One Small Favour

One Small Favor

Starting the quest

Speak to Yanni Salika in Shilo Village.


  • 36 Agility
  • 25 Crafting
  • 18 Herblore
  • 30 Smithing
  • Ability to defeat a level 92 monster (safespot available)
  • Ability to defeat level ~46 Dwarves in multicombat


Shilo Village
Rune Mysteries
Druidic Ritual


  • Pickaxe
  • 4 Steel bars
  • 1 Iron bar
  • Bowl of hot water (use bowl of water on range)
  • Soft clay (obtained during quest)
  • Bronze bar
  • Chisel
  • 2 Guams
  • Marrentil
  • Harralander
  • Hammer
  • Empty teacup (steal tea from stall southeast of East Varrock Bank)
  • 5 pigeon cages (obtained during quest)
  • Food/armor for the two fights
  • Teleports to multiple places (recommended)
  • 2 of each cut opal, jade and red topaz gems (can be mined in Shilo Village)
  • Money (5000 should be more than enough)



  • Talk to Yanni Salika to start the quest.
  • Go outside the village and talk to a forester.
  • Take the axe he gives you and go west to the coast, then up a ladder.
  • Talk to Captain Shanks, he will lead you to Port Sarim.
  • Teleport, or take his charter ship to Port Sarim.

Asgarnia and Misthalin

Items: Pickaxe, 3 Steel bars, Varrock/Falador/Camelot teleports (optional), 1 Harralander, 2 Guams, 1 Marrentil, empty teacup, bowl of hot water
  • Talk to Brian in his axe shop in Port Sarim.
  • Agree to his request, and go to Aggie the Witch in Draynor Village.
  • Agree to her request, go to the HAM hideout to the east.
  • Head to the southeastern corner of the hideout, talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht.
  • Agree to his request, and go to Fred the Farmer, in his house north of Lumbridge Castle.
  • If for whatever reason you are in the process of completing Sheep Shearer, you need to complete that first before continuing.
  • Agree to his request, and go south, across the bridge and north to the house beside the chicken coop. Talk to Seth.
  • Agree to his request, go to Varrock and speak to Horvik.
  • Agree to cure his sickness, go to the apothecary in Varrock.
  • He gives you the herbal tincture but drops the bath salts like a retard. Agree to his request and go to Barbarian Village.
  • Talk to Tassie Slipcast.
  • Agree to her request, go to the dwarven mine entrance near Ice mountain.
  • Go south, then all the way west and talk to Hammerspike Stoutbeard.
  • Ask him about Tassie, then choose the option "Oh come on… Do it for Tassie."
  • Then ask him "Have you always been a gangster?"
  • Agree to his request to become a druid.
  • Leave and go to Taverly.
  • Talk to Sanfrew about accepting dwarves as initiates.
  • He accepts, but wants you to take some tea to the gnome at the peak of White Wolf Mountain.
  • Add hot water to the teacup, then 1 Harralander, then 2 Guams, and a Marrentil. Give the gnome the tea.
  • Agree to his request, then head to Catherby.


Items: Money, Camelot/Ardougne teleports, the gems (if you have them), chisel.
  • Talk to Arhein (general store shopkeeper).
  • Agree to his request, go to the house north of the church in Seers village.
  • Talk to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight.
  • Agree to his request, then go to the cave south east of the Fishing Guild.
  • Once inside, go all the way north, then east to find someone trapped in rock. (also right click and search the trapped person)
  • Go to the northeastern corner of Ardougne, and talk to Wizard Cromperty.
  • If you haven't gotten the cages, go to Jerico's house backyard and take 5.
  • Go to Port Khazard, and talk to Tindel on the docks.
  • Agree to his request, and head to the south eastern area of Feldip Hills, where Rantz is.
  • Talk to Rantz, agree to his request, and head directly west to another gnome.
  • Talk to Gnormadium Avlafrim, and agree to his request.
  • Replace the bulbs with cut gems. Talk to him when you're done.

Completing the favors

Items: 1 Bronze bar, 1 Steel bar, 1 Iron bar, a pot, hammer, 5 Pigeon cages, Herbal tincture, teleportation to Karamja/Falador/Varrock/Camelot (optional), Food/armor.
  • Go to Rantz, talk to him.
  • Go to Tindel, give him the mattress.
  • Go to Wizard Cromperty, give him the iron oxide. He will give you a spell.
  • Get whatever is necessary to kill a level 92 monster.
  • Go back to the cave near the Fishing Guild.
  • Go to the area where the person is trapped in rock.
  • Cast the spell. You will miss, prepare to fight the monster.
  • Once it's dead, cast the spell again. Talk to Petra.
  • Go back to Phantuwti in Seers Village.
  • Talk to him. He will tell you his weather vane is broken.
  • Go to the roof, search the weather vane.
  • Use the hammer on the weather vane to get three broken parts.
  • Go to the anvil across the street and use the bars on the weather vane parts.
  • Go back to the roof and fix the vane with the new parts.
  • Talk to Phantuwti to get the weather report.
  • Go talk to Arhein, he will get someone to send TRASH to him.
  • Talk to the gnome on White Wolf Mountain.
  • Talk to Sanfrew.
  • Talk to Hammerspike again. He will go back on his original statement.
  • Kill his posse and talk to him again.
  • Talk to Tassie.
  • Use the soft clay she gives you and make an unfired pot lid. Use it on the oven to make a pot lid.
  • Use lid on pot.
  • Talk to the Apothecary.
  • Take the meds to Horvik, along with the 5 pigeon cages, and, if you didn't give them before, 3 steel bars.
  • Go to Seth and give him the Chicken cages.
  • Go to HAM HQ, talk to Johanhus.
  • Go to Draynor Village, and talk to Aggie.
  • Go to Port Sarim, and talk to Brian.
  • Go to the foresters outside Shilo village, and get the logs.
  • Talk to Yanni to finish the quest!


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