various drop tweaks
  • Desert Bandits now aggro to Sara / Zammy gear
  • Added text to cannonball crafting
  • Can now use Klank's Gauntlets to get Quicklime
  • Fixed a bug with using bucket of water on bread

=November 7th=

  • Removed Halloween event
  • Fixed bug in Horror from the deep

=October 31st=

  • Halloween happenings
  • Something chilling has been spotted in the Lumbridge graveyard… and festive vegetables they're fruits you idiots have been seen around the world

QUICK AND DIRTY EVENT GUIDE: Highlight between the asterisks to reveal the spoiler text. * Go to the Lumbridge graveyard, stand by the Yew tree on the square that's still on the stone path. Death will then appear and explain that he needs you to deliver a message to Juliet outside of Varrock. The message you need to relay to her is EXACTLY follows: "Fate has intertwined your destiny with mine… There is only one true love in your timeline… That which brings you to draw your last breath… Know that thine only love… is Death."". Juliet will react to this and then you'll get a cue to return to Death, who will then give you his Scythe as an equippable cosmetic item. *Congratulations!

Related to the occasion but separate from the event are the Pumpkin items that spawn throughout the world on a 15 minute interval and then last for 5 minutes before despawning if not found (20 minutes total) - they're in a bunch of locations not totally documented as of now, examples are: on the Catherby beach, in the Varrock lumber yard, Lumbridge's castle courtyard, Al-Kharid's palace, the Draynor village crossroads, inside of Yanille, and in Edgeville.
Only four pumpkins will spawn during these interval times. Remember that these are edible rares just like Easter Eggs, so don't mess up a click on one. They have no other use, just like Easter Eggs.

  • Can now recieve junk / caskets from Big Net fishing
  • Evil Chicken drops for RFD fixed
  • Red and Blue dragon drops fixed

=October 26th=

  • Lowered the rate of common drops not dropping
  • Made bone spear 1 handed
  • Fixed issue with weapon poison

=October 24th=

  • Enlightened Journey
  • Overhauled Npc Drop system (Will be some changes to the frequency of drops compared to the old system) For example: You are no longer guaranteed a drop from items listed as common. It could drop nothing.
  • Fixed chaos elemental disarm attack when having full


  • Fixed pipe in underground pass taking you to wrong the


=October 19th=

  • Fixed weapon switching special attacks - now possible to swap spec weapons and activate the spec without delay
  • Fixed chaos elemental attacks

=October 10th=

  • Fix for curator in digsite and the golem
  • Fix for getting pet rock back

=October 6th=

  • Shield of Arrav re-code
  • Fixed a bug with running out of thrown ammo
  • Fixed pie task amounts resetting
  • Fixed a bug preventing progress in Nature Spirit
  • Fixed a bug with Rogue's Purse creation
  • Bronze dragon armor increased by 1
  • Home teleport cooldown increased to 80 seconds from 75

=September 20th=

  • Fixed npc item drop bug nuking the npc on death.
  • Fixed ranged ammo not being dropped in some cases.

=September 18th=

  • Fix for rangable clipping:

Some areas/objects were adding ranged clipping and some were not rangable when they are suppose to be which was causing a clipping issue such as walking around an object to magic/range attack an npc/player, not being able to range over some fences and so forth.

=September 17th=

  • Willow trees now give branches
  • Pruning diseased trees gives leaves that can be used for compost
  • Dave will check the shield spot for black armour during Shadow of the Storm now

=September 15th minor patch=

  • Changed the functionality of player reporting.
  • Fixed Basket and sacks not working.
  • Fixed Mole burrowing away chance being 100%
  • Fixed door supports.
  • Using Magic carpet and minecarts will no longer drain energy for ironmen.
  • Stun message will not show in filtered chat.
  • Fixed run button closing mime interface.

=September 11th minor patch=

  • Changes to Shop sell to prices and diminish rate, more accurate to the real game
  • Carnillean Armour has the correct stats
  • Fix for broken RFD dialogue

=September 8th hotfix=

  • Snakeskin crafting fixed
  • Undead trees no longer send you to the shadow realm

=September 7th minor patch=

  • Crumble Undead on Ankous
  • Fix for ghost ahoy petition
  • Fix for picking nightshade
  • Fix for Undergroundpass pipe
  • Fix for Tai bwo wanna trio completion problem
  • Fix for Death in castlewars
  • Updated the localization files

=September 1st=

  • Farmers now accept noted payments
  • Muddy chest now implemented
  • Retribution / Redemption prayer bugs fixed
  • Mole no longer retreats to the same burrow spot
  • Seaweed nets now have a refresh timer
  • Anti++ properly requires coconut milk
  • Nightshade can be picked with gauntlets
  • Ship to Waterbirth second-click option fixed
  • Ladder at the end of Waterbirth dungeon working
  • Bones to Peaches tablet fixed
  • 'Inspecting' crops now shows treatment status
  • 'Taking' from tomato compost bin fixed
  • Fillables now properly usable on each other
  • Ogre arrow flighting bug fixed
  • Brimhaven moss giant ropeswing fixed
  • Nature Amulet now has a 'check' right click option
  • Can properly enchant less than 10 bolts
  • Music and sound fx fixes / changes
  • Run energy properly restores if leader is walking
  • Random events no longer disable / drain prayer
  • Rune / Adamant (g)/(t) skirts added to TT
  • Dark cavalier added to TT
  • Spam clicking continue no longer closes dialogue
  • Loop button on the music interface now working
  • Added pie tasks to the Cooking guild

=August 26th=

  • Ankous added to slayer masters.
  • Lanterns can be lit again.
  • Burning cakes no longer removes the cake tin.
  • Ladder to edgeville/varrock hill giants fixed.
  • Chisel no longer lost in tears of guthix.

=August 21st=

  • Stronghold of Security
  • New Slayer tasks from Stronghold.
  • Underground Pass pipe crawl bug fixed.
  • Fruit trees properly respawn from stumps.
  • Minor changes to some NPC walk ranges.
  • Wilderness Agility course entrance corrected.

=August 6th=

  • 200m exp announcements working like 99 announces
  • Can deposit items by using them on deposit box
  • Fight cave fixes including Yt-MejKot fix
  • Redemption prayer properly healing
  • Can now place items on tables

=July 18th=

  • Level-up dialogue messages
  • Pirate's Treasure reward corrected
  • Dark Beasts properly accessible in W. Ard
  • Lletya spinning wheel functioning.
  • Elemental talisman working
  • Music region fixes tbh
  • Most fishing spots now move
  • Trimmed Smithing cape can now be gotten
  • 4th of July Event removed.

=July 4th=

  • Fourth of July, begin the event outside of Lumbridge.
  • Quick walkthrough, highlight the following text between the quotation marks to see the spoiler: "Talk to manlet Ninto outside Lumbridge Castle, find Sulphur south of the Rimmington mine, report back to Ninto and then go talk to the Goblin Generals north of Falador, talk to Wormbrain in Port Sarim's jail (bring 1,776 gold or just kill him), report back to Ninto, talk to Diango in Draynor to claim reward." Congratulations!
  • ::Usa enabled for the event duration
  • Dark Beasts moved into Mourner Tunnels
  • Extra bank booth opened in Lumbridge Castle
  • Protection prayers evaluate on animation, not hit
  • Trimmed glory now has +3 prayer bonus
  • Wilderness Agility Course now single combat
  • Void now properly stacks with prayer bonuses.
  • Hide orbs client option now hides XP drop orb.

=June 29th=
The erroneous exp messages in Tears of Guthix
have been removed. If you did the minigame and
received no exp for an invalid skill, your timer
has been reset and you can re-do the game.

=June 28th=

  • Tears of Guthix
  • Juna weekly minigame included with Tears quest.
  • Piety and Chivalry added.
  • Prayer drain mechanics overhauled. (READ the blog).

=June 21st=
-Broodoo shield bug fixes.
-Monster defs involved with Tai Bwo Wannai fixed.
-Trading sticks are now properly tradeable

=June 18th=

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
  • Smoke Dungeon no longer eats your ammunition.
  • Small Fremennik Trial tweaks.
  • Hazeel Cult fixes.
  • KBD can no longer hit through Protect From Melee.
  • Troll Generals and others now count as 'troll' task.

=June 10th=

  • Bug preventing progress in Hazeel Cult fixed.
  • Maze random finally gives reward after teleporting out.
  • Puzzle boxes fixed.

=June 8th=

  • Hazeel Cult
  • Goblin genocide in Lumbridge.
  • Global spawn timers for mobs lengthened.
  • Randoms now *teleprot behin u* and follow like a pet.
  • Gargoyle death sequence fixed.

=June 1st=

  • Npc combat definition overhaul (READ the blog for more info)
  • Fixed issues with some quests.
  • Nature amulet bug fixes.
  • Etceteria banker now functioning.
  • Whiteberries in Lletya.

=May 25th=

  • Fremennik Trials dialogue bug fixed.
  • Wooden gates no longer live in snap city.
  • Fixes to random event ending to prevent weird behavior.
  • Lowered Wyverns' breath range to proper amount.
  • Fixed attacking Chompy and Jubbly birds.

=May 21st Hotfix=

  • Quest point cape/hood bug fixed.
  • Wilderness agility course door entrance fixed.
  • Barrows puzzle bug fixed.

=May 21st=

  • Ducks have been overhauled and fixed to be more authentic as they were in RS2.
  • Fixed the dragonstone that spawns out of bounds in MTA.
  • Fixed a bug with the Runecrafting skill cape.
  • Fixed Tribal Totem, Troll Stronghold, Mountain Daughter and The Giant Dwarf bugs.
  • Poison no longer immediately damages after login.
  • Bug with the Charge spell fixed.
  • Stroking the cat implemented ;^)))))))))))))

=May 8th Hotfix=

  • Ectophial working again and now auto-refills after use.
  • Can re-obtain the lyre after Fremennik Trials.
  • Other misc. bug fixes with Frem. Trials.

=May 7th=

  • The Fremennik Trials
  • Equipment type issues w/ Verac's mace and others fixed.
  • Merlin's Crystal crate bug fixed.
  • Tourist Trap male slave bug fixed.

=April 23rd Hotfix=

  • Fixed the issue with ranged pathfinding.
  • Fixed KBD special dragonfire.
  • Fixed Protect from Magic on dragonfire (only works with chromatic dragons now)
  • Small quest fixes that were impeding progress.
  • Meme elemental wizards south of Falador now have spell attacks.

=April 22nd=

  • Cabin Fever
  • Rum Deal
  • The Giant Dwarf
  • New bank interface and more bank space.
  • The cities of Keldagrim and Mos Le'Harmless are now open and mostly fully featured.
  • Legends Quest exp bug fixed.
  • Silver casting & silver bolt crafting fixed.
  • Dairy churning overhauled and working properly.
  • Bug with making (p++) arrows fixed.
  • Rewards for Maze random lost on full inventory fixed.
  • Farming Spirit Trees can be returned to via Grand Tree.
  • Can sell noted variants of items to stores with unnoted variant in stock.

=April 5th=

  • Easter + 2nd Annivesary Events have been removed.
  • Bronze (g) added to easy level clues.
  • Duel Arena bug fixes.
  • Kalphite Queen death bug fixed.

=April 2nd Hotfix=

  • The Grand Tree and One Small Favour issues fixed.
  • April Fools event removed ;^)

=March 29th=

  • Many issues with Tutorial Island remedied.
  • Waterfall Quest, Troll Stronghold, Tourist Trap, and Nature Spirit quest fixes.

=March 27th=

  • Anniversary Event - A gathering of gnome protestors are creating some ruckus at the pillory in Varrock.
  • Easter Event - Some rabbits has been spotted south of Falador! The children have gathered to investigate.
  • Lots of game message filter fixes.
  • Salarin the Twisted drops have been corrected.
  • Can no longer get random events in the Warriors Guild, Barrows or the Dagannoth King lair.
  • Bug fixes for the MM final fight.
  • Private chat user icons have been fixed.
  • Fix for (2) or (1) type items combining like vials

=March 20th Hotfix=

  • Fixed some pathing and doors.

=March 19th=

  • Magic Carpet 'travel' option working again.
  • Rates on defenders and pouches lowered.
  • Various quest fixes.
  • City of Pollnivneach has been populated.
  • Gabooty clue scroll fixed.
  • Teleport items remain in their original slot after use.

=March 14th Hotfix=

  • Fixed disease causing Auto Retaliation.
  • Fixed Ak-Haranu
  • Added All team cape shop Npcs to the wilderness,

for all variations of team capes beyond Richard's store

=March 13th=

  • Zogre Flesh Eaters
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
  • Castle Wars public testing phase has ended!
  • Varrock combat dummies functioning.
  • Dagannoth King max hits corrected.
  • Duradel now assigns blue dragon tasks.
  • Jewellry is no longer consider a combat item. (Entrana)
  • Thieve npcs no longer freeze in place when stolen from.
  • Abyss pouch drop rates corrected.
  • Dad and Dessous fight fixed.
  • Clock Tower quest fixed.
  • Slayer equipment requirements bug fixed.
  • DFS spec fixed and working properly.
  • Freezing resets on attacker being 10 tiles from victim.
  • Retribution prayer fixed and working properly.
  • Fixed issues with player carry weight not updating.
  • Added Trollheim -> Wilderness agility shortcut.

=February 24th=

  • Lost and Found random event added.
  • Fixed issues with Drill Demon random.
  • Fixed issues with getting stuck during pathfinding.
  • Npcs no longer aggro after being in the same area for an extended period of time.
  • KQ spawn timer lowered to 1 minute.
  • Fixed red spider egg spawn locations in Edge Dungeon.

=February 19th=

  • Vidyascape 5.0 Client
  • Warrior's Guild (and other map updates)
  • Lumbridge Castle and Swamp have been updated
  • Kalphite Queen encounter and area have been updated
  • Spinolyps attack/aggro range corrected
  • Issue with Fight Caves NPCs getting stuck corrected
  • Runecrafting Pouch drop rates increased
  • Evil Chicken Shrine eggs4feathers custom content has been removed.
  • Kharidian Desert has been populated properly
  • Isafdar tripwires fixed
  • Barrows set effects proc chance increased from 20% to 25%
  • Mage Training Arena no longer eats old wands on upgrade
  • Elemental shield working on Wyverns again

=February 13th=

  • Defenders not dropping fixed.
  • Issues with instances (King Crimson) fixed.
  • Fixes to poisoning weapons/ammunition.
  • NPCs no longer attack you through fences.
  • The Grand Tree/Animal Magnetism/Recruitment Drive bugs fixed.

=February 7th=

  • Scarecrows with Farming working properly.
  • Issues with RFD sue-quest stages being lost fixed.
  • Magic splashes no longer display 0's.
  • Fixed an issue with Animal Magnetism.
  • Fixed Chompies forcing you to run to them to attack.
  • Chance of arrows (and other missiles) breaking is lowered.

=February 4th Hotfix=

  • Tripwire traps working properly.
  • Quest cape bug fixed.
  • Small issues with items like Digsite pan tray fixed.

=February 4th=

  • Roving Elves
  • Evil Chicken lair now uninstanced (No item loss.)
  • Druidic Ritual and Witch's House fixed.
  • Changes to degrading which allows for use of multiple degraded items of the same type, read the blog for more info.

=February 1st=

  • Small fixes

=January 30th hotfix=

  • Underground Pass bridge fixed.
  • Issues with shortcuts and some objects fixed.

=January 30th=

  • Barcrawl miniquest
  • Silver Bolt crafting is now working.
  • Fixed tan X functionality.
  • All the standard single doors now open again.
  • Potions no longer delay/disrupt combat.
  • Backend engine fixes to all objects, should be easier to interact with. Please report any issues.
  • Ernest the Chicken door bug fixed.
  • Can now teleport out of Barrows.

=January 26th hotfix=

  • Strange Plant random added.
  • Fixed issues with new teleport networking.
  • Fixed Shadow of the Storm final incantation.
  • Fixed 'invisible' poison during Regicide.

=January 25th=

  • Dropping connection no longer gets you stuck online.
  • Fixed networking related to teleports, sonic NOW.
  • Can recharge jewelry at Legend's Totem w/ full inv.
  • Fixed some doors preventing pathfinding.
  • Noted items in stores now buy back un-noted.
  • Ape Atoll agility course req lowered to 48.
  • Recruitment Drive, Tribal Totem, Ernest the Chicken bugs fixed.

=January 22nd=

  • Regicide
  • Slayer task assignment overhauled. See details on the dev blog.
  • Barrows prayer drain rate nerfed.
  • Fixed some game messages unfavorably filtering.
  • Dagannoth King's clue level fixed.
  • Degrade hits only count on actual hits, not poison.
  • Fixed cannon exp.
  • Gem machetes can now chop jungle brush.
  • Vulnerability soul rune cost fixed.
  • Regen Bracelet properly stacking with Rapid Heal.
  • Regen Bracelet stat bonuses removed.

=January 3rd=

  • Scorpion Catcher
  • Barrows has been overhauled and corrected to be as it

was in RS2, read the dev blog for more information.

  • Christmas Event removed.
  • Bug with re-obtaining Shield of Arrav halves fixed.
  • Damaged books now give proper +5 prayer bonus.
  • Gilded plateskirt added to clue rewards.
  • Diminishing returns added for shortcut exp.
  • Slayer Tower npcs drops/spawns/attack speeds fixed.

= 2015 =

= 2014 =

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