Murder Mystery



Items Need

  • Pot


Assessing the Scene

  1. Speak to the guard in front of Sinclair Mansion, just north of Seer's Village.
  2. Enter the house and search the murder scene on the east side of the ground floor.
  3. You will find a Pungent pot and a Criminal's dagger. Take them.
  4. Search the smashed window for the Criminal's thread.
  5. Look in the various bedrooms to find a number of silver items, all found in barrels within each room (there are four rooms on the first floor, 2 on the ground floor). The items are: Anna's silver necklace, Bob's silver cup, Carol's silver bottle, David's silver book, Elizabeth's silver needle and Frank's silver pot.

Gathering Evidence

  1. Go to the main entrance of the mansion and head east until you reach the guard dog enclosure.
  2. Investigate the fence for more information.
  3. Head to the Gardener's shed to the west of the mansion.
  4. Search the sacks to find flypaper. Take seven of them.
  5. Go to the kitchen and fill your pot with flour.
  6. Use it on the Criminal's dagger, then use the flypaper on the Criminal's dagger (not the other way around) to get an unknown print.
  7. Dust each of the six silver items with flour, and lift fingerprints from each one with flypaper.
  8. Compare them to the print on the Criminal's dagger to get a match.

Proving the Murder

  1. Go to the entrance of the mansion and talk to Gossip, asking him who he thinks is responsible.
  2. Gather info on the poison. There is a poison salesman who sells it inside the pub just west of the bank in Seer's Village.
  3. Ask the poison salesman about the poison, he will tell you everybody in the mansion bought some.
  4. Go back to the mansion.
  5. Ask the person who's fingerprints you matched earlier with the Criminal's dagger to find out what the poison was used on.
  6. To check if it this is true, search the item mentioned by the culprit. You'll find that the subject was lying and didn't use their poison on what they said they did.
  7. Go back to the guard and tell him you know who did it. Show him the fingerprints, tell him about the poison and show him the thread from the windowsill, since its colour matches an article of the guilty party's clothing.


  • 3 Quest points
  • 2,000 gp
  • 3163.5 Crafting experience
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