Nature Spirit


Items Needed

  • Silver Sickle (use a Silver Bar on a furnace with a Sickle Mould in your inventory)
  • Ghostspeak Amulet


Meeting the Nature Spirit

Talk to Drezel and he will give you 3 Meat Pies and 3 Apple Pies to take to Filliman Tarlock. He warns you to not let the food spoil due to Ghasts. Go Southeast of the Temple and go through the gate into the swamp. Beware of the Ghasts who will try and rot your food. Head South.

When you see the Grotto Tree, jump across the broken bridge to the grotto. If you try and enter the grotto, Fillman Tarlock will appear. Since he is dead, equip your Amulet of Ghostspeak. Take the Washing Bowl off the nearby table to find a Mirror. Use the Mirror on him. Make sure to exhaust all dialogue in order to advance.

Search the Grotto Tree to find his journal and give it to him. He will then give you a Green Card. Head back to Drezel to get it blessed.
For the next part, you will need to collect 3 things:

  • Something of Faith
  • Something of Nature
  • Something of the 'spirit-to-become' freely given

Collecting the Items

  1. Drezel will bless you so you become Something of Faith. Next use the Bloom Spell Card on a rotten log in the swamp to make a Mushroom appear.
  2. Pick the Mushroom and show it to Filliman to learn it is Something of Nature.
  3. The used card is Something of the 'spirit-to-become' freel given.

Use the Mushroom on the Brown Stone and the used spell card on the Gray Stone. Go stand on the Orange Stone and tell Filliman you solved the puzzle.

Go inside and seach the grotto in the middle of the cave. Filliman will turn into a Nature Spirit and ask you for a Silver Sickle. Give your Sickle to him and he will bless it, turning it into a Silver Sickle(b). He will give you a Druid Pouch and tell you to kill 3 Ghasts.

Go to the swamp and 'Operate' the Sickle to cast Bloom while standing next to logs, bushes and twigs. This will deduct Prayer Points and allow you to harvest pears, fungi and stems. Add atleast three of these to you Druid Pouch by clicking fill.
Now when a Ghast attacks you, they'll become visible and one charge will be deducted from your pouch. Kill three and return to the Grotto.

Talk to the Nature Spirit to complete the quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 6750 Crafting exp
  • 4500 Hitpoints exp
  • 4500 Defense exp
  • Access to the Mort Myre Swamp
  • Access to the Nature Spirit Altar which replenishes and temporarily boosts Prayer by 2
  • Ability to fight Ghasts
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