Monkey Madness


Items Needed

  • Gold bar
  • Ball of wool
  • Monkey bones (obtained during quest)


  • 43 Prayer (It will help you avoid ALOT of hard ass whoppin so it is higly recommended)
  • Anti-poison potions
  • Ring of Dueling for teleportation
  • Prayer potions
  • Food
  • Equipment to kill a level 195 Jungle Demon


Important Note: Ape Atoll is one of the most dangerous areas in vscape before obtaining the Monkey greegree so proceed with caution. Always make sure you have food and an emergency teleport to be safe. Turning off auto retaliate and using protection prayers will help greatly.

This guide will be divided into 4 different sections

Section 1: Beginning the Quest

Talk to King Narnode to learn that a squad of gnomes has recently gone missing at Gloughs old shipyard. He will give you the Gnome royal seal. Go to the top of the tree and take the glider to Karamja (Gandius). You can kill a monkey once you arrive to get some Monkey bones.

Head North to the shipyard and talk to G.L.O Caranock. He is in a building in the Southern portion of the shipyard by the fence. He'll tell you to go back to the King so return to the glider and head back to the Grand Tree.

Talk to the King to receive Narnodes orders. You will be told to go and talk to Daero. Make sure you have bring lots of food and antipoison potions for the next part. Head to the second story of the Grand Tree to find Daero at the bar. Exhaust all the dialogue options and tell him you are ready to leave. You'll be transported to an underground hangar.

Talk to Daero again to be introduced to Waydar. You will have to solve a "Reinitialization" puzzle, which is just the same as a slide puzzle from level 3 clue. You can pay Glough a goy tax of 200,000 coins if you are having trouble with a simple slide puzzle, otherwise see the bottom of the treasure trails introductory page for help.

After solving the sliding puzzle, talk to Daero and then Waydar to proceed to Crash Island. Ask Lumdo to take you to Ape Atoll, but he will refuse. Talk to Waydar and then Lumdo again to sail to Ape Atoll (This is an extremely safe dangerous place. Make sure you are prepared).

Section 2: Obtaining the Monkey Greegree

Once you have arrived, run west until you reach a mahogany tree and then run north. Activate Protect Ranged and keep running til you reach the gate where the archers will shoot and then capture you.

You will awake in a cell guarded by 2 gorillas. They will patrol twice and then switch off. When one starts heading west towards the other, pick the lock and run out of the jail (this may take several attempts). If you are having trouble escaping with this method, try hiding in the empty cell on the north wall and waiting for the guard to pass.

Travel west out of the jail and then back around to the east side of the building and speak to Karam who is hidden in the grass. Then travel south while staying in the jungle grass, then east, and then south again to find Garkor (the monkey archers won't shoot you if you stay in the grass).

Speak to Garkor and then head north along the building with King Awowigei. Run west through the grass (counter-intuitively) and continue towards the warehouse building until you reach a bamboo door. E

nter the building and make sure to stay on the dark brown ground to avoid going back to jail. Go east and then north so you can search the stacked crates in the middle of the room to obtain Monkey Dentures.

Search the Southeastern most crate and say yes to enter a cave. Travel to the Northwest portion of the cavern and search the crates to obtain the M'amulet mould. Either teleport out or run to the Southeast corner and climb the ladder, jump off the bridge and take the boat back to Crash Island.

Bank and withdraw the following items:

  • Monkey dentures
  • M'amulet mold
  • Gold bar
  • A couple anti-poisons
  • Lots of food
  • If using protect from melee some Prayer potions and prayer enhancing armor

Go back to the Grand Tree and speak to Daero and tell him you wish to return, then speak to Waydar, and then Lumdo. Once on Ape Atoll, travel West and enter the tunnel. Turn on Protect from Melee and run North. You will pass several monsters of varying combat levels.

At the end, you will find Zooknock, Waymottin, and Bunkwicket. Talk to Zooknock and he will take the Monkey dentures and Gold bar from you.
Teleport again and bank. Withdraw the following items:

  • Enchanted gold bar
  • M'amulet mold
  • Ball of wool
  • A couple anti-poisons
  • Food

Return to Ape Atoll the same way as before and run Northwest until you are placed in jail again. Escape the cell like before and travel east to the temple door.

Turn on Protect from Melee and run past the Monkey Guards to the trapdoor in the Eastern part of the temple (if you don't have 43 Prayer, then wait until they walk away and hide in the Northwest corner until space open up).

Use the Enchanted gold bar on one of the Walls of Flame and teleport out (you may have to climb up the rope and ladder to find a safe enough area).
Bank and withdraw the m'speak amulet, a couple anti-poisons, and some food. Return to Ape Atoll and run Northwest to get thrown in jail again.

Escape again and run West to the Jungle grass. Do NOT enter the banana garden when the Monkey's Aunt is present. If she sees you run back to the corridor to avoid being thrown back into jail.

Speak to the Monkey Child and tell him you're his uncle while watching out for the Aunt (she patrols in a circle). After awhile he'll reveal that hes supposed to gather 20 bananas.

Go and pick 5 from the nearby trees and return to the Monkey Child to receive the Monkey Talisman. Leave Ape Atoll, bank and withdraw Monkey bones (must be from a Karamja monkey), Monkey Talisman, a couple anti-poisons, and food (you will be returning to Zooknock so also withdraw appropriate armor).

Return to Ape Atoll, travel West to the tunnel, head North until you reach Zooknock. Give him the Monkey bones and Talisman to receive the Monkey Greegree. Teleport away.

Section 3: Monkey Business

Bank you items. You won't need anything for this next section except for the Money Greegree and M'speak amulet, though an Ardougne teleport may come in handy for transportation to the Grand Tree.

Return to Ape Atoll and wield the Monkey Greegree to turn into a monkey. While you're a monkey, none of the NPCs will attack you. Travel Northwest and enter the gate.

Travel all the way to the East and talk to Garkor and then the Elder Guard outside of the King's Palace. You will be told to talk to Kruk. Travel West and then South to the shore. Go up the cliff, up the ladder, across the bridge, and down the ladder to find Kruk. Speak to him to be taken to King Awowogei.
Speak to King Awowogei and ask for allegiance. The king will ask you to rescue a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo.

Teleport to Ardougne and head South to the zoo. Wield the Greegree and talk to the Monkey Minder to be placed in the cage. Talk to the monkey inside and he will go in your inventory. Unequip the Greegree and talk to the Monkey Minder again to be let out of the cage. Walk to the Grand Tree and return to Ape Atoll (don't forget to reequip the Greegree). Speak to the Guard and ask for an audience with the King. Speak to the King and then exit the chamber.

Section 4: The Final Battle

Enter the grass near Garkor and unequip the Greegree. Talk to him to receive the 10th Squad Sigil (DO NOT EQUIP IT). You may want to get several in case you die fighting the Jungle Demon. Exit Ape Atoll with the Greegree equipped through the main gates. Bank and prepare for the fight with the Jungle Demon.

Ranging or luring him into the gnomes are also viable options (it will take the gnomes approximately 4 minutes to get it to 10% HP). Protect from Magic will be very useful in this fight. A dwarf multicannon can be used in the fight.

When you are ready for the fight, wear the Sigil and you will be teleported to the arena. There is a safespot across a bridge on the outer edge you can use.

After defeating the demon (you must land the final blow if you decide to let the gnomes do the work) speak to Garkor and then Zooknock to be teleported to Ape Atoll. Escape the island however you want and return to the Grand Tree. Talk to King Narnode to complete the quest!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 3 Diamonds
  • 100,000 coins
  • 78,750 exp in either Strength and Hitpoints or Defence and Attack*
  • 45,000 exp in the other group (Strength and Hitpoints/Defence and Attack)*
  • Ability to buy and wield a Dragon Scimitar
  • Ability to turn into a monkey in Ape Atoll and Ardougne using the Monkey Greegree
  • Full access to Ape Atoll

*Speak to Daero to claim the experience. You will get 78,750 in one set of skills and 45,000 exp in the other. This exp reward is entirely optional, you do not need to claim it to get back to Ape Atoll.

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